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02.03 TOUCHBEAT 04.07 JAMMY 08.09 EGGBAG 12.13 DRAGON 14. 15 X-RACE 16.17 ZOO 18.19 YORK 20.23 GARDA 24.29 FLX 30.31 KAALAM 32.34 ZETA 35 ACTIVA 36.37 E-BIKE 38.39 SEATCOVER

DUAL HEART RATE WATCH the only heart rate with or without chest strap!

dual heart rate watch


Double Measuring

technical specicationsTOUCH BEAT: UNIQUE STYLE - An absolute novelty in the latest line of the Sportourer product offerings, this classic design is meticulously crafted by Italian designers to provide a leading edge not only in style, but also a convenient device to monitor Heart Rate. The acquired heart rate reading is displayed on a digital LCD screen. DOUBLE MEASURING - Heart Rate can be acquired in two ways: with or without the usage of a chest strap. By using the chest strap, it provides a continuous Heart Rate reading and records exercise data during an exercise. Whithout the use of thechest strap, Heart Rate can be easily acquired by a simple nger-touch on the metallic part of the watch for an instant reading. GAUGE - Gauge feature provides easy training zone recognition for the user. The top ring scale of 30-240 represents BPM (beats per minute). Within the black segmented area, this is considered as the optimum training zone on a wide general population raging from 18 to 70 years of age. The LCD gauge allows ease of visibility to the user to determine whether the training is in a moderate or optimized limit. ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Dual time setting, Analogy time and Digital time, Lap Timer Chronograph/Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Daily alarm, EL backlight, and Memory information for Hi/Lo Heart Rate, Calorie and Exercise Time. MAX HEART RATE ALARM/WARNING - TOUCH BEAT has a Maximum Heart Rate warning threshold derived from an algorithm that is inuenced by values manually set by the user. An alarm is set off by means of a double beep to inform the user during the course of the exercise- that it has reached the maximum recommended heart rate. MEMORY RECALL - Your exercise data such as Calories Consumption, High, Low and Average Heart Rate, and Total Training Time in a Continuous Heart Rate session can be retrieved in the stored memory during or at the end of your training. MATERIALS - Best quality materials are used to manufacture the Sportourer TOUCH BEAT. The watch body is made out with special nishing Stainless Steel on a High grade Resistance Polycarbonate case. Scratch resistant Mineral lens protecting the dial, with a Reversed FSTN LCD display, High Quality German Polyurethane (hypoallergenic) band and Stainless Steel Buckle. The TOUCH BEAT is waterproof 5 ATM watch case construction. CHEST TRANSMITTER - TOUCH BEAT comes with a standard 5kHz chest strap transmitter, black, with replaceable battery and adjustable elastic strap.





- Dimensions 51mm x 47mm x 16mm - Weight 68 gr. - Case Steel/Resin - Wrist Band Rubber - Battery CR 2032 - HR Range 30 240 - Accuracy 1 bpm - Water Resistant 50mt. (5atm)


sensor plate


AN INNOVATIVE HEART RATE GRIP to monitoring your frequence


JAMMY Heart Rate GripWeight 250 g / Pair Size L 134 x R 134 mm Use Sport/Trek/City

- LCD Display - Instant Heart Rate (20 sec.) - Continuous Heart Rate (5 min.) - Max Heart Rate Alert (visual) - Time of the day - Chrono - Timer - Outside Temperature (C/ F)

sensor plate

alluminium ring basement unlocking button main ring


JAMMY GelWeight 220 g / Pair Size L 134 x R 134 mm Use Sport/Trek/City

JAMMY Gel ShortWeight 210 g / Pair Size L 134 x R 105 mm Use Sport/Trek/City SHIMANO NEXUS + ROHLOFF Compatible

JAMMY Gel NanoWeight 200 g / Pair SRAM Compatible Size L 105 x R 105 mm Use Sport/Trek/City

Dr. Luigi Cugola HAND SURGERY SECTIONIn 1965 he graduated at the University of Parma. The following year he got the professional qualication in Medicine and Surgery. He achieved postgraduates in: Orthopedics and traumathology, radiology, surgery of hand and upper art, phisiopathology of sport. Since 22/06/1970 he was assistant in the orthopedic clinic of Padova University. Since 4/04/1978 he works in the orthopedic clinic of Verona. Since 28/10/1987 he has the responsibility of the department of surgery of hand. Since 2/02/1978 he performed the rst reimplant of hand in Italy. Following a specialistic training with the Dr. Tamai (Japan). Since 10/12/1979 to 29/06/1980 he is Director of orthopedics and traumathology Department of Sal hospital. Since 21/05/1986 to 31/07/1987 hes Director of the orthopedics and traumathology department of Nogara hospital. Since 1992 hes Director of the department of Surgery of hand of Policlinico Universitario G.B Rossi in Verona.

Tested and certied by Dr. Luigi Cugola, Medical Degrees in: Orthopaedics and Traumatology; Radiology; Hand and Upper Limb Surgery; Sport Physiopathology This grip design reduces possibility of carpal tunnel pathologies. Dr. L. Cugola

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Once youve started, the rest comes of its own accord.(Hermann Hesse) Quando si incomincia, il meglio viene poi da s. Quand on commence, le meilleur arrive de lui-mme. Wenn man beginnt, kommt das Beste von allein. Cuando se comienza, lo mejor viene solo.



