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INN London is a major public event held once a year, promoting modern international culture to 240,000 visitors live in the heart of London and a further 134 million OTS worldwide. INN are curators of cities. We will transport one key city each year from the BRICT superpowers
to London to share the city’s cultural and creative being via art, fashion, design, architecture, food, drink, stories, street culture, and more. INN begins this year with the young, dynamic, highly educated, astonishingly creative, hi-tech Istanbul and progresses to Shanghai, Mumbai, Moscow and São Paulo over the next 4 years. INN offers partners and sponsors an unrivaled association with: art, fashion, architecture, design, technology, communications, research, international best business practice, research, locations and a ‘black book’ of international talent.
 We offer partners a unique connection with, and understanding of the world's powerhouse economies.

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2. INN London Limited was establishedto showcase the heart and soul of a foreigncity in both a physical event space andonline eco-system_Who we are Copyright INN London 2010 3. INN DIGITAL INN CONTENTINN EVENTINN SCHEDULE INN EXPOSUREAPPSEXHIBITIONSARCHITECTURE TOTAL OPPORTUNITIES - CITY GUIDESPRESS PREVIEWSTO SEE (OTS)BLOGAPPS ART - 138,740 000 MILLION - UNITED KINGDOM - GUEST CITY PRIVATE VIEWSDESIGN - WORLDWIDEPARTNERSHIPSBESPOKE PR CAMPAIGN - 90 MILLION OTSFACEBOOKCATALOGUE GALA LAUNCHEDUCATION - UNITED KINGDOM POSTER CAMPAIGNS - GUEST CITY - WORLDWIDEEDUCATIONFASHIONEXHIBITS- 6 SHEET POSTER- 48 SHEET POSTERGALA CLOSEMAILERFORMATS (TV) FILM LAUNCHES 9.6 MILLION OTS - UNITED KINGDOM - GUEST CITY FOOD PRINT CAMPAIGN - WORLDWIDEAFFILIATE SCHEMES CLIENT EVENINGS MEDIA - 9 MILLION OTSNETWORK CSRGEOGRAPHYQ&A ONLINE MEDIA - UK/WORLDWIDE - PARTNERS CHARITY AUCTION - 20 MILLION OTS - CURATORS CULTURE CALENDAR HISTORYSCREENINGS - MEMBERSTVLIMITED EDITIONSCORPORATE EVENTS INDUSTRY TALKS/ PANELS - 200, 000 OTSTWITTER- ART - UNITED KINGDOM - GUEST CITY - DESIGN - FASHION LITERATURE WORKSHOPS MEDIA PARTNERS - 9 MILLION OTS - WORLDWIDE - MUSIC - PHOTOCORPORATE - PRINTHOSPITALITYMUSICRETAIL PARTNERSSHOP - POSTER - EDITIONS- 500,000 OTS - ART PHOTOGRAPHY - DESIGN CITY GUIDES DEBATES FOOTFALL - FASHION - ART - MUSIC - PRINT - WEB- DESIGN THEATRE - 240,000 - PHOTO - APP- FASHION - PRINT- INTERNATIONAL CULTURE - POSTER - INDUSTRY TRADE_What we are 4. INNs philosophy is toeducate, inspire andengage an audience viaculture, helping to dispelmyth and clich,showcasing a citys truebeing and character Copyright INN London 2010 5. A dedicated foundation will benefitfrom the organisation, with a shareof profits donated to the citizens oftomorrow, both in London and ourshowcased cities_The INN Foundation 6. Over the next five yearsINN will showcase:IstanbulShanghaiMumbaiSo PauloMoscow Copyright INN London 2010 7. The inauguralevent willcelebrateIstanbulfor a month-longperiod inLondons stunningVictoria House_The Event Location 8. Offering an expanded virtual festival, anonline community linking the London andIstanbul creative communities, a blog, onlineshop and an archive for online learning_The Eco-system 9. _A continuation of Istanbuls position asEuropean Capital of Culture 2010_A thriving cultural, artistic and designscene little known outside of Istanbul itself_An opportunity to expand on the UKsexisting strong trade links with Turkey_Why Istanbul 10. EMI Burhan Doganay Post Dial Ersinhan Ersin Emel KuTamer Koseli Once Upon a time on my Street Ahmet BaytarGoodoubetsMUSICIstanbul