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Ibrahimova Aybeniz



What are the birds doing?What is the elephant doing?

Present Continuous Tense amto be are + V-ing is

I am reading now You are reading nowShe/He is reading nowIt is snowing nowWe are reading nowYou are reading nowThey are reading now

Am I reading now? Are you reading now? Is she/he reading now?Is it snowing now?Are we reading now? Are you reading now?Are they reading now?

Yes,I am/No, I,am notYes,you are/No,you are notYes,she/he is/No,she/he is notYes,it is/No,she/he is notYes,we are/No,we are notYes,they are/No,they are not

I am not reading now You are not reading nowShe/He is not reading nowIt is not snowing nowWe are not reading nowYou are not reading nowThey are not reading now

The cat is moving.

The Santas are kissingThe Santa is dancing.

The birds are flying.The water is waving.

TestTom(to feed) his dog.Sam(to clean) his yard.Our neighbours (to wash) their car.Nansy (to point) her kitchen.I(to wash)my hair.Who(to fix)your sink?What(to do)now?-She(to dance).I(to open)an umbrella.It still(to rain).John(to play)computer games.

We are lovingour natureSay True or False

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