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Tyler Perry. By: K ayla McDaniel. About Tyler's life. He w as abuse by his father. At age 16 he change his first name to Tyler He separated his self from his father His mom died He also dropped out of high school He loves to make movies. Tyler Perry quotes. Tyler Perry sayings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tyler Perry

Tyler PerryBy: Kayla McDaniel

About Tyler's lifeHe was abuse by his father.At age 16 he change his first name to Tyler He separated his self from his fatherHis mom died He also dropped out of high schoolHe loves to make movies

Tyler Perry quotes

Tyler Perry sayings

The companyAbout His Company International

His Company International is a dynamic dance and arts ministry devoted to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world. As demonstrated throughout the Scriptures, we believe that it is God's nature to be creative. After all, He is the Creator

BusinessWithin the 2007 couple of years, a Lions will certainly represent be able to restructure as well as rise above, besides to make the sports connected with NFL, but also for the area of Detroit. Reputation these Detroit Lions The Detroit Lions play on Ford World when it comes to Mitch, but their basic moniker was initially these Spartans as long as they ended up centered at Portsmouth, Iowa the government financial aid 1929.

EducationHis education continued at a school in nearby Madura, a center of education in Roman North Africa fifteen kilometers (twenty miles) south of Thagaste.


Frist company locatedTyler Perry Studios is the first African-American owned studio in the country and had its grand opening on October 4, 2008. Located in Atlanta, Georgia,

How much his business worth and himTyler Perry earns over $100 million per year.TV shows who has a net worth of $400 million.Tyler Perry is worth 80 million

Birth date/deadSeptember 14 1969He is not dead

Were there any failure No there were no failure

picturesPictures of him

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