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  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : Right. Let’s butter their paws. Come on— - (Leading the way brisky! Li"t# soon tooperate# $ hope. %y o&'e is up there.))$: *ery paatia.BROCK : O" 'ourse# or why be boss+ Re'eptiondesk# with ,ergeant atterson. ,ergeant# get toknow these "a'es.,R/01 (nodding and grinning!: $ know someaready# sir.BROCK : 2rom here on# we’re se'ret. ,o no'hums in# no parties in the 'anteen — - whi'hby the way is through there and e3tremeyde'ent.COLL$0,O0: /nd working.BROCK : Loos that way# aso working. /nd now— -%/4),L5: 6ho ese is 'oming here+BROCK : 0obody. 7ust us.

    8/RR/*,: But it’s enormous.BROCK : 6e’ get bigger. $’ e3pand the teamwith peope $ 'hoose. 8andpi'ked. 1he best.,ame as you’re the best.,16: 2attery# ete..%/4),L5: ets him a ot o" pa'es.)O6: 5eah.8/RR/*,: 1his ot.%/4),L5: 2antasti'.)O6: 1oo good to be true.

    8/RR/*,: /"ter 0orth /'ton# eh9,16: 6hat about the other 'rowd+ 1hewashing ma'hine+)O6: 8ere+BROCK : 2orget it.)O6: 1hat bun'h in here+BROCK : 0o9 Can’t you get it through your heads— - you’re spe'ia9 $n'redibe as it may seem#you are9 $’ spe it out. 1his — pa'e — is —ours. $t — is — a — "or — us. Be'ause — we —are — on — the Big One9 (8e sureys their

    "a'es! )’you want a pep tak+ )’you reay wantthat+)O6: /bout the 7aps+,16: 8e’s a bit simpe. Briiant but simpe.BROCK : Ci; — it is aways about the 7aps. $nten years they are going to hae us a bywhateer part o" our anatomy they pi'k. 1herewi be no ee'troni's industry anywhere in theword but theirs. 4ness —))$: $ think we’e a good 'han'e.

    BROCK: Corre'to. )e mante

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 6e’e got ony a singe 'han'e. 6e’egot to pay a 'ard so high they 'an’t top it.,16 (mo'k-7apanese!: /ah# so9BROCK : / 'ompetey new re'ording medium.,16: /ready hae in honourabe po'ket.))$: ,hut up# ,tew.,16 (seriousy!: 6hat about tape# though+))$: 1ape’s @nished.,16: 1hey 'an sti improe —))$: $ts day is done.BROCK : ,tew. (8e has a spoo in his hand!%agneti' tape is 'ompa't# responsie# a thesaes 'hat-up says. (8e pus some oose and'rushes it in his @ngers! /so dei'ate and proneto ose its memory.%/4),L5: Like Ci; here.BROCK : /s you righty say. (8e tosses the spoodown! $t’s time# gentemen# "or a breakthrough.

     7ust re'ord me# say# the whoe o" 6agner’s Ring'y'e inside a pin head — with instant payba'k#o" 'ourse —%/4),L5: imme ti un'htime.BROCK : — and you 'an name your royaties.))$ (hungriy!: $t is royaties# then+BROCK : 2orget about bonuses# you’ be right inthere. $’e got his word on it.))$: 8imse"+BROCK : 5esterday. 7ust put the boot into oud

    0ippon9 is how he dei'atey phrased it. ,o — i" you want to be miionaires# it’s a 'rashprogramme. 2ind the medium and eerythingese "oows.)O6: 1he hardware+BROCK : 6e’d take the ot. Computers — 1* —home re'ording — sateites — they a "oow.

     1hen Ryan e'tri's be'omes Ryan $nternationabe'omes Ryan $nterspatia. $t $ s up to you.))$: $ oe this man’s modesty.BROCK : 1hanks to ddie you’ @nd a your =unk

    in "amiiar order.))$: )isorder.BROCK : Obiousy. ,orry.))$: / that string.BROCK : 0ow. 5our pet pro=e'ts wi go on asbe"ore — ddie’s digita 'rysta and so on — butwe’re going to try something new. 6e’'orreate a resuts together.%/4),L5: But ete — i" there’s no 'onne'tion—

     =aponeses. n die> aEos !: s regaas# enton'es+BROCK: Odate de as primas# usted estarAa. 1engo su paabra.

    ))$: I mismo+BROCK: /yer. M,Do hay

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 1he 'omputer might spot one.()oubt"u noises! ery 'ue 'ounts.))$: $t puts a ot on the 'omputer.BROCK : 7i’s ready. ,he’s going to trysomething ery sophisti'ated. ro=e'tions —e3trapoations — a sort o" randomised mi3 withan a''eerated un'ertainty prin'ipe. 8ow’sthat+

     7$LL: ,omething o" the sort.BROCK : 5ou a right+

     7$LL: 5es# $ — (/s i" to take attention away "romherse"# she turns to the twin tape storageunits! 6hat about data storage+ /re those awe’e got+BROCK : Coy. Computer storage room. 6hen dowe get it+COLL$0,O0: Oh yes. 6e —BROCK : 6hat+

    COLL$0,O0  (embarrassed!: 1here’e been —probems.BROCK  (

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    thirty tins o" ,pam.BROCK : ,pam9COLL$0,O0: /nd a etter to 2ather Christmas.BROCK : 4.,. /rmy issue.COLL$0,O0: )oubt i" it’s @t now. 1hey musthae got "or'ed in through the paneing. 1he

     5anks used this "or a store.BROCK : ainted it khaki9COLL$0,O0: 1rying to

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK ’, ,4$1 — L$*$0 G4/R1R,BROCK : / right now# a right. 7i9

     7$LL: $ 'an’t stay here# $’e got to get away9 1akeme away9 (widy! eter9BROCK : 7i# 7i# 7i. asy now. (8e kisses her butshe stays rigid in his arms! $’m sorry. $ didn’tisten to you be"ore. 1e me about it.

     7$LL: 6hat+BROCK : 1he a''ident.

     7$LL: $t isn’t that.BROCK : 1e me.

     7$LL: $ — $ hit a pie o" sand# that’s a. 1herewere ans and — $ 'oudn’t hae beenwat'hing. (,uddeny! $ hate this pa'e9 $ didn’twant to 'ome here9BROCK : 0o. 5ou didn’t. (8is "a'e sets a itte.0ow he "ees he knows where he is. 1hey are onod ground. 8e sits ba'k. 8er @sts are sti

    pressed tight against her body ike a barrier. 8egenty eases them down! 8ere. )ump the moisthankie.

     7$LL (opening her hand!: 0ot — not a hankie.BROCK : Oh. 2ather Christmas’s etter.BROCK  (reading!: 6hat $ want ... "or Christmasis ... pease go away. ,igned %artin 1asker.6e.