EGGBAGWeight 160 g Size L 135 x W 90 mm Use Trek/City


choose your riding style...

SPORTDRAGON Gel Flow DRAGON X-RACE Gel Flow X-RACE Gel Flow White ZOO Gel Flow White ZOO Gel Flow ZOO GelPerformance for regular long distance riding during the week. The Sportourer saddles will suit you best - lightweight, well padded with an innovative suspension system. Our M saddles will strengthen your everyday performance and increase the aerodynamics of your competitiveness.

YORK Flow GARDA Man Gel Flow White GARDA Lady Gel Flow White GARDA Man Gel Flow GARDA Lady Gel Flow GARDA Man Gel GARDA Lady Gel FLX Man Gel Flow Leather FLX Lady Gel Flow Leather FLX Man Gel Flow FLX Lady Gel Flow FLX Man Gel Flow White FLX Lady Gel Flow White FLX Man Gel FLX Lady Gel FLX Man FLX Lady

TREKIf you use your bike for medium distances twice or more a week, the Sportourer saddle is right for you - soft, neat and subtle.The L size is perfectly suited to an urban lifestyle. Going to work, shopping, exercising: everything is possible with your Moderate saddle.

CITYKAALAM Gel Flow White KAALAM Gel Flow KAALAM Gel ZETA Comfort Gel Flow White ZETA Comfort Gel Flow ZETA Comfort Gel ZETA Comfort ACTIVA ComfortIf you occasionally use your bike for short distances, the Sportourer saddle is the most suitable for you - normally with foam inserts and a larger, soft seating area. The XL saddle assures you the utmost comfort. Enjoy it during your short-distance biking.


Always try to be yourself. That way you can say you were unique.(Jim Morrison) Cerca di essere sempre te stesso, cos un giorno potrai dire di essere stato lunico. Efforce-toi dtre toi-mme et un jour tu pourras dire davoir t le seul. Versuche immer, du selbst zu sein, so kannst du eines Tages sagen, dass du einzigartig warst. Trata de ser siempre t mismo y un da podrs decir que has sido el nico.


DRAGON Gel FlowWeight 330 g Size L 287 x W 153 mm Use Sport

DRAGONWeight 310 g Size L 287 x W 153 mm Use Sport



Happiness is not doing everything you want, but wanting everything you do.(Friedrich Nietzsche) La felicit non fare tutto ci che si vuole, ma volere tutto ci che si fa. Le bonheur ne consiste pas faire ce que lon veut, mais vouloir ce que lon fait. Glck bedeutet nicht, das zu tun, was man will, sondern das zu wollen, was man tut. La felicidad no es hacer lo que uno quiere sino querer lo que uno hace.


X-RACE Gel FlowWeight 370 g Size L 272 x W 140 mm Use Sport

X-RACE Gel Flow WhiteWeight 370 g Size L 272 x W 140 mm Use Sport



ZOOZOO Gel Flow WhiteWeight 370 g Size L 276 x W 160 mm Use Sport

A journey one thousand miles long begins with a small step.(Lao Tse) Un viaggio lungo mille chilometri inizia con un piccolo passo. Un voyage de mille kilomtres commence par un pas. Eine tausend Kilometer lange Reise beginnt mit einem kleinen Schritt. Un camino de mil kilmetros comienza con el primer paso.

ZOO Gel FlowWeight 370 g Size L 276 x W 160 mm Use Sport

ZOO GelWeight 410 g Size L 276 x W 160 mm Use Sport



Whatever you do or dream of doing, start to do it In boldness there is genius, power and magic.(Arthur Rimbaud) Qualsiasi cosa fai o sogni di fare, comincia a farla Nellaudacia c genio, potere e magia. Quoi que tu rves dentreprendre, commence-le. Laudace a du gnie, du pouvoir, de la magie. Was immer du tust oder tun mchtest, tue es. In der Khnheit liegt Genie, Macht und Zauber. Lo que puedes hacer, o has soado que podras hacer, debes comenzarlo. La osada lleva en s genio, poder y magia.


YORK FlowWeight 345 g Size L 280 x W 166 mm Use Trek


Happiness is something thats multiplied when its shared.(Paulho Coelho) La felicit qualcosa che si moltiplica quando viene condivisa. Le bonheur est quelque chose qui se multiplie quand il se divise. Glck vervielfacht sich, wenn es mit anderen geteilt wird. La felicidad es un bien que se multiplica al ser dividido.


GARDA Man Gel Flow WhiteWeight 550 g Size L 270 x W 165 mm Use Trek

GARDA Lady Gel Flow WhiteWeight 540 g Size L 255 x W 172 mm Use Trek




GARDA Man Gel FlowWeight 550 g Size L 270 x W 165 mm Use Trek

GARDA LADY Gel FlowWeight 540 g Size L 255 x W 172 mm Use Trek


GARDA Man GelWeigh