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Presentation by Tracey King at the Energising South East Asia Conference, March 2010 on Greenwashing

Transcript of Greenwashing Presentation

  • 1. Honesty in
    Green Marketing
    Tracey King
    Brand consultant

2. Great brands
Stand for something
Have a point of difference
A reason for being greater than afunctional purpose
build emotional connections
3. Attitudes to climate change & green
100% of Generation Y believe climate change is real
91% of Generation X believe climate change is real
50% of Australians believe it is caused by humans
60%dont want to pay more than an extra 10% for green
McCrindle Research,Attitudes to Climate Change, 2010
4. 5. Insights
Everything that is not environmentally friendly should cost more
and all things good for the environment
should cost less.
I believe environmentally friendly items should
be cheaper so everyone can buy them.
If they were we could all do a lot more.
McCrindle Research,Attitudes to Climate Change, 2010
6. 7. Spotto
8. Greenwashing
Making environmental marketing claims
that are not true or are
stretching the truth
9. 10. Agencies be careful
Clients may not be telling you the truth
11. LG
Caught Greenwashing
12. Australian Paper sourcing paper from native forests
13. 14. 15. 16. Audi clean diesel
View the video -
17. Six sins of Greenwashing
Hidden tradeoffs suggesting it is green basedon a narrow set of attributeseg recycled paper
Lack of proof lack of tangible evidence eg % of post consumer waste
Vague claims eg all natural, could be uranium or arsenic but still dangerous
Irrelevant claims CFC free products
The lesser of two evils organic cigarettes
Outright lies false claims, eg energy rating
Terrachoice, 2009
18. 19. Problem green words
environmentally friendly
environmentally safe
energy efficient
carbon neutral
green energy
20. 21. 22. The future for green marketing
Companies embrace transparency
Customers will drive brand not brand managers
Shifting conversations from outputs to inputs
Consumers invested in the total resourceconsumption of a product
Individual certifications to prove claims
Supply chain transparency
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