     7$LL (whispering!: 0ot what you’d say.BROCK : $ don’t know. One o" my kids is ike

    that# hates the idea o" him 'oming down the'himney. 7$LL: $t wasn’t to 2ather Christmas.BROCK : 6ho# then+

     7$LL: $ know. $ think $ know9BROCK : 8ow do you ike it now+ 1hey’e done abit sin'e we 'ame down that time. / thesheing and — (8e ooks into the ad=oiningo&'e# where a huge desk stands in a sea o" unse'ured 'arpet# and ba'k to her! $

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    doubt ask ddie and the boys. (8e strokes her"orehead! 6hat’s in there is so rare and...auabe. (/"ter a moment! )o it your own way.Commute home to od mummy or stay here.,tay+ (,he says nothing! ,ometimes# anyway.

     7$LL: $ saw a ghost.BROCK : Let’s get out o" here "or a whie. LeaeCoy to @ght the abour reations.

     7$LL: Let’s go ...8LR  (beaming!: One )anish draught# one,uper-,trong.BROCK : One "or yourse".8LR: 1a.B/R L/)5: 0o# thank you. /re they reaymaking poison gas up there+BROCK : 0o — we aren’t.B/R L/)5: $t’s what $ heard.BROCK : 0ot a whi;.

    B/R L/)5 (weariy!: $ mean germs. 5ou knowwhat $ mean.

     7$LL: )o you know the pa'e+B/R L/)5: $’e ony been here a month. 1hat’be — with the bread — one pound eighty pee.(/s Bro'k pays! $ mean# it won’t do us anygood. 1hese days peope don’t ike that sort o" thing.

     7$LL: $t’s nothing bad9B/R L/)5 ("ree>ingy!: 6e a know what se'ret

    means.8LR: Cheers. $ beiee it’s been made eryni'e.

     7$LL: )o you know it+8LR: $ used to. 6e# sort o".

     7$LL: 5ou went there+8LR: 0ot a'tuay in. $t was during the warwhen the 5anks was there. (,he eans "orwardwith a grotes

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    think — oh dear# he had a these "unny words#y’see# he was a 'ooured boy. $ know — guppy.8e said there was guppies in the store — that’swhere he worked —BROCK : uppies are @sh. 1ropi'a.8LR: Oh dear. )uppies+%/0: 8e must hae meant rats.8LR: 5ou don’t know# /an./L/0: 1askerands is "u o" rats. 6e used topay up there when $ was a kid.8LR: Oh yes — you and that 7a'kie and —/L/0: 5es# od 7a'kie. 6e used to do dares.

     7$LL: 1he end room — you know it+/L/0 (a"ter a moment!: 5es. ,tand there in thedark# a"ter a bit you’d hear Tem a noisingabout and s

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK  (un'om"ortaby!: 5es# 7i# $ think —*$C/R: 1hen sa'k'oth and ashes. enty o" ashes9BROCK : $ think we’d better get ba'k.*$C/R: Oh dear.BROCK : 1his — was =ust a thought.*$C/R (moing with them to the door!: 5es# we$ ... Come again and praps by then $ —BROCK : 1hanks anyway.*$C/R: 1hey must hae been "unny peope.

     1here was something about an e3or'ism on'e—

     7$LL: 3or'ism9*$C/R (shaking his head!: 0ow $ 'an’t approeo" that. $ know it’s in the prayer-book# but — oh#dear# dear9

     7$LL: 5ou do mean — aying a ghost+ 8erintensity 'at'hes at Bro'k.

    *$C/R: $t was either there or ... now was it+ /h9(8e seems to 'hange his mind! $ may bemaigning them.

     7$LL: 6hen was it+*$C/R: Oh — ong# ong ago. (1hen he brightensout o" his agueness and happiy remounts hishobby-horse. 8e beams! $ "ee $’m obsoete butnot sin"u — $ 'ause so itte poution. /part"rom tea-eaes — and my hens eat those up —BROCK : 8ow did it go+

    COLL$0,O0: 6e — they’e made a start#'earing the od paneing out. $’m =ust making areport. (/s Bro'k gan'es ba'k at the house! $’deae them to it. 1hey were de'idedy tri'ky.BROCK : /ny reason gien+COLL$0,O0: 0o. 1hey =ust don’t ike it. Come in— hae a drink.BROCK : ood idea.COLL$0,O0: 8ow’s 7i now+BROCK : — $’e sent her home.COLL$0,O0: 7ust as we. / nasty shake-up.

    BROCK : $t wasn’t =ust the 'ar.COLL$0,O0: Oh+BROCK  (a"ter a moment!: Boody woman9COLL$0,O0  ('are"uy!: $’e ony admired her"rom a"ar but... $’d say she’s the type that ...hurts easiy.BROCK : Coy — were there any rats+COLL$0,O0: 6here+BROCK : $n the end room+COLL$0,O0: 0o.

    na'imientos y matrimonios y ... no eranestadsti'amente ... prominente. ero aparte deos registros as9BROCK: Creo a!: /hora no puedoaprobar eso. ,?

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 0o sign there’d been any+COLL$0,O0: Rats woudn’t hae e"t that ,pam.

     1hey’d hae 'hewed those tins open in no time.BROCK : 1hey 'oud do that+COLL$0,O0: 1he teeth o" a hungry rat 8ere —BROCK : Cheers. (8e gan'es at Coinson’sreport! $’e got some work to @nish too. $ mightstop oer tonight.COLL$0,O0: Break in the )ire'tor’s suite a bit+(Bro'k nods absenty. Coinson drinks andwat'hes him# noti'ing his

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    bu;ooneries. $t’s a right# $’e eaten. / $shoud. 8ow’s whatsisname# the horse ... 5es#Chu;y... it was that hoo"+ /ha... Oh# good. Loeto the kids# then.))$: 1ry going down two nanose'onds.%/4),L5: )own two.))$: $’m gad to hear it# eter.%/4),L5: ery home shoud hae one.8/RR/*,: ery statey home.))$: 8ad me worried# the a'k o" 'ass.COLL$0,O0: 0ot a 'han'e.BROCK : 1ak to them yourse"+COLL$0,O0: $ did. ush it any "urther andthere’ be a genera wak-out.BROCK : 1hat’s it# then.))$: 6hat’s this about# eter+,16: )id you say ghost+BROCK : ,iy word# don’t be put o;. 6e 'oud

    'a it a phenomenon or something. /nyway it’srea. $t’s got possession o" the 'omputerstorage room and it’s stopped a work there.COLL$0,O0: 1he men won’t go ba'k.,16: 1hey were going on about something inthe 'anteen —)O6: 5es. $ thought it was the mu'k.,16: $ wondered.BROCK : 6hateer it is in there $’e heard it.Coy’s heard it. /nd 7i’s seen it.

