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Present Perfect Continous

( G R O U P 9 )Present Perfect Continous TENSEAnanda Hanna P.Intan Ridar SeptiantariMilena AmaliaTifany Sukmaning PribadiClass: X A

Present perfect continous tense is a form verb that has been use to declare an act that has been done or in some point in the past and keep continously happen until now.What is Present Perfect Continous?

The formula of present perfect continousPresent perfect continous tense was made with auxiliary verb of have or has , been, and present participle (V1 + ing).Have : I, you, we, theyHas : she, he, it

Type of WordFormulaExamplePositive (+)S + have/has + been + V1-ingShe has been drivingThe toodlers have been sleepingNegative (-)S + have/has + not + been + V1-ingShe has not been drivingThe toodlers have not been sleepingIntrogative (?)Have/has + S + been + V1-ingHas she been driving?Have the toodlers been sleeping?

The present perfect continous tense below is used to show an act that has been done in some point in the past, follow by the relevation with current condition

1. The construction labors are thirsty since they have been removing the scaffoldings2. Mandy feels full as shes been eating a half of the tart3. I have been working with my computer all day and now I want some food

Another Example

The present perfect continous tens below is used to show an act that has been done in the past but still happen until now1.Ive been driving a car through the rain for an hour2.The passangers have been waiting for the next flight since this morningThe present perfect continous tense below is used to declare an act that has recently finish or done- It has just been snowing in Japan

THE TEST OF PRESENT PERFECT CONTINOUS TENSE1.How long .... we been doing this house?a.Have c.Hadb.Has d.Having2.The correct sentence according to Present Perfect Continous is?a.She had been waiting for meb.She have waiting for mec.They has been waiting for herd.She has been waiting for me

The test of present perfect continous tenseRead the text below!! Choose the correct answers for this text(3-5) She is sleeping in her room when all of the sudden strange noises comes from her backyard, all of the noises makes her so scare because she were the only living person in the house, so she goes to check what was the caused of the problem and suddenly boom! Out of no where, she sees the shadows of strange creatures, suddenly someone touches her shoulder and she instantly screams! It wasnt she . Turns out it was her cousins who has made jokes on her!

The test of present perfect continous tense3.a. I c.They b. She d.Intan4. a.Had been c.Has been b.Have been d.have5.a.Have,been,playing b.had,been,played c.has,been,playing d.have,been,played GOOD LUCK>>>>>>>!!!