What’s APPropriate · Find an App • Go back to iTunes • Make sure you have iTunes Store...

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What’s APPropriate: Using iTunes to Find Gems for Your Students in the App Store
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Transcript of What’s APPropriate · Find an App • Go back to iTunes • Make sure you have iTunes Store...

  • What’s APPropriate:Using iTunes to Find Gems for Your Students in the App Store

  • Greg O’ConnorTeacherEducational Services Manager

    Jane FarrallSpeech Language PathologistAAC Support Services Manager

  • What is iTunes?

  • What is the iTunes Store?

  • What’s an App?

  • What’s a Podcast?

  • What’s iTunes U?

  • Let’s have a look at iTunes.....

  • Music• Some example music has been loaded

    into iTunes• Plug in your headphones and check it out!

  • Movies• A few movie segments have been loaded

    into iTunes

  • TV Shows• A couple of promos have been added into


  • Podcasts, iTunes U, Books• A couple of each have been added.• Have a look/listen

  • Apps• You can only see a list of Apps in iTunes• You can decide which Apps go on an iPod


  • iPod touch, iPhone, iPad

  • iPod Touch

  • iPod Touch• Currently in the 4th generation• Available in 8GB, 32GB & 64GB• Lighter weight, slimmer, faster processor

    and longer battery life than iPhone• Has WiFi capabilities• No camera or 3G capability• 3.5” screen

  • iPhone

  • iPhone• Currently in the 3rd generation, called 3GS• Available in 16GB and 32GB• Has camera for stills and videos• Can use 3G as well as WiFi• Shorter battery life• 3.5” screen

  • iPad

  • iPad• Just released!• Available in 16/32/64GB WiFi and

    16/32/64GB WiFi + 3G• Faster processor, longer battery life• 9.7” screen

  • Let’s go hands-on with the iPods

  • iPod Touch• On/Off button on the top• Volume buttons on left• Home button centre front

  • iPod Touch• A number of home screens – scroll

    between them• Open the Photos – scroll between them

    and turn the device on its side. Make photos larger and smaller.

    • Press the Home button to get back to your Home pages

  • Open the App Dictionary.com.au

  • Open the App Sebs Tail

  • Sebs Tail• Read the book• Watch as the words highlight• Colour your own pictures• Play the memory game• What else can you find?

  • Open TimesTables

  • Just explore

  • Rearrange Icons on your Home Screen(s)• Press and one App icon until they all

    “jiggle”• You can now drag Apps around one

    screen or to a different screen.• You can press on the cross in the corner

    to delete an App (please don’t do this!)

  • Find an App• Go back to iTunes• Make sure you have iTunes Store selected• Search for an App e.g. maths (math),

    spelling, ebooks, geography, astronomy….• Select a free App and download it

  • Sync, sync, sync• Plug in your iPod touch• iTunes should automatically recognise and

    backup and sync it• You can remove items from the sync list

    through iTunes• Check that your new App has gone across

    once the sync is finished

  • Find another App and sync it

  • Which App is best for me?

  • App Sites• AppShopper http://appshopper.com/• AppStoreHQ http://www.appstorehq.com/• Apptism http://www.apptism.com/• Best App Ever Awards http://bestappever.com• IEducation Apps Review http://www.iear.org/


  • App Sites• Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

    iPhone App Round Up http://teachinglearnerswithmultipleneeds.blogspot.com/2009/06/ipod-touchiphone-app-round-up-for-users.html

    • Online Education Database http://oedb.org/library/features/top_50_iphones_for_educators


  • Handouts• iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for

    (Special) Education (Sailers, 2010)• Apps Matrix from NSW Ed Dept (on USB)• iPod Touch and Itunes for Education

    (Apple 2009 – on USB)

    What’s APPropriate:Slide Number 2What is iTunes?What is the iTunes Store?What’s an App?What’s a Podcast?What’s iTunes U?Let’s have a look at iTunes.....MusicMoviesTV ShowsPodcasts, iTunes U, BooksAppsiPod touch, iPhone, iPadiPod TouchiPod TouchiPhoneiPhoneiPadiPadLet’s go hands-on with the iPodsiPod TouchiPod TouchOpen the App Dictionary.com.auOpen the App Sebs TailSebs TailOpen TimesTablesJust explore Rearrange Icons on your Home Screen(s)Find an AppSync, sync, syncFind another App and sync itWhich App is best for me?App SitesApp SitesHandouts