    ))$: 7i —,16: 1hat what got you+ 7$LL: 5es.,16: 6hat did you see+

     7$LL: / woman.%/4),L5: Oh# 'ome o; it9))$: ,he isn’t kidding.BROCK : 0one o" us are.,16: Let’s go in there8/RR/*,: 6hy not+ $’m ready —BROCK : / right. 1hanks "or the enthusiasm

    be'ause $ intend to use it.,16: h+))$: 6hat dyou mean+BROCK : 1hey on'e had a go at it with be# bookand 'ande. 6e — we’re rather betterea por sair un 'uadroantiguo do'umento y 'hirra abierta! 4no o dos'uriosidades en e mismo. CDmo dJte gustaeste+ (,a'a un do'umento! ,oi'itud para a'eebra'iDn de un seri'io de e3or'ismo.BROCK: HGu?9COLL$0,O0: QP PUV.BROCK: )?=ame er -COLL$0,O0: Registro 'ompeto de a supuestain

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    it doesn’t ti'k# it patters its "eet and s'ree'hes.erything we get 7i’s going to program in the'omputer.))$: /nayse a spook+BROCK : ,ay it’s...a mass o" data waiting "or a'orre't interpretation. 0obody’s eer managedit. $ think we might.COLL$0,O0: Can you spare the time+BROCK : 0o 'hoi'e# Coy. $t’s got us stu'k...%/4),L5: 1a.)O6: 6hi'h mike# ete+BROCK : ,tereo. (1o 7i! 6here did you see it+

     7$LL: 0ear the top o" the steps.BROCK : 6here she "e o;.

     7$LL: 1here must hae been an upper Woor.6here those hoes are. )’you think she wasgoing up to it+COLL$0,O0: 0o. 1his was a tota ruin when

     1asker bought. $t’s a in the deeds. 8e =ustroo"ed it and pat'hed it and made it part o" hishouse. / sort o" "oy.

     7$LL: 1hen — where was she going+BROCK : robaby a big aspidistra at the top andshe had to water it.

     7$LL: /nd died.BROCK : Odd# that. 5ou’d hae thought she’d

     =ust break a eg or something. $t’s not highenough.

     7$LL: 8igh enough "or poor Louisa. /nd then...they paneed the pa'e oer. 1o hide it a.))$: 1here’s a big e'ho in here. 6e ought tomeasure it. ,omething to make a oud noisewith+ (/t the tabe! 6hat’s a this+

     7$LL: ,pam.))$: h+ ,omebody "eeding the ghost+

     7$LL (amost a whisper!: erhaps they were.8/RR/*,: 0ow we wait. 1hink $’ get my'oat.%/4),L5: et mine# wi you+

    ,16 (giing them a sour ook!: Oh spare us.8/RR/*,: 6hat+ ,16: 1his a't# the ghostyshiers.8/RR/*,: 0o a't.%/4),L5: $t’s =ust — 'hiy. )on’t you "ee it+,16: )o you mind9))$: 8ow’s that+)O6: Okay# $’ take it. (8e swit'hes there'order on and speaks into the mi'rophone!

     1esting room waeength. 1ake one.

    4$,O: F8as di'ho "antasma+BROCK: paabra tonta# no te desanime.odramos amaro un "enDmeno o ago as. )etodos modos es rea. 1iene a posesiDn de asaa de ama'enamiento de a 'omputadora yse detuo todo e traba=o a.COLL$0,O0: Los hombres no aro.4$,O: Fh+))$: FGu? dyou [email protected]'a eso+BROCK: os una e> tuo un ir en ? 'on a

    'ampana# ibro y ea. Bueno - estamosbastante me=or e

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


     7$LL: ,top it. Oh stop it — 9BROCK : 1hat’s enough# ddie.8/RR/*,: 1hat was it9 1hat was it9BROCK : $t was by the steps.8/RR/*, (pointing down the room!: 0o# oerthat way.))$: $t was by the door.%/4),L5: 0o# it wasn’t.))$: )istin'ty.,16: 6hat did you hear+))$: $t was oer there9 $’m not 'ra>y9%/4),L5: 5ou 'oud hardy hear it.))$: $t was dea"ening9BROCK : $t wasn’t oud.))$: 0ot oud+ $ heard it9BROCK : 7ust 'ose.8/RR/*,: 8i# that’s right.BROCK : 0o perspe'tie on it.

    ,16 (to %audsey!: 6hat did you hear+%/4),L5 (shrugging!: 0ot mu'h.,16: $ didn’t hear anything.

     7$LL: $ saw her. /gain.BROCK : ,ame pa'e+

     7$LL: 0o# there. (,he points to the midde o" theroom. $nstin'tiey they turn to ook at the spot!Ba'k 'othes.))$: ,oid+

     7$LL: 5es#

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    COLL$0,O0: $ was with my wi"e in a 'ar 'rash. 7$LL: Kied+COLL$0,O0: 0o. 6e dior'ed. %ight hae hadsomething to do with it. 1his is een worse in away.

     7$LL: 6orse+COLL$0,O0: / iing person in that pain# you'an try to hep them. 8ere — you 'an’t. (7i'oers her "a'e! # — $’m going to be ery odand stu;y and say drop the whoe thing.

     7$LL: 0o.COLL$0,O0: $" you reay see something it mustmean — e3tra sensitiity.

     7$LL: $’m a medium+COLL$0,O0: 1hat makes it sound —

     7$LL: Kno'ks on the tabe# one "or yes# two "orno.COLL$0,O0: $’m serious.

    BROCK   (to ,tew!: et a Coy’s data on @e./nd stand by to take rea time "rom ne3t door.,16 (swit'hing on his teeprinter!: Okay.BROCK : 7i# 'an you start bo'king somethingout+ 8euristi' stu;# reay wid+ (8e gan'es atthe tape storage units! 1hose won’t tou'h it.Book time on the 'entra 'omputer. $" you needit# go through to Chi'ago. / in 'ode# Coy# itstays our itte se'ret.COLL$0,O0: 6ho pays+

    BROCK : 8imse". ,ure hed oe it i" he knew9(Coinson passes ,tew the od edger and apasti' "oder o" neaty typed notes! 2u re'ordo" the @rst @e years "rom PUQ. /so the pastsi3 months.,16: 6hat about the bit in between+ 1he oddeighty years+BROCK : 6e’e got a witness .../L/0: Cameras+ 6hat’s a this stu;+ 6hat’s it"or+BROCK : $ tod you — ignore it.