Foundation for Culture & ArtsDESIGN FASHIONHussain Chalayan Can Su Boguslu Haci BekirRestaurant 29Osep Minasoglu ISTANBULISTANBULLatife TekinElif-Safak INN Mehmet Murat Somer Orhan PamukJohn Sco Nuri Bilge Ceylon PHOTOGRAPHY Emre nel FOODLONDONKr at Ba ar Buket Uzuner LITERATURE Zeynep FadilliogluARTNuri Bilge Ceylon Art Biennial FILMIstanbul Modern Istanbul Fishmarket1001 Istanbuls in My Binoculars Isil zgentrk ARCHITECTURE Rodeo Istanbul Barobu In Praise of Shadows Sylvia Kouvali 11. Istanbuls art scene hasexploded over recent years,with events such as theBiennale and ContemporaryIstanbul establishing thecity a firm foothold on theworld art map, whilst apanoply of galleries haveemerged, ranging from smallindependents up to GarantiBanks vastPlatform space.Working with our artisticBanubirecikligil @ Gallery X-istBalkan Naci Islimyeli @ Istanbul Modernpartner IKSV (IstanbulFoundation for Balkan Naci IslimyeliContemporary Arts);Istanbul Modern and thecitys leading independentgalleries, INN will bring aselection of the best ofContemporary Art toLondon, providing aplatform for existing andemerging talent toshowcase their work toan international audience,much of it being showedin the UK for the first time. Extra Struggle Gokce Celikel @ Galleri NonEsra BasibuyukUfuk Atan @ Milk Gallery 000 000Istanbul INN LondonART WEEK 12. Now in its 4th edition,Istanbul Fashion week hasstarted to garner worldwideattention,with a slew ofemerging designers lookingto break onto the worldstage. Whilst severalTurkish designers havealready become householdnames, a new wave ofdesigners and boutiques areheralding a thriving anddynamic scene. Bora Aksu Hussein ChalayanDice KayekINN will chart the recentprogress of the Istanbulfashion scene, showcasingsome of its leading lights,and running a series of talksand panels, catwalk showsand pop-up boutiquesduring a dedicated weekwhich will assemble talentwith UK investors andindustry advisers.YazbukeyAhmet Baytar Emre nal Fashion PhotographyVogue TurkeyIstanbul INN LondonFASHION WEEK 13. Istanbuls architecturescene is thriving againsta backdrop of a a rapidlyexpanding city, attractingboth internationaltalent into the city, aswell as developinghomegrown talent forthe international market.House Hotel by Autoban Autoban Aziz SariyerLeading design collectives TEGET ARCHITECTURAL OFFICE was established by two architects, Mehmetsuch as Autoban, Ilya andKtkolu and Ertu Uar, in Istanbul in the early 2000s. Teget has been involved substantially with the generation of form and abstract geometricDerin are names to watch structures in parallel with global tendencies in architecture. Their approach is more like theme and variations combining the environmental approach and modernism with geometric rationalism. One can say that there is alwayson the world stage, both atsomething unidentifiable in the geometries of Tegets work which is intuitive and personal.Tamer Koselishows such as MilansDerinSalone Mobile as well as viacollaborations with brandssuch as De La Espada. TabanliogluINN will showcase emergingconcepts, products, andprojects, offering architectsand designers the chanceto discuss their work andinvestigate commercial andinvestment opportunities Derinwith UK investors,developers and retailers. Tamer Koseli & Banane MagIznik TilesErtug UarIstanbul INN LondonDESIGN WEEK 14. Istanbuls location andhistory have ensured that ithas developed into a uniquecultural hub. StraddlingEast and West, as well as thetraditional and modern, theresultant amalgam hasensured a rich and variedcultural scene.INN will provide a snapshotof the best creativity andculture Istanbul has