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  • Location Business Summit

    GeoLocal APIs

    unencumbering theGeoLocal ecosystemTyler Bell

    14 September 2010

    tylerwbell@gmail.comTwitter: @twbell

  • Local EcosystemInterconnected resources that facilitate an informed, real-world consumer experience

    The Local Ecosystem

    - 2 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell http://www.flickr.com/photos/leafy/3826214063/

    and the value of a product is proportional to how many other products it communicates with

  • GeoLocalBuilt Environment and AR Daily Deals

    Maps Utilities, Routing, Geocoding

    - 3 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    Places and Listings

    Maps Utilities, Routing, Geocoding

    Social Location

  • Obligatory NASCAR Logo Montage

    - 4 -Tyler Bell

  • Three Ways In


    - 5 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell


    APIContributionTo LocalEcosystem

  • Monday: TechCrunch/SimpleGeo

    Q: What is it you do?

    - 6 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell


    A: See our API docs.

    This is the only appropriate answer to a developer

  • PiataMarketing (paper mach)

    - 7 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    API (candy)


  • APIs are the soul of a product

    - 8 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    They reveal its naked capabilities and the intentions of its creators

  • Source and Crawled Content

    robots.txt is hugely insightful

    as is viewing source

    - 9 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbellboth make for lousy presentations

  • Example: Google Places PM

    We are going to focus initially on check-in applications [and] have now begun

    - 10 -

    in applications [and] have now begun reaching out to developers

    Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell


    - Google Maps API Product Manager

  • Example: Google Places API TOS

    Applications may not store any Place data permanently except References and IDs.

    Place data cannot be redistributed via your own API May only be used in conjunction with displaying

    - 11 -

    results on a Google map Using Place data without displaying a map for which

    Place data was requested is prohibited. May only be used in response to end user actions. So there.

    Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    Paraphrased from http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/places/

  • Product Design Philosophy

    - 12 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    The Hallway

  • No DoorsProduct does not facilitate new approaches, applications, or

    business models

    - 13 -http://www.flickr.com/photos/raulc/4429603/

  • Multiple Product Options

    - 14 -http://www.flickr.com/photos/brentdanley/211734796/

    Product creates multiple new opportunities for exploration, integration

    and experimentation

  • A Look into some Local APIs

    Short commentary

    - 15 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    on what APIs reveal(now, not planned roadmap or intentions)

  • Ease of check-in at expense of data accuracy (this is OK, and worked well)

    Massive dupe prob solvable. Larger

    - 16 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    solvable. Larger issue of traction has been addressed

    Search provides no name-to-venue disambiguation

    Robots.txt: restricts websearchhttp://aboutfoursquare.com/superusers-mislocated-venues/

  • Only user names exposed to crawlers

    Massive API presence

    - 17 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    Massive API presence (of course)

    Does not employ own metadata standards see API note above

    Robots.txt: heavy restrictions again, pushing for API use v. crawled content

  • No place pages, therefore no crawled metadata

    Tweets from 4sq check-ins are tied to a Twitter place done

    - 18 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    Twitter place done via BD rather than API

    Three geo endpoints in API: nearby, details, and rev. geocode

    Place serves now as tweet-centric hub more certainly coming

  • Hcard encoding on listings (nice)

    FB Like Button

    - 19 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    No venue resolution on search API

    Literally impersonal: no people parameters in API

    robots.txt contains three laws of robotics (geek cred)

  • foursquare:venue=516723

    Krohn Conservatory

    Machine tags allow

    - 20 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

    Machine tags allow cross-reference into any namespace (incl. OSM)

    Huge API

    But also indexed and discoverable across searchhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisirmo/4560462516/

  • Wrap Up: Use of Wire

    - 21 -

    Razorwire v. Datawire

    Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell

  • Datawire Connect and Plumb

    - 22 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell http://www.flickr.com/photos/tigerplish/250836258/

  • Razorwire Partition and Control

    - 23 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell http://www.flickr.com/photos/mightyboybrian/113445631/

  • Thank You


    - 24 -Tyler Bell | tylerwbell@gmail.com | @twbell