    /L/0: $ didn’t want to 'ome.BROCK : / "ew simpe mAs.BROCK: %ismo ugar+

     7$LL: 0o# no. (a apunta a 'entro de ahabita'iDn. $nstintiamente se ueen a mirare ugar! La ropa negra.))$: ,Dido+

     7$LL: ,# bastante sDido.BROCK: F,e estaba moiendo+

     7$LL: Creo

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    /L/0 (easiey!: 6e — we knew we weren’trighty meant —BROCK : 8ow many times+/L/0: $ dunno.BROCK : $n a year# say+/L/0: 1en times. / do>en.BROCK : 5ou said between UZV and UZZ./L/0: 5es.BROCK : %aybe a tota o" thirty isits+ (/annods. Bro'k turns to the nearest mi'rophone!et that# ,tew+,16: $ got it.BROCK ’, *O$C (through speaker!: 2is in themode a bit.BROCK : /nd you heard — rats+/L/0: ,ometimes.BROCK : Ony sometimes+/L/0: 0eary eery time# i" we waited.

    BROCK ’, *O$C (through speaker!: 0eary eerytime./L/0: 6e made these dares out o" it# see+ Odrats are dirty 'ustomers. 1hey’ go "or you. 6eused to "oo about a oer this house. ,mash itup a bit you know.BROCK : 5ou’re a 'ountry ad. 5ou know thesound rats make./L/0  (ignoring this!: $ re'kon we must haebust a the windows. Rea bad# we were. 4sed

    to see who 'oud @nd a pane o" gass sti whoeand — smash’ Cost you a ot to put tem ba'k#did it+ (8e is taking "aster# suddeny urgent! $better go now. 1here’ be troube i" don’t getba'k. 1hat od 'ow down there# she — (8ebreaks o;# istening. 1he others noti'esomething too. %audsey shiers. )ow tensesand makes a die "or the paraboi' reWe'tor. /o" them sense the 'hi: Bro'k ... ddie.../an! $re'kon $’ =ust get aong.

     7$LL (turning to ,tew!: $t’s there9 Can’t you hear

    it+/L/0: )on’t want to be — ike 7a'kie —BROCK : / right. $t’s oer.,R/01: 6hat happened# sir+BROCK : et some water — whisky — anything— (/s the sergeant hurries o;# he makes "or/an! 5ou neer went into that room. )id you+/L/0: $ did.BROCK : 5ou’re ying.

     7$LL: eter —

    y ma entiada y de'ir sotar toda a 'osa. 7$LL: 0o.COLL$0,O0: ,i reamente es ago [email protected]'ar - sensibiidad e3tra.

     7$LL: ,oy un medio+COLL$0,O0: so ha'e

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 5ou stayed at the door and istened. 5ou knew what it was. 7$LL: Leae him aone9BROCK : 5ou were a"raid o" it.

     7$LL: 6hy not+ 6hy shoudn’t he be+ $t’s anorma human rea'tion. 8e’s the sane one96e’re the "reaks9))$ (turning to Bro'k!: 0othing.

     7$LL: 6hat happened to 7a'kie+/L/0: h+

     7$LL: 5ou said =ust now —/L/0: 6e neer done nothing to him. $t was thedoor got stu'k. 1hat door.

     7$LL: 8e was inside the room+/L/0 (nodding!: 6e neer meant — we 'oudn’thep it# 'oud we+ (8is "a'e is suddeny su;usedwith guit! 8e’s a right# od 7a'kie.

     7$LL: )id he ... see it+

    /L/0 (a"ter a moment!: 8e made out it spoketo him. /nd then ... the others 'ome.

     7$LL ('hied!: Others+/L/0: 7ust his tak# see.

     7$LL: 6hat happened to him+/L/0: 8e’s a right. ot this =ob# hasn’t he+

     7$LL: Can $ meet him+/L/0: 6hat "or+ 8e don’t remember. (,hestares at him! 1hey took him up the County.

     7$LL: 6here+

    /L/0: 1he County. 5ou know. 1hey put himright. 1hey 'an do that. 8e don’t 'are a button#he =ust aughs. / the time. 8e’s a right.BROCK  ('aing!: 6ait a minute — $’ get a 'arto take you —

     7$LL (@er'ey!: Let him go9,R/01 (answering it!: Re'eption ... 5es# heis. (1o Bro'k! %r Ryan’s o&'e.BROCK : Bro'k ... Oh ... 8een# my oe# how areyou+...5es# we’re setting in ni'ey... (/armed!%'/ister+ But —that’s a been setted# there’s

    no !: Lena en emodeo un po'o.BROCK: F5 usted oyD - ratas+/L/0: / e'es.BROCK: ,Do a e'es+/L/0: Casi todas as e'es# si nos esperD.BROCK *OY (a tra?s de atao>!: Casi todasas e'es./L/0: 8i'imos estos atreimientos "uera de ?#Fes+ Ratas ie=as son 'ientes su'ios. *an a ir apor ti. ,e utii>D para engaEar sobre todo esta'asa. /pastar un po'o 'o

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    sin'e she died.BROCK : Guasi-i"e.

     7$LL: / right# her mente!: Gue se aya9,/R01O ('ontestara!: Re'ep'iDn ... ,# o es.(ara Bro'k! a [email protected]'ina de ,r. Ryan.BROCK: Bro'k ... Oh ... 8een# mi amor# F'DmoestAs ... ,# estamos instaarnos bien ...(aarmada! %'/ister+ ero -es todo ha sido

    arregado# no hay duda de - no hay sitio para ?a

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 5ou’e demoished her9 $ know you#oe# $ know how your mind works. 5ou’re onthe tra'k o" something that seres her up as aery dry dish indeed — and you "ee "unnyabout it. Come on. ie9

     7$LL (hesitanty!: $t’s =ust the @rst rough mode.(,he Wips a swit'h. / wide 'oi o" paper 'hattersand spis "rom the ine printer! $ took thesudden 'odness as basi'. / temperature dropo" at east three degrees or we woudn’t noti'eit.))$: 2air enough.

     7$LL: 1aking the oume o" air in that room —and arying times "rom ten to ninety se'onds —what we get is a power Wow between VQ andVQQ kiowatts a minute.))$: / heat pump.,16: / "urna'e in reerse9

     7$LL: eter you see what’s 'oming out there+8eat drawn rapidy "rom the surroundings and'on'entrated.))$: $onisation+BROCK : 8ot spots "orming in the air.))$: Like — @rebas.BROCK : Conerting into other "orms o" energy— sound waes — ight ... (doubt"uy! $t’d be

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    ,16: $ don’t buy it either. $’e neer "et 'odin there.

     7$LL: 0eer on'e+,16: 0ot a goose-pimpe.

     7$LL: But — you’re skinny. 5ou’re a naturashierer.,16: 5eah. 6rap up warm# ,tew# me mumaways says. (8e "rowns at his work! ,tru'kanother bug.

     7$LL: Okay. Re-run.BROCK : 8ow’s it going+ 1rying more ariabes+

     7$LL: 1here are some we missed.BROCK : ,u'h as+

     7$LL: 1he strength o" peope’s rea'tions.BROCK : 1o it+

     7$LL: erybody’s is di;erent. One hears hardyat a. 6hy+BROCK : $t’s what you’d e3pe't. ,trength o" 

    eyesight or hearing. 7$LL: 6hat about ,tew+,16: $ sti don’t get a thing.BROCK : Okay# you’re ghostproo". Like'oourbind.

