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Weldtite manufacture the world's most comprehensive and innovative range of bicycle maintenance products.

Our range includes tyre repair materials, specialist lubricants and cleaners, valve accessories, and a wide range of workshop and consumer tools.

Established for over 70 years, our purpose built manufacturing site in Lincolnshire in Northern England supplies an extensive national and international network of customers. Our own in-house design and quality control team design all of our products alongside our team of expert bike mechanics, working to the ISO 9001 standard which ensures that all of our products are made to a consistently high quality.

To learn more about our ranges, visit our website at

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY See why our products are rated so highly by reviewers 4 5 6 8 14

TRAIL ESSENTIALS Discover the basic tools youll (hopefully not) need when youre out and about

MAINTENANCE MADE EASY Keep your bike in tip-top condition with our simple guide

WELDTITE REPAIR A wide range of products to get your wheel repaired and inflated

TF2 LUBRICANTS Specially formulated lubes designed to keep all parts of your bike running smoothly

DIRTWASH CLEANERS Riding can be dirty work just the job for our Dirtwash range of cleaners 22 28 30 46

VALVES AND SPARES Essential small parts for your bike

CYCLO TOOLS A high quality range of bike tools designed for both professional and home mechanics alike

INDEX The complete Weldtite range at a glance

Naturally, we rate our products very highly but were not the only ones.

WXC Team photography by Joolze Dymond

Our numerous ranges have been independently tested and reviewed by all the leading cycling publications turn to page 4 to see just a few examples of the positive reviews our products have earned.3


What the papers say. . .When youre out on a long ride the last thing you want is to be caught without some basic tools for those impromptu repairs. Make sure you dont have your ride cut short by carrying a few essential tools. . .A chain tool is a must have should your chain break. Choose either the world famous Rivoli Chain Rivet Extractor (06300) or the Rivex Chain Rivet Extractor (06003).A DESERVED DESIGN CLASSIC

Its not just consumers and retailers who have been impressed with the quality and innovation of Weldtites products the cycling press have given us a series of glowing write ups too...

Trail Essentials

Cyclo Forged Pedal SpannerA good puncture repair kit is a must. The Cure-C-Cure Repair Kit (01003) contains feather-edged patches for quick, reliable repairs that will last the life of the tube.A USEFUL KIT... INVALUABLE

Chain Degreaser Machine8

While lesser quality pedal spanners can round off in the busy workshop environment this one is made to last... the jaws have plastic inserts to prevent the possibility of scratching the crank, and we wholeheartedly approve of the double ended design that enables the tool to be positioned at a straight or 45 angle so that you can get a good purchase on the job a clever feature which we've not found elsewhere.


TF2 Plus (03034) is available in a handy sized 75ml bottle, ideal for making sure your chain, cables and other vital components are properly lubed and as its Teflon-based itll continue protecting your bikes components for miles to come.

Probably the best pedal spanner available.

9/10How did we ever manage before?Tyre Levers (06024) are a must for puncture repairs, and make it much easier to remove the tyre just take care not to pinch the tube between the lever and the rim.

Bike maintenance is an essential you cant get out of, but this is one of those handy little gadgets that makes life easier. Its simple to use, and will help prolong the life of your whole drive train.

10/10Tyre Removal and Fitting ToolThis clever stick could be the holy grail of tyre fitting tools... it works on even the most stubborn tyres in seconds. Itll change your en-tyre life!TOOL OF THE

TF2 Lube

Once your tube is repaired, itll need inflating. The Jetvalve MK2 CO2 Tyre Inflator (07008) is quicker than using a traditional pump and much easier on the arms too.TAKES THE ELBOW GREASE OUT OF TYRE INFLATION

This will appeal to those who value their leisure time... works smoothly and is long lasting... a lube that comes highly recommended.

Cyclo Rivoli Universal Chain Rivet Extractor


A good multi tool is one essential no self-respecting rider should leave home without. Weldtites Deluxe Multi Tool (06321) features spoke keys, spanner heads, hexagon keys and screwdriver heads all contained in one compact, lightweight tool.


