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  • Page 2 - Sara Men-gistu

    Page 3 - Middle School Pictures

    Pages 4- Middle School Basketball Tournament Pic-tures

    Page 5 and 6 - Soc-cer Pictures

    Page 6 - Basketball Standings/Sched-ules/HPs All Star XC

    Page 7 and 8 - More pictures

    Up They Rise- The happy looks are those of winners who know they have arrived. For the first time in years the Atascocita Middle School seventh grade basketballers have an Humble ISD title- Head Coach Shellie

    Ray is top right.

    Their Presence Felt-(below) Its the strong inside defense of Atascocita MS in blue that forces a change of ap-proach for the Timberwood MS offense. This is title winning D.

    Vol. 01 Num. 07January 20, 2011 ThursdayHighPoints Magazine

    The High School Sports Magazine for North Houston Metro Area

    Ross Sterling Middle Schools gym might need a new wooden court after the up and coming and hard charging Atascocita Middle School Seventh Grade basketballers steamrolled right over the Bearkats home floor with a 39-28 Humble ISD Tournament Championship win over second place Timberwood Middle School last Saturday. For the first time in her four years coaching the seventh graders the tiara finally fit for Shelley Ray. The seventh grade bracket did present some challenges for the blue clad Lady Tigers. A winners bracket semifinal presented a tougher challenge when the Riverwood MS girls were nipped 29-27. However, when it was over, the only thing on the mind of the determined Ray was how fast her program is rising.

    This is the first one (7th grade Girls title) in my time here as head coach and when you look at how these kids are seeing the success of Atascocita High pump up the interest here and how my players are really aiming for even more success in the eighth grade, then we know we are on the right track, Ray said.

    The former Midland High roundballer and graduate of Texas-Permian Basin is finding happiness behind the bench in

    See Lady Tigers Page 2

    ROBS ROLL - Weekly Sports Updates www.highpointsmagazine.com

    Lady Tigers Take Seventh Grade District Tourney

  • Timberwood Takes a Second- The fine effort on display for the Lady Panthers of Timberwood MS came up a bit short, yet delivered an outstanding runnerup finish at the Humble ISD seventh grade middle school basketball tourney at Sterling MS Saturday January 15.

    Another Winner - Whether its this kind of effort in the woods, the track or in the locker room, Sara Mengistu consistently showed this past season that she had the winning attitude . ( Photo by Bob Young)

    Page 2 - www.highpointsmagazine.com - January 20, 2011

    her first hoops head coaching job and its because of a strong emphasis on practice discipline and basketball fundamentals. From day one our coaches have drilled home the importance of doing things right and having structure in everything the kids do in their preparation. Our coaches bring a real passion for the sport to the kids and combined with the interest level that we are seeking, the program should do nothing but improve, the coach said.

    The participation level for Basketball at AMS is going to be a key for any future success. Ray says the coaches are distributing fliers containing information about the areas local club leagues. The kids are able to begin registering for club play and subsequently with more experience at playing the sport, they should become even better basketballers. The phys-ed. classes are the places where the

    Lady Tigers Continued from Page 1

    varsity members to give it their best, we say Come on you can do it, get going, you can do it, she said.

    It wasnt too long ago that Mengistu was in that same freshman situation. Her hard work and fine performances at the beginning high school level though, brought some much deserved good news at the end of the 09 XC season. LaCour came up to her and told her that as a sophomore she would be given a chance on the varsity team. From starting her running career in middle school, to graduating from the frosh and skipping the Junior Varsity level altogether, it was time for Mengistu to continue that work ethic and dedication, as she reached for much bigger goals, but first things first.I think an athlete has to have a true love for the sport and a real dedication to do well in it, before they can get to where they want to be, Mengistu said.

    She also carries a dedication to assisting others, including her teammates, as much as she can. I want to be a physician when I get older-planning at this time on attending Texas A&M- and I want to go back to Africa in Ethiopia where my parents are originally from and help heal some of the sick people there, she said.