     7$LL: ood. $’m running a "resh program. $’mgoing to put him in it.BROCK : 6hat+

     7$LL: $’m running ,tew in it as a parameter.,16: 2ame at ast.

    BROCK : 6hat’s the idea+ 7$LL: 8e’s [email protected]'ant.BROCK : 8ow+,16: )on’t mind me.

     7$LL: ,uppose ... ,tew was your ony witness. $nthat 'ase# woud she ... wak+ )’you see what $mean+ 6oud — she — wak — "or — him+

     7$LL: Look9 8/RR/*, sees it too.8/RR/*,  (pointing!: 1here it is9 (Bro'kabandons his thermograph. 8e sees nothing.

     1he steps are empty! $t was there9 Right there9

    ,ort o" 'reeping9 5ou must hae seen her9BROCK : 7ust you and 7i.))$ (bittery!: 0o warning9 (8e snat'hes upone o" his ba'k bo3es and breathes noisiy#angriy# on the eement. $t instanty ights up!Oh# it works now9

     7$LL: $ saw her "a'e this time. ,he’s"rightened...9BROCK ’, ,4$1 — L$*$0 G4/R1R,# 0$81

     7$LL: ,he’s running "rom something.

    %audsey: /ntiguo Louisa+ 7$LL: a no era ie=o# tena die'inuee aEos.BROCK: La has demoido9 1e 'ono>'o# amor# s?'Dmo "un'iona su mente. 4sted estA en a pistade ago hastanoenta de segundos - o

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 1he "ootsteps. 7$LL: /ways running.BROCK : robaby od 1asker 'oming to pin'h herbum. 1hree times round the tabe and the gir ismine# ha# ha.

     7$LL (emotionay!: ,he died9BROCK : $t’s reay getting to you. (1hat does it.,he rubs and dabs at her "a'e as tears startstreaming!...7i.

     7$LL: Oh# eter — to be a"raid ike that9BROCK : /re you a"raid+ O" a this+

     7$LL: 0o. $ don’t think so —BROCK : 6hat# then+

     7$LL (with di&'uty!: $t’s — the thought o" it. O" there being nothing e"t o" you but — =ustenough to repeat the worst moment o" your i"eoer and oer again9BROCK : 1hat doesn’t happen.

     7$LL: But i" it did — i" she knew —BROCK : Look# oe# we taked about it. 6e aagreed —

     7$LL: Coud there be anything there that knows+BROCK : 0ot in my book.

     7$LL: 7ust — a dead me'hanism+BROCK : 1hat’s a that’s e"t.

     7$LL: $t’s horribe. But it’s better than knowing. $'oudn’t bear it i" she knew9BROCK : / right# oe.

     7$LL: 1o be so aone —BROCK  (@rmy!: / right# that’s it. 5ou’e said itand got it oer. 5our moment o" superstition.

     7$LL: $t wasn’t.BROCK : 6hat you need is another drink. (8epi'ks up her empty gass. /s he goes to @ itthe phone rings! Oh# he9 (8e tries to ignore itbut it goes on ringing. 8e answers it! 8eo+Christine# daring# $ meant to ring be"ore butyou know N probems. 6e# something sightyinteresting "or on'e. $’ te you a about it

    when $ ... robaby tomorrow . (7i is on her "eet.8e Waps a detaining hand at her! Kids in bedare they+ ... $s she+ ie her my biggest kiss .../ what+ / drawing+ $ 'an’t wait. (7i makes "orthe door. 8is ba'k is turned and he doesn’tnoti'e! Listen# about Chu;y...was it inside thehoo"+ ... 6hat did the et say... +

     7$LL (a"ter a moment!: ,he’s about. $ 'an te...,R/01: %r %'/ister# sir.%C/L$,1R: 8eo# Bro'k. (1he hand he e3tends

    temperatura rApida - esta Ampara se en'iende.%edia do'ena en tota# a de rea''iDn de a gente.BROCK: ara

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    is# disturbingy# bright s'aret. ,o is his otherone! 3'use the red hands# $’e been doing dyetests# in ery inade. a estA asustada ...9,4$1 ) BROCK - *$*$0)O C4/R1O,# 0OC8

     7$LL: a estA huyendo de ago.BROCK: Las hueas.

     7$LL: ,iempre 'orriendo.BROCK: robabemente ie=o 1asker enir apei>'are e trasero. 1res e'es arededor de amesa y a 'hi'a es ma# =a# =a.

     7$LL (emo'ionamente!: a muriD9BROCK: s reamente egar a usted. (so oha'e. a "rota y to9BROCK: so no su'ede.

     7$LL: ero si o hi>o - si saba -BROCK: %ira# amor# habamos de eo. stamostodos de a'uerdo -

     7$LL: Fodra haber ago a . 1e oy a 'ontartodo sobre ? 'uando yo ... robabementemaEana. (7i estA en sus pies. I bate una manodeteniendo a sus niEos en a 'ama! son+ ... Fs

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 6hen it does ... that triumph o" oer-sophisti'ation wi 'ost nine hundred ni'ker perma'hine9 7ust to make9%C/L$,1R: 1hat’s a ie9BROCK : $’e seen the 'ostings.%C/L$,1R: 6here+ 6ho showed them to you+BROCK : uess. (Brogue! /h# we’ not beat oud0ippon with the ike o" this# at a# at a9%C/L$,1R ('hoking!: 8e woudn’t say that.BROCK : 8e did. 8e saw the point. 1his pa'e is"or "undamenta resear'h# not "or pat'hingduds.%C/L$,1R: 8e — he woudn’t hae sent medown here —BROCK : 2or me to te you. 5es# he woud. 8e’sgot a kind heart. $ haen’t. Right — 'hat oer.%C/L$,1R: 0o# isten to me —BROCK : 0o more time.

    %C/L$,1R: ease —%C/L$,1R: 5ou 'an’t possiby use a this —BROCK : $ 'an. $ need eery in'h.%C/L$,1R: $t’s ike Bu'kingham aa'e —BROCK : 2or a top-'ass resear'h team. 5ou see#$’ deegate eerything to them. 1hey’ 'arryout a tests. 1hat’s the right way. (8e gan'esdown the passage. 1he door o" the storageroom is shut and ddie is on guard outside it#ostensiby unpa'king something! 0ow# you’

    e3'use me i" $ don’t show you to your 'ar.,ergeant# wi you pease — 7$LL: 1he nature o" obsered reaity. 1hat’s whatthis program takes in.%/4),L5: Od phiosophy stu;.

