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  • 1. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSEplayAt the moment Im playing football.

2. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSEI ammplayingYouWeTheyarereHeSheItissAFFIRMATIVE: Play 3. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSEIs he playing football at themoment?No, he isnt. He is running. 4. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSEINTERROGATIVE: Play NEGATIVE: PlayAm Iplaying?AreyouwetheyIshesheitIam notm notplayingYouWeTheyare notarentHeSheItis notisnt 5. WHAT IS SHE DOING?drawShe is drawing a picture atthe moment 6. WHAT IS TWEETYDOING?ITS FLYING 7. VERB + ing (spelling rules)listen + ing = listeningdie (-iey) + ing = dyingwrite + ing = writinghop + p + ing = hoppingtravel + l + ing = travelling 8. Make ing forms of each verb given.begingetrubuselistenadmitlietryswimdecidestudycomehappenput 9. ing formsbeginningrubbinglisteninglyingswimmingstudyinghappeninggettingusingadmittingtryingdecidingcomingputting 10. The Present Continuous Tenseis used for1. Actions which are happening at oraround the moment of speaking. Now Im doing the washing up. She is working very hardnowadays.2. Temporary situations. Im staying with a friend at themoment. 11. ACTIONS THAT ARE HAPPENINGAT PRESENT (1)They are dancing right now. 12. TEMPORARY SITUATIONS (2)They normally play tennis.But this week they are skating. 13. The Present Continuous Tenseis used for3. Changing or developing situations. His English is getting better. Its getting colder.4. Fixed arrangements in the nearfuture. They are getting married next week. 14. CHANGING SITUATIONS (3)Yesterday it was very sunny.Today its raining more and more. 15. FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS (4)They are celebrating a party next weekend. 16. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSETIME EXPRESSIONS:Now, at the moment, today, nowdays, this week.They are throwing snowballsnow