to offer. Zeynep Tanbay Dans Projesi Mehmet Murat Somer Semih Kaplanoglus Honey Elif-SafakTalks, debates, Q&As, films,shows introducing talentranging from prize-winningauthors to suburban hip-hopscenes; modern danceto theatre; street art tostories from the citizensthemselves to offer a trueinsight into the incrediblecity that is Istanbul.Krat BaarArcola TheatreReha Erdems KosmosIstanbul INN LondonCONTEMPORARY WEEK 15. From the simplicity ofSardines hauled in freshfrom the Bosphorusthrough to intricatelyspiced meats, Istanbulsculinary landscapereflects an eclectic blendof influences from bothEast and West; ancientSpice Marketand modern.INN will offer a sampleof these delights, working Haci Bekirwith key restaurants inIstanbul to curate tastermenus, whilst several ofthe citys renownedmixologists will craftcocktails, and a selection Mikla RestaurantUlus29of award-winningTurkish wines willprovide more thansuitable accompaniment.Mehmet Gurs LuccaIstanbul INN LondonFOOD WEEKENDS 16. Istanbuls contemporarymusic scene offers a broadspectrum of sounds andstyles ranging from Turkishpsychedelia to techno; fromdance to disco re-edits.Reflecting the citys ownheritage, much of themusic is still inspired by,and rooted in traditionalinstrumentation,whilst several composersare pushing musical Post Dial/Topkapi music IKSV instituteSinan Bokesoyboundaries usingmodern technologies.INN will present live gigs,club nights and workshopsfrom the citys emergenttalent - the majority ofwhom will be making theirUK dbut.123Cem Mansur GoodoubetsIstanbul INN LondonMUSIC WEEKENDS 17. PLANNED PROGRAMMEMONDAY TUESDAYWEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYSATURDAYSUNDAYGOLD SPONSORINN SPONSORS Taste of IstanbulTaste of IstanbulAuction Gala OpeningPress Preview Friends & FamilyGilles Peterson Howie B presents: & AmbassadorSinan BkesoyPreview presents: Istanbul Istanbul Reception Taste of IstanbulTaste of IstanbulBritish Council HusseinFASHIONFashion Conference LCF & Moda ChalayanVogue present:Liberty of London: Fashion Fusion:Fashion closingWEEK 1Gala Evening academy and Frieze Istanbul INN London Ahmet BaytarClub vs. catwalk party: Goudoubets Live 123 LiveART Arts Council Istanbul Modern Taste of IstanbulTaste of Istanbul Galeri Pi IKSV ALAN GalleryWEEK 2 Arts Conference present showcaseBiennale showcaseArt & Music partyArt WeekGala EveningIstanbul Art Today Balkan Beatsclosing partyDESIGN Design Council RIBA presents:Banan MagDesign Council Taste of IstanbulTaste of IstanbulWEEK 3 Design Conferencepresent: DERIN present:Zeyneppresent: Creative ReviewDesign Week Gala EveningAziz SariyerFadilliogluErsinhan Ersin Ilio design vs. Banan Magclosing party in conversationCONTEM British Council Cornucopia ECOC:Taste of Istanbul Kulturturizm Krsat BasarPORARY Film/Theatre/present: present: presents: Once upon Topkapi Music Charity AuctionWEEK 4Literature ConferenceContemporary a time in my showcase: Turkish CuisineSupper club live Gala EveningIstanbul street RevoltersWEEKLY INN WEEKEND INNMonday INN: Trade & creative conferences Friday/Saturday night INN: Live music & Club nightDaytime INN: Youth education & workshops, professional seminars, panels & forums.Saturday/Sunday INN: Families, food, shopping and entertainmentEvening INN: Talks, debates, lms, shows, theatre, music, food, shopping Programme subject to conrmation & change 18. Victoria House is centrallylocated in London andneighbours Londons top touristattraction The British Museum(6million visitors p.a.)VH 19. The physical exhibitionwill be installed over2,500m in Londonsstunning Victoria House_Coffee Shop_Art & Photography Gallery_Bazaar/Shop ar