     7$LL: $t might appy to her.BROCK : 8ow does that rhyme go ... +1here on'e was a man who said# od%ust think it e3'eedingy odd

     1hat the sy'amore treeContinues to be

    6hen there’s no one about in the Guad.))$: )oes she wak when there’s nobodythere+BROCK : 1hat’s it.))$: %akes a he o" a di;eren'e to thenumber o" times. / those years when thehouse was empty.,16: *ersion with added ,tewart.

     7$LL: Oh no. (Bro'k rips the ro o; $ to study iton his own! — $ didn’t spot that. $ shoud hae

    ea+ )ade mi mayor beso ... F4n uEa+ ... FGu? di=o e eterinario di'e ...+

     7$LL (despu?s de un momento!: stA a punto. 1epuedo de'ir ...,/R01O: ,r. %'/ister# seEor.%C/L$,1R: 8oa# Bro'k. (La mano . mpe>D 'onpan'has e?'tri'as.%C/L$,1R: Lo s?.BROCK: or supuesto

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    done. $ =ust didn’t spot the 'onne'tion.))$: Let’s hae it.BROCK  (e3'itedy!: $" this means anything —

     7$LL: Let’s start again.BROCK : 6hy+

     7$LL: $t’s wrong.BROCK : 6hy+

     7$LL: $t must be.BROCK : 0o. $ ike this. $t’s got the makings. $thas. (1o 7i! $t’s what you reay wanted. 5oushaped it this way.

     7$LL: $ didn’t —BROCK : 5ou 'oudn’t hep it# oe. 1he odintuition — right on the button.))$: 2or pity’s sake —BROCK : Beauti"uy simpe.

     7$LL: $’ run it again.))$: eter9

    BROCK : $t’s the room.))$: 6hat+BROCK : 7ust the room itse"# nothing ese. 5es#this is better# it has to be right.))$: eter# d’you mind teing —BROCK : 1here is no ... ghost.

     18 O18R,: But it’s there9 $ heard it9 $ saw it96hat’s he mean+BROCK : 1ry this "or si>e. $t hods an image —and when peope go in there they pi'k it up.

    6hat you hear or what you see is inside yourown brain9))$ ("rowning!: Oh no —BROCK : 1hat’d be why the sounds don’t e'hoand we 'an’t o'ate them. 1hat’ d be why theydon Tt re'ord. 0o ma'hine hears them.)O6: $ got them in my headphones.BROCK : 5ou got them in your head.))$: 6hat about the hot spots+BROCK : 2orget them# ddie.))$: $ mean# the whoe temperature thing —

    BROCK : 1here isn’t any.))$: Look# $ know when $’m 'od —BROCK : 1he body’s rea'tion — ike aergy# and

     =ust as an Jem. t'?tera# et'?tera.%C/L$,1R (manos ro=as eantada!: 1e a aha'er todo eso9BROCK: Cuando "un'iona.%C/L$,1R: ,e a9BROCK: Cuando o ha'e ...

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    o" what happened in there. /nd we pi'k it up.6e a't as dete'tors — de'oders — [email protected]))$: / re'ording.BROCK : $t’d hae to be in the stone.))$: $ wonder.8/RR/*,: ,ome kind o" natura pro'ess+)O6: But "reaky.BROCK : erhaps it ony o''urs under e3treme'onditions. ,ome kind o" — e3treme humanoutput. motion. 1error. /nd that prints o;.%/4),L5: Like — the shadows o" peope "romthe big bomb basts.)O6: 5es.))$: /nd we’re — sensitie to it.,16: 6hat about me+BROCK : 5ou+ 5ou’e got no payba'k# that’s a.,ome transistors missing. 5ou’re the e3'eptionto proe the rue# thank od. (8is grin grows

    wider! $’m waiting "or the new penny to drop. $" $’m right — this 'oud be it. 1he Big One9

     7$LL (

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    round 7i. 8e taps# an imaginary 'ontro on hertempe! Coronation ,treet9 (tap! )oube 5our%oney9 (tap! Come )an'ing9 (tap! 6ar andea'e\9 (tap! orn Channe One9 (tap! ornChanne 1wo’

     7$LL: $’m going madBROCK : 1hat’s a right — (tap! — Channe Q#8ome )o'tor9 (tap! oiti'a Laugh-$n9 (tap! 1he8ard-Core ,how9 (tap! 4rban ueria’s )o-$t-

     5ourse" —8/RR/*,: 8i# isten —BROCK : Come on# et’s hae it98/RR/*,: 0o# the phone — it’s ringing —BROCK : 8eo+ 6ho+ 5es# Bro'kspeaking9...8een — =ust a se'ond. (ressing ahod button# he turns to the others! ,hut up abit.BROCK : Okay# put him on ... 8eo# atri'k ...

    2ine# @ne. $’e been meaning to ring you. $ tod%'/ister the "a'ts o" i"e this morning# as $gathered you wanted me to ... Oh# has he+ . . .ie him time# it’ sink in. 5es. . . yes ... it’swhat you’e aways said# "undamenta resear'hor nothing. (/ pause. 8e suddeny ooks grey!But surey ... we setted a that. atri'k. . Butook here — (8e suddeny has no 'hoi'e. 8e hasto pay the 'ard! atri'k# the proo" o" it ... isten#though ... ease wi you isten to me9 $ think

    we’e got it9 6e — the Big One9 ()eightede3'amations at the other end. 8e grins#'[email protected]'e 'oming ba'k "ast! 5es9 5es9COLL$0,O0: $t’s 'aed Kentish rag.BROCK : Kentish what+COLL$0,O0: Rag.BROCK : 7oke time’s oer.COLL$0,O0: / right# ragstone. $t’s a kind o" greensand.BROCK : $s it rare+COLL$0,O0: ood grie"# no. $t’s been

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


     7$LL: 0o.,16: 1hink there is one+

     7$LL: $t’s beginning to ook... as i" he’s right.COLL$0,O0: Crumby stu;. 1hat’s why theystopped using it in the end. 1his was weweathered.BROCK : enetrated.COLL$0,O0: )eepy. /gae — mouds —ba'teria a'tion. 1hey a 'ome into it.BROCK : 1he protein medium# ddie+))$: %aybe.BROCK : 6e 'hased that "or a ong time too.8/RR/*,: $ saw it again. / "ra'tion o" ase'ond.COLL$0,O0: $ seemed to be getting words.BROCK : 6ords —8/RR/*,: 5es# $ wondered too.COLL$0,O0: Coudn’t make them out.

    BROCK : *ibration. (turning! /re you game to goon+))$: 0ow+ 5es.BROCK : /s ong as it takes. 7i+ ,tew+ ,ha wemake a night o" it+,16’, *O$C (through speaker!: Okay# ete.

     7$LL’, *O$C (through speaker!: 6hat do youwant to do+BROCK : et 'ontro.

