Test 1 Present Continous Perfect Continous Modal + V By Edi Sunjayanto.

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Transcript of Test 1 Present Continous Perfect Continous Modal + V By Edi Sunjayanto.

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  • Test 1 Present Continous Perfect Continous Modal + V By Edi Sunjayanto
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  • PASTPRESENTFUTURE SIMPLE1 a. P S b. S P 2 a. S Pre b. Pre S 3 a. F S b. S F CONTINUO US 4 a. P C b. C P 5 a. Pre C b. C Pre 6 a. C F b. F C PERFECT7 a. Per F b. F Per PERFECT CONTINUO US 8 a. PerC Pa b. Pa PerC 9 a. Pre PerC b. PerC Pre 10 a. PerC F b. F PerC
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  • Present Continuous 11. What is the formula of Present Continuous? a. S + is/am/are + V+ Ing + O b. S + Was/ Were + O c. S + Was/ Were + V+ ing + O d. S + Had + V3 + O
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  • Future Continuous 12. What is the formula of Future Continuous? a. S + Will + V1 + O b. S + is/am /are + V + ing + O c. S + Will + be + V + Ing + O d. S + was/ were + V + Ing + O
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  • Simple present 13. What is the formula of Simple Present? a. S + Will + V1 + O b. S + V + O c. S + is/am /are + V + ing + O d. S + was/ were + V + Ing + O
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  • Present Continuous 14. I am (decide) to go home now a. decides c. decided b. deciding d. have decided 15. We are (divide) them into two groups a. dividec. dividing b. divided d. have divided
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  • Present Continuous 16. They are (write) a paper today. a. writesc. write b. writing d. written 17. The dog is (bite) me. a. bitec. bitten b. biting d. bites
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  • Present Continuous 18. It is (dig) quickly. a. diggingc. digs b. dig d. diges 19. The man is (sit) on the chair at the present. a. sittingc. sits b. sit d. siting
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  • Present Continuous 20. They are (stop) the car now. a. stopingc. stops b. stoppingd. stopped 21. The frogs (be swim) in the lake. a. are swimmingc. am swimming b. is swimmingd. have swum
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  • Present Continuous 22. The men (be die) now. a. am dyingc. are dying b. is dying d. is died 23. The children (not be lie) on the board. a. is not lyingc. am not lying b. are not lyingd. have been lying
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  • Simple Future 24. he (deliver) the mails soon. a. will deliverc. would deliver b. will be deliveredd. deliver 25. astronauts (travel) the space now. a. will travel c. would travel b. would be traveledd. travel
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  • Simple Future 26. Pilot (fly) the plane now. a. will be fly c. will fly b. would flyd. would be flied 27. Mother (tell) a story to my little brother now. a. would be toldc. will be told b. will tell d. is telling
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  • Simple Future 28. the dog (not chase) the cat now. a. will not chasec. will not be chased b. would not be chasedd. is not chasing 29. the workers (not build) a bridge at the moment. a. will not be builtc. would not built b. will not buildd. would not be built
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  • Simple Future 30. (I Interview) a famous artist at the moment? a. will I interviewc. will I be interviewed b. would I interview d. would I be interviewed 31. Maman (not post) the letter now a. Would not postc. will not be posted b. Will not postd. would not be posted
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  • Simple Future 32. the doctor (examine) the patient at the moment a. will examinec. would not examine b. will not examined. would examine 33. Fadhila (not talk) to Pramasti now a. will talk c. would have talked b. will not talkd. would have not talked
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  • Future Continuous 34. The men (shoot) them, when the man gets out from the car. a. will be shooting b. Would be shooting c. Is shooting d. are shooting
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  • Future Continuous 35. The gangster (crash) his car, when the girl tries to escape. a. would be crash b. will crash c. will be crashing d. is crashing
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  • Future Continuous 36. The criminal (grasp) that girl, when the man tries to escape. a. Will be grasping b. will grasp c. Would be grasping d. would be gasped 37. The hijacker (explode) the car, when the man turns off from his car. a. Will be exploding b. will explode c. Would be explodingd. would be grasped
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  • Future Continuous 38. When I find the most beautiful girl, I (marry) her. a. will marry b. would marry c. will be marrying d. am marrying
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  • Future Continuous 39. When I meet the president, I (shake) his hand. a. will shake b. will be shaking c. would be shaking d. am shaking
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  • Future Continuous 40. When I get the treasure, I (buy) the Ferrary. a. will buy b. would be buying c. will be buying d. am buying
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  • Future Continuous 41. When I graduate from your school, I (not continue) my study. a. will not be continuing b. will be continuing c. will not continue d. am not continuing
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  • Future Continuous 42. When I dont have a lot of relations, I (feel) sad. a. will feel b. would be feeling c. will be feeling d. am feeling
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  • Future Continuous 43. When I come to Bali, I (search) the souvenir a. will be searching b. will search c. would search d. am seaching
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  • Future Continuous 44. When you leave me, I (find) someone else. a. will find b. will be found c. will be finding d. would be finding
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  • Error Analysis 45. They can are the good men in my a b c d hometown. 46. When I arrive, to the hometown, I will be a b c buy something for you. d
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  • Error Analysis 47. Please shut up! I was thinking now, trying a b c to solve the problem. d
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  • Modal + V 48. a. I was praying there. b. I will be there. c. I am praying on the lake. d. I will am there
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  • Future Continuous 49. a.the boy will be kicking the ball b. the boy will kick the ball c. the boy is kicking the ball d. the boy are kicking the ball
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  • Present Continuous 50. a. the mother will carry the baby on the back b. the mother will be carrying the baby on the back c. The mother is carrying the baby on the back d. The mother are carrying the baby on the back.
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  • The answer test A 41. A 42. C 43. A 44. C 45. B 46. D 47. A 48. A 49. A 50. C 31. B 32. A 33. B 34. A 35. C 36. A 37.A 38. C 39. B 40. C 21. A 22. C 23. B 24. A 25. A 26. C 27. B 28. A 29. B 30. A 11. A 12. C 13. B 14. B 15. C 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. B 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.B