It's easy to see why it has been such a success over the years. The size is sufficiently compact for the emergency tool kit, yet the solid performance feels fine for the modest home workshop. Put simply, a classic.


Tubeless Repair Kit

Cyclo Torque Wrench

Contains everything you need to permanently plug a hole... and the repair lasts. A useful and invaluable kit.

Id been using Weldtite stuff for two seasons and knew it was tops... we are eternally grateful for it.

These torque wrenches are must-haves... theyre designed to prevent slippage and are easily adjusted... they really are excellent quality, professional standard tools.



As well as the tools shown above, there are a few other items to carry in your toolbag. An LED light will prove invaluable if youre stuck after dark, and a small amount of cash is essential too. For more tips on the sort of equipment youll need, weve produced a series of podcasts for our website. To take a look, visit




LubricantsIts important to ensure your bikes components are well lubricated, especially before a long ride. Lightly spray the brake lever pivots, gear pivots and chain with TF2 to force out damp. The solid Teflon film it leaves behind will then keep on protecting your bike for many kilometres.LUBE OF THE YEAR AWARD-WINNERTF2 Aerosol Spray with Teflon (400ml) TF2 Aerosol Spray with Teflon (150ml) 03015 03021

Saddle upFor a comfortable and safe ride, its important that your bikes saddle is positioned correctly.

Maintenance made easyTF2 can be used on many of your bikes components . . . Adjust the height of the saddle so that your leg is slightly bent when the peddle is at its lowest point. Then move the saddle backwards and forwards until your knee is over the pedal, with the cranks horizontal.

Its important to keep your bike clean and well maintained doing so will prolong its life considerably. Weldtite produce a complete range of tools and products to ensure your bike runs better for longer.

Chain care


How tight do my bikes nuts and bolts need to be fastened? Tight, but not too tight. Its important not to use too much force two fingers on the end of the Allen Key are enough. For the more advanced home mechanic, Cyclos Torque Wrench ensures that nuts are tightened in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation.

A worn chain should be replaced before it wrecks the rest of the parts. Use a Cyclo Chain Wear Indicator to check yours.

The bolt under the saddle that allows you to set the horizontal position also allows you to adjust the angle it should be nearly flat. Remember if you cannot stand comfortably astride the bike, it is too big for you.

Shorten a new chain to the correct length it should fit okay on the largest sprocket and chain ring.

Nearly all modern bikes are fitted with socket head screws not bolts so you will need a set of Cyclo Allen Keys to adjust the riding position and carry out other safety checks.


Puncture PreventionRECOMMENDSWhether its a simple pre-season safety check or maintenance after a rough ride, here are the products and tools youll need. Allen Key Set Dirtwash Spray Dr Sludge Hand Cleaner Mini Y Allen Keys Rivoli Chain Tool TF2 Lubricant Torque Wrench1 = Finishing Touches 5 = Cant live without it

Dirtwash CleanerSpray the whole bike with Dirtwash Bike Cleaner to bring a sparkle back to the paintwork and any polished metal parts. Despite being 100% acid-free, Dirtwash still possesses the penetrating power of acidbased cleaners but its safe to use on your paintwork. It also cleans quickly and easily, with little scrubbing.


Cyclo Mini Y Wrenches will fit most of the nuts and bolts used.

Dr Sludge Sealant


Once the chain is the correct length, join the two ends together with a Cyclo Rivoli Chain Rivet Tool. Dont forget a well cared for chain is far more likely to last longer Clean yours regularly with . the Dirtwash Chain Degreaser Machine.

To avoid having to repair every little puncture use Dr Sludge this water-based, environmentally friendly liquid will race to the scene of the crime and on reaction with air it will form a permanent seal over the hole. Dr Sludge is available bottled as a do-it-yourself liquid or in handy, ready filled inner tubes.



Allen Key Set 06301 Mini Y Wrench Allen Keys (4, 5, & 6mm) 06310 Mini Y Wrench Allen Keys (2, 2.5 & 3mm) 06318 Mini Y Wrench Allen Keys (4, 5 & 6mm ball ended) 06319

Universal Rivoli Chain Rivet Extractor Dirtwash Chain Degreaser Machine

06300 06017



Once youve got your bi