    We went there to visit a couple of years ago and I found out first hand that Africa is not like a lot of people think. There are people there that are not poor, but there are also those that are and they are the people that need our help. When you look at the fact that I love science and chemistry, a medical career is what makes the most sense to me, Mengistu said.

    Its also that desire for chemistry that makes Sara Mengistu the best kind of teammate, one that believes in giving back something to her fellow athletes.

    I guess when you help others and

    Just minding her own business, providing leadership, support and outstanding times for a sophomore with the big job of battling generally older varsity athletes, Atascocita Highs young Cross-Country runner Sara Mengistu suddenly looked up one day and found herself the HighPoints Robs Roll XC 5A Girls Athlete/runner of the Year for 2010. The youngster, whose family once migrated to the U.S. from the African country of Ethiopia, won the award after our readership nominated her and then casted their ballots to confirm that honor.

    The most surprised of all was Mengistu and it showed when we interviewed her.I know there are some faster runners on my team and when I saw my name up there it took me by surprise, she said.

    (The voting was conducted just like the Boys polling. Limiting the nomination process to just featuring one athlete per school in 14-5A, with the exclusion of Lufkin, a team we only cover when they play other local squads that we always cover; we took the first name submitted from each institutions fans, and eschewed the others from the same school. The ironic thing is that she beat out other runners who performed at a higher level. However, the definition of an athlete/runner is a little bit different than that of a performer. High finishing places and faster times sometimes take a backseat to solid performances backed by a willingness to show fellow runners what teamwork-Cross Country is a team sport-is all about.)Mengistu is aiming to improve her times for both Track and Cross-Country, but she doesnt plan on changing the way she approaches being part of a team.

    Coach(Vanita) LaCour and our coaches encourage us to help each other, to support each other and to push each other when things seem tougher. We especially like to tell the freshman runners and the sub-

    support them, then they will do the same for you, and I just want to thank my team for this honor. I love my team and wouldnt be here without them, she said.

    After having trouble with the sport of Cross-country at first in middle school, the former soccer playing athlete, is now pointing to bigger and better things with both XC and Track and field. I just have to adapt and stay positive about track. Its tougher to go around in a circle over and over than it is from a mental standpoint with the inside the woods running we do for Cross-Country, but I just need to keep concentrating on getting my times down, Mengistu says.Although, she was born in the U.S.-her dad came here for collegiate education in Oklahoma, and then later at Prairie View A&M-she definitely knows her Ethiopian running history. Who knows, one day they may speak of her with the same affection that her ancestors hold the great mens marathoner Abebe Bikila who ran barefooted through the streets of the

    1960 Rome Olympic games. Cheered on by his countrymen back home, he won the Gold finishing in the dark, running through thoroughfares that contained very few streetlights. The accomplishment helped to soothe the African nation as it struggled through civil wars. The shoeless feat spurred present day Ethiopian star Siraj Gena to pay homage to the Roman grandeur of 60, by winning the March 2010 Rome Marathon, sans foot support, 50 years later.

    The reason that Mengistu got into racing was to take advantage of that great Ethiopian long-distance running tradition. Thats the one where support comes not just from what you give yourself but what you give to others. And thats the kind that forced others to see past the first layer of accomplishment, place and time finishes, to bestow their reciprocating support. That would be the kind of assistance that allowed Sara Mengistu of Atascocita to be named as our 5A Girls Cross-Country Athlete/Runner of the 2010 season.

    interest should be the highest among non-scholastic players. The strategy should pay off with an improved Lady Tiger program and eventually should serve the AHS girls teams well, as well. As for the present, the AMS big blue machine should continue to roll with the kind of play that was on display last weekend. Of course, Shelley Ray just might have to start reimbursing HISD for new gym floor paneling. While the sky is the limit for the program, you should know that theyll