     7$LL (shaken!: 0ot yet — how 'oud we possiby

    — +BROCK ’, *O$C (through speaker!: 1he essen'eo" e3periment# 7iy. ut it to the proo"9BROCK : 2rea deuna idea9 odra ser e Big One9COLL$0,O0: H)ios mo9BROCK: stoy seguro de eo# e amor9 CuantomAs o saaBROCK: 0o hay de \9 (gri"o! orno 4n 'ana9 (gri"o!orno )os Channe J

     7$LL: *oy o'oBROCK: so estA bien - (gri"o! - Cana Q# 8ome)o'tor9 (gri"o! oti'a Laugh-$n9 (gri"o! 8ard-Core ,how9 (gri"o! de uerria 4rbana )o-$t-

     5ourse" -8argraes: 8oa# es'u'ha -

    BROCK: *amos# amos a tener

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    BROCK : 0ot be'ause o" anything we did. $tdidn’t reate. $t’s got to reate# ddie. (8e ooksround the wearying "a'es! Okay# break "or tenminutes. 6e’ get more 'o;ee up. 7ust anotherhour# i" we don $ t get anything by then —Bearwith me+8/RR/*, (gumy!: 5ou’re the 'aptain.

     7$LL: $ think you’re right. $t’s a ibration thing.BROCK : $ know it is.

     7$LL: But — eter# it’ take huge programs toanayse it.BROCK : O" 'ourse.

     7$LL: $’d ike to deeop them.BROCK : 2ine.

     7$LL: 1hen why this — tonight+BROCK : $ want to pu the trigger# =ust on'e. Orwhat the he are we into — a tape that onypays ba'k when it "ees ike it+

     7$LL: 5ou =ust 'an’t say that —BROCK : $’e got to know9

     7$LL: eter# $ don’ t think any o" us is paabras.BROCK: aabras -

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    eter# not to meBROCK : 6hat the he — +

     7$LL (peering!: 1hat’s not — 'omputer anguage.BROCK : $t’s your 'ode number. 5ou "ed it in.

     7$LL: 0o —BROCK : 5ou must hae done.

     7$LL: 1here are words. 1hey might be words. ,ee— pray.,16: ,ou. 1hat’s sou there.

     7$LL: ray. rayer.8/RR/*,: $t’s in the 'omputer9BROCK : 0o —8/RR/*,: $t is9 $t is9 $t’s in there9BROCK : 5ou boody "oo9 7i pi'ked up thewords9 5ou got words yourse" — that’s how itworks9 $ tod you.))$ (whispering!: 1here it is —BROCK  (a"ter a moment# insaney!: Come when

    $ te you9 7$LL: $t’s di;erent.BROCK  (numbed!: h+

     7$LL: ,he’s gone.BROCK : 6hat dyou mean+

     7$LL: Competey. $ 'an te.))$: $’ te you what he’s done9 )’you knowwhat he’s done+ 8e’s wiped the tape9BROCK  (mumbing!: 1hanks ... we’ eae it atthat. %ight try ...another run tomorrow.

     7$LL: Run what+ ,he’s gone9,R/01: %orning# %iss reeey — or shoud $say good a"ternoon+

     7$LL: $t’s up to you. (%onitors are being wheeedaong the passage "rom the storage room.Coinson is in 'harge. 7i’s ook is a !: %uy bien#ete.

     7$LL L/ *OY (a tra?s de atao>!: FGu? segundos.BROCK: ... 5 otros die>.BROCK: F5 bien+

     7$LL: /n no disponemos de datos [email protected]'ientes.BROCK: stamos re'ibiendo datos todo etiempo# y a 'onstru''iDn. sto"ado -BROCK: *oer a os pasos. LAser 'on e sonidoBROCK: Cut them.BROCK: Corre'to. =e'utar e nmero ]. LAsermAs 'in'o e3posiones por segundo.

    ))$: eter# Fde a!: 4sted es e 'apitAn.

     7$LL: Creo Dn. s una 'osa de aibra'iDn.BROCK: ,?

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    "a't that may turn out to be it a"ter a. $ =ust'an’t gie a te'hni'a e3panation right now...O" 'ourse $ wi# atri'k. O" 'ourse. ood bye.BROCK : )on’t say — anything9 $t’s oer# it’[email protected] $" $ 'an =ust wak away "rom this one —9 (worriedy! 8e $s a "unny man# you neer .O F

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    ,16: 0o# oe — not today. 7$LL: 6hat+,16: 1he big inasion. %'/ister.BROCK : /t east he’s not getting this.COLL$0,O0: 8e’ be @ne in the other wing.BROCK  (with satis"a'tion!: $t’s @thy damp.BROCK : 7i# ook at this. Lo'ation o" the store-'ore units —

     7$LL: $ want to show you something. 2rom theother night —BROCK  (warding o; the print-out!: Oh no. 0o9

     7$LL: 1he words —BROCK : $ don’t want to see. $ don’t want toknow9COLL$0,O0: 7i9BROCK : et her out o" this —

     7$LL: 5ou didn’t hear it9 (Coinson amost 'arriesher out into the passage! $t was di;erent — this

    was di;erent9 $t’s not her — it’s something ese9eter — 9BROCK  (@rmy!: 5ou’ hae to keep out o" thisroom. $t’s the asso'iations.

     7$LL: $t isn’tBROCK : ,tay out o" it.

     7$LL: Let me te youBROCK : 1hings went too "ar. %y "aut# $ know itwas.

     7$LL: $" you’ ony —

    BROCK : 0ow you’e got to rest. 4nwind. ohome and take it easy. 6e 'an’t hae you'ra'king up.

     7$LL: eter —BROCK : 6i you do that "or me+ (8e gan'es athis wat'h! 1ime9COLL$0,O0 (a9 ,?

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    COLL$0,O0: 8e knows about it.*$C/R: Oh.COLL$0,O0: 6e had the do'uments. PUV.*$C/R: 6hen+ Oh# no.COLL$0,O0: $t was.*$C/R: ]_Q.

     7$LL: ]_Q+ 1he house wasn’t buit then.*$C/R: $ndeed not. 1here was =ust — some sorto" ruin here. 0eertheess there’d been —'ompaints# so — a seri'e was per"ormed.Guite useess# apparenty — that’s i" you a''eptthere had been anything there in the @rstpa'e ...))$: 7i# what about ta'king mine+

     7$LL: ie me a 'han'e.))$: 6hat is this+ (8e ooks oer hershouder! 2or od’s sake9 )on’t et eter seethat. 6e’e got work to do.  7$LL  (promising!:

    ,oon# ddie.,16: 6e+

     7$LL: $t’s the 'on'ept o" a tape that’s wrong. $t’smore ike a great depth — a 'ore —,16: 1he stone.

     7$LL: 8e erased her. But she was ony in thesur"a'e ayer# the most re'ent.,16: PUQ re'ent9

     7$LL: 1here’d be mu'h oder impressionsunderneath. %u'h deeper.

