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  • 1. Present Simple orPresentBlablaContinuous?bla...

2. playEvery Sunday, the children _______ together. plays playsFred _______ football and Sue _________ with ahula hoop. (play)Today, Anita _________ with them. She _________ is playing is ridinga bike (play - ride) Anita Fred Sue 3. Look at Tim. He _________ funny glasses. (wear)is wearingHis brother Sam _________ to school. He leaves is going______home at 7.30 every morning. (go leave)SamTim 4. At the moment, Sandra and Paul arent working __________(not - are restingwork) They ___________ (rest). James Sandra PaulJames __________ (talk) on the phone He alwaysis talkingspends___________ a long time on the phone (spend). 5. Nora ___________ the computer (use) is using now.Poor Don!. He ___________ (not know)doesnt knowhow to use the computer. 6. David is waiting___________ for a phone call. (wait) doesnt want He __________ to lose his job. (not- want) David JoeJoe ___________ to say something. (try)is tryingHe _______ good news. (have) has