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2. This river begins in the Blue ridge region. Chattahoochee is an Native American name. 3. The Flint River is a long river. It is almost 150 miles long. 4. The Oconee River begins in hall county. It flows through Athens 5. The Savannah River runs into the AtlanticOcean. It is one of Georgias most importantseaports. 6. ST. Marys River flows into the OkefenokeeSwamp. There are many alligators that live in the ST.Marys River. 7. Many types of wild life in this river. The manatees swim in this river. 8. The name Ocmulgee is from a creek Indian. The Ocmulgee River is located in the middlestate. 9.,r:16,s:0,i:118,r:16,s:0,i:118 10.,r:7,s:0,i:157,r:19,s:0,i:144&tx=92&ty=68