    ,16: 8ow "ar are you trying to go ba'k+ 7$LL: / ong way...%C/L$,1R: $ must hae an o&'e.BROCK  (unhep"uy!: )o what $ 'an —%C/L$,1R: $ hae a great dea o" paper work.BROCK  (meany!: Costing+

     7$LL: eter — hae you got a moment+BROCK   (. Con ta de

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    this about a ghost.))$: Oh# be 'are"u —,16: )on’t worry# $ was.))$: 7i —

     7$LL: Coy — they’re sti working on that room9COLL$0,O0: $’m gad to say.

     7$LL: 0obody thinks there’s anything wrong+COLL$0,O0: 0ot ... now. (8e gets up# disturbedby her e3pression! 7i —

     7$LL: 1here must be a... de'ay.COLL$0,O0: O" what+ 7i# what de'ay+

     7$LL: 6hateer’s ... stored in the stone. 1here'ording. Otherwise ... it’d be ike perpetuamotion# an impossibiity. $t woud hae to ...'orrode and ose [email protected] ong enoughtime it woud hae to. But then i" you boosted it—(shriy! Coy# $ think that’s what he’s done9COLL$0,O0: Boosted+

     7$LL: ,ome deep-ee re'ord# mu'h oder. ,o odand...shapeess ...COLL$0,O0: 7i# there’s nothing.

     7$LL: $ know there is.COLL$0,O0: Remember $’m on your side.

     7$LL: 5ou’re not any onger9COLL$0,O0: ,it down and et’s tak —

     7$LL: /m $ the ony one+ /m $+COLL$0,O0: 7i —%C/L$,1R: — 2u "a'iities9 $’ a''ept nothing

    ess9 /nd you 'an =ust stu; that up your — upyour — er — and —and — and —BROCK  (to the se'retary!: et out. %ake some'o;ee.

     7$LL: $’e got to tak to you.BROCK : $" it’s what $ think —

     7$LL: en i" it is.BROCK : 5ou won’t gie up# wi you9 5ou startedthis whoe thing and you keep it going9 5ou’redetermined to9 5ou’re getting to en=oy it9

     7$LL: n=oy — 9

    BROCK : Oh# not heathy yum-yum en=oy. ,omepeope ike to destroy peope# 7iy# and you’returning into one. $" you 'an’t take me "rom my"amiy# it’s got to be destru'tion9

     7$LL: $t’s not true9BROCK : 1hat 'reature that =ust went out o" here— that baboon with the dyed hands — he’s gothis "oot on my ne'k9 1hrough you9

     7$LL  (desperatey! : eter — you were rightabout the re'ording. (2or a spit se'ond he

    4$,O: 0o# e amor - no hoy. 7$LL: FGu?+4$,O: La gran inasiDn. %'/ister.BROCK: / menos no estA ha'iendo esto.COLL$0,O0: starA bien en a otra aa.BROCK ('on satis"a''iDn!: stA su'io y hmedo.BROCK: 7i# mira esto. 4bi'a'iDn de asunidades de ama'enamiento bAsi'os -

     7$LL: Guiero mostrarte ago. )esde a otra no'he-BROCK (guardia de a 'opia impresa!: HOh# no.H0o9

     7$LL: Las paabras -BROCK: no

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    seems to be istening to her! 1here are morethings on it.BROCK : Oh no.

     7$LL: $ 'an proe it.BROCK : ,weetie# you’re into "antasies.

     7$LL: 5ou’e got to isten9BROCK : 4ness we’re 'are"u you 'oud get erysi'k. 5ou’re going on eae. 2or a month — no#make it two months# starting now.

     7$LL: $ 'an’t —BROCK : ,tew 'an take oer# he knows the'omputer. /nd he’s — eeheaded. 8e’s up toit.

     7$LL: eter —BROCK : 8ome and rest now...COLL$0,O0: 7i9 $ saw the ight. 6hat are youdoing+

     7$LL: $ think someone ese did know about this.

    COLL$0,O0: 6ho+ 7$LL: Louisa.BROCK ’, ,4$1 — O22$C# 0$81BROCK  (in'reduousy!: /t this hour+COLL$0,O0  (ed!: 7ust ike that+ 7ust — go.BROCK : 6hat ese+ $" you "ee strongy about it— go with her9 $n "a't $ think you shoud# you’ebeen under a bit o" strain here# a this e3trawork# you’re due "or a —COLL$0,O0: 1ake 7i+BROCK : / spot o" eae’s what you both need#so why not# the pair o" you+ et it a out o" your system—

     7$LL (s'reams!: eter9

     7$LL: 8ep me9 8ep N 9%C/L$,1R: 6hat was it+COLL$0,O0: /''identa death. %'/ister gies asour sni;.%C/L$,1R: By the by# Bro'k — thoseenironment boys were ba'k# ooking "or you.BROCK  (duy!: Oh.%C/L$,1R: Capping a preseration order onthat room# are they+))$: eased with the erdi't+

    *$C/R$O: ,.COLL$0,O0: I o sabe.*$C/R$O: Oh.COLL$0,O0: 1enamos os do'umentos. PUV.*$C/R$O: FCuAndo+ Oh# no.COLL$0,O0: ra.*$C/R$O: ]_Q.

     7$LL: ]_Q+ La 'asa no se 'onstruyD enton'es.*$C/R$O: n reaidad no. ,Do haba - unaespe'ie de ruina a

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    ))$: 6hy did you hae to say a that+ /bouther+BROCK : 8er menta state. 1hey had to know.))$: )id they+BROCK : Look# it wasn’t =ust the "a that did it#they knew that.,16: 1hey said sho'k.BROCK : Compete aga inhibition. 1hat’s when-your whoe system pa'ks up. ,he brought it onherse".))$: $’ =ust get my 'oat# ,tew.,16: Okay.COLL$0,O0 (

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    about the room. (Bro'k ooks aong thepassage! 2ee okay now# sir+BROCK : 5es. 1hanks. 5ou 'an go.,R/01: 1hank you# sir. ood night# sir.BROCK  (whispers!: 7i.

    /gunas personas es gusta destruir a a gente# 7iy# y

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    Conseguir todo "uera de su sistema- 7$LL (grita!: eter9 7$LL: H/ydame9 /yuda -9%C/L$,1R: FCDmo "ue+COLL$0,O0: %uerte a''identa. %'/ister da unresopido amargo.%C/L$,1R: or 'ierto# Bro'k - esos mu'ha'hosentorno "ueron ha'ia atrAs# bus'ando.BROCK (d?bimente!: Oh.%C/L$,1R: /paudir una orden de'onsera'iDn en esa habita'iDn# Ferdad+))$: ,atis"e'ho 'on e eredi'to+))$: For

  • 8/9/2019 The Stone Tape Dialogo


    debera ha'er 'ua