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  • GreenwashingDeceptive eco-advertising and its prevalence in the home appliance industry.

  • What s Greenwashing?Deceptive or misleading advertisingDesigned to make products appear more Eco-Friendly

  • The History of GreenwashingThe term first appeared in the 1970sCoined by Jay WesterfieldCombination of green and whitewashBegan in response to the 1960s environmental movement

  • Greenpeaces Greenwash CriteriaDirty BusinessAd BlusterPolitical SpinIts the Law, Stupid!

  • The Seven Sins of GreenwashingSin of the Hidden Trade-offSin of No ProofSin of VaguenessSin of Worshipping False LabelsSin of IrrelevanceSin of The Lesser of Two EvilsSin of Fibbing

  • Sin of The Hidden Trade-OffClaiming that a product is green based on a narrow set of attributes, while ignoring others.Example: O.B. Claims their tampons will save one pound of waste per woman, but do not factor in the chemicals used to manufacture them.

  • Sin of No ProofA claim about a product that cant be supported by evidenceExample: Diapers claiming to contain a certain % of recycled materials.

  • Sin of VaguenessA claim that is too broad or not legally definedExample: All-Natural products

  • Sin of Worshipping False LabelsCompanies that create fake 3rd-Part endorsementsExample: Magazines paid to evaluate products

  • Sin of Irrelevance A claim that may be truthful but is unhelpfulExample: CFC-Free

  • Sin of the Lesser of Two EvilsA product that is only green in comparison to other products in the categoryExample: Organic Cigarettes

  • Sin of FibbingOutright liesExample: Companies falsely claiming to be energy-star certified

  • Genuine Green Labels

  • Home AppliancesRefrigerators, Washers, Toaster, Air Conditioners.....We all have themHard/Impossible to Realize Greenwashing

  • Example 1: SamsungRead everything carefullyDon't believe everything you read or seeSymbols don't always mean somethingEvery Award is different

  • Example 2: LGResearchCompare Multiple TestsDon't believe what they sayLook into the history of the company, were they caught before?

  • Example 3: GEPromises are promises, nothing moreMoney means nothing, I can markup anythingCompanies don't need to give you the whole story. They can leave parts out that make huge differences.

  • Lowes-- Improving Homes?

    Selling Greenwashed products is only fueling the Greenwashing epidemicNeeds to Re-think Objectives

  • Honest AND Eco-Friendly

    Adopt policy of honestyShare information on true green appliances and their companiesFocus advertising on just those products

  • Benefits Reassure customers

    Improve sales

    Better the image of the company for the future