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The Last Word Page 11 Service Schedule Page 4 Covenant Happenings Page 2 Kid’s Korner Page 9 CPW Page 3 Inside this issue... April 2012 The Family, Events, and Ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Springboro April Calendar Page 7
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The Monthly Newsletter of Covenant Presbyterian Church

Transcript of Covenant Presbyterian Church Courier

  • The Last Word Page 11

    Service Schedule Page 4

    Covenant Happenings Page 2

    Kids Korner

    Page 9

    CPW Page 3

    Inside this issue...

    April 2012

    The Family, Events, and Ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Springboro

    April Calendar Page 7

  • The Young at Heart group invites everyone age 50+ (or if your spouse is 50+) to our Spring Fling here at Covenant. Well enjoy lunch at noon and

    play lots of great games. Sign up today!




    Join us Thursday, April 5, at 7:00 PM for our special Maundy Thursday Service. We will receive Communion that evening and learn more about Jesus Last Supper.

  • will meet on April 24 at 1pm for Bible Study, fun, fellowship and food! We will

    continue our study of Confessing the Beatitudes. We invite all women of the Church. If you have any questions please

    contact Barb Mourouzis at 748-3049.

    Mark your calendar for April 9th, 6:30 p.m. here at Covenant!

    We will be discussing lesson #8 from Max Lucados book of James,

    Trusting God. Bring a friend and join us! All ladies are welcome.

    Growing in


    CPW will once again provide Easter Breakfast starting at 8:30 a.m.

    Come early and enjoy a continental breakfast before both services.

    CPW Team 4/19 1PM

  • Traditional Service Usher/Greeter (Carole Hepp) 01 Bill & JoAnn West 08 Bill & JoAnn West 15 Bill & JoAnn West 22 Bill & JoAnn West 29 Bill & JoAnn West Contemporary Service Usher/Greeter (Loretta Sebastian) 01 The Fuchs Family 08 The Fuchs Family 15 The Fuchs Family 22 The Fuchs Family 29 The Fuchs Family Counters (Debbie Shear) 01 Debbie Shear & Mary White 08 Dave Payne & Flossie Power 15 Jay White & David Siegler 22 Tim Knoth & Debbie Shear 29 Ken Shear & LeAnne Leahy Nursery (Stephanie Butler) Traditional Contemporary 01 Erica Hicks Amy Lehman 08 Kristin Tibbits Jodie Fodor 15 Kristin Tibbits Jen Knoth 22 Erica Hicks Amy Lehman 29 Erica Hicks Childrens Church Pre/K (Yvonne Craycraft) Traditional Contemporary 01 Erica Hicks Kerin Campbell 08 Kristin Tibbits Kerin Campbell 15 Kristin Tibbits Kerin Campbell 22 Erica Hicks Kerin Campbell 29 Erica Hicks Kerin Campbell

    Childrens Church Traditional (Becky Hegwood) 1-6 01 Loretta Sebastian 08 Loretta Sebastian 15 Loretta Sebastian 22 Loretta Sebastian 29 Loretta Sebastian Childrens Church Contemporary (Becky Hegwood) 1-6 01 Alysia Fuchs 08 Alysia Fuchs 15 Alysia Fuchs 22 Alysia Fuchs 29 Alysia Fuchs

    Service Schedule for April

    Fellowship 01 08 Continental Easter Breakfast 15 22 The Siegler Family 29

  • Our One Great Hour of Sharing gifts support ministries of disaster response, refugee assistance and resettlement, and community development that help people find safe refuge,

    start new lives and work together to strengthen their families and communities. We will receive this offering on

    Easter Sunday, April 8. Please read the weekly inserts in your worship guides to learn more about how your donations

    are used and give generously. Thank you!

    Holy Week Happenings April 1 through April 8

    Well remember Jesus ride into Jerusalem amidst the cheers of the people on Palm Sunday.

    Well gather for Maundy Thursday worship at 7:00 p.m. Join us for a special service that

    will include communion.

    Well participate in the Cross Walk, joining friends from other local churches as we walk from Covenant to the United Church of Christ (just over a mile) and stop along the way to

    share some scripture and pray together. The walk begins at noon and should finish by 1:30. Vans will be available to transport you back to CPC after the closing service at the UCC.

    CPW will again be organizing our Easter Breakfast starts at 8:30. The continental style

    breakfast will also be available between services.

    Watch our children participate in our annual Easter Egg Hunt between services on Easter Day. The hunt will start around 10:40. Hope the weather cooperates! Dont be late if you

    usually attend the 2nd service!

    Join us for Easter worship at either 9:30 or 11:00 a.m. We will celebrate communion at both services.

    FRANKLIN FOOD PANTRY During the month of April we will be collecting food and

    toiletries for the Franklin Food Pantry. Needed items are: peanut butter, jelly, canned protein foods like tuna, chicken, chili, stew. Also, sugar, cooking oil, flour, salad dressing, &

    soup. Needed toiletries are: TP, bar soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

    Place your items in the barrel in the narthex. Thank you!

  • Sun Mon T

    1 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship & Childrens Church

    2 5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

    3 7:00 AM Men 6:15 PM Brow7:30 PM Outre

    8 8:30 AM Continental Easter Breakfast 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship & Childrens Church 10:40 AM Egg Hunt

    9 5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 7:00 PM Youth Ministry 6:30 PM Growing in Grace

    10 7:00 AM Men 6:00 PM GS T6:30 PM Adm7:00 PM GS T

    15 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship & Childrens Church

    16 5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

    17 7:00 AM Men 6:15 PM Brow6:30 PM Sess

    22 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship & Childrens Church 6:30 PM SNSG

    23 5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 7:00 PM Deacons

    24 7:00 AM Men 1:00 PM Amic4-8 PM Blood7:00 PM GS T

    29 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship & Childrens Church

    30 5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

    Birthdays and Anniversaries are published with your

    permission only. In an effort to update our list, please notify

    the office of your families special dates, especially if you are new to our fellowship. We

    want to include you!

    April Birthdays 2 Carl Edmiston 5 Jerry Edens 8 Ken Shear 10 Mary Sue Edwards 11 Karen Ritzinger Susan Craycraft Don Caiarelli 14 Emily Repp 18 John Lehman 20 Karyn Catrine Sharon Gardner 24 Betty Robinson 25 Ron Pfeiffer Janet Wayne 27 Jack Behm

    April Anniversaries 2 Ken & Diane Howard 27 Rick & Vicki Grecula

    I was an Easter egg...

  • Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    at McDonalds wnies #40913 each Ministry

    4 10:00 AM Bible Study 6:00 PM Spanish Class 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

    5 9:30-11:30 AM Weight Watchers 7:00 PM Maundy Thursday Svc.

    6 12Noon Cross Walk Starts at Covenant

    7 7-9:30 AM Weight Watchers

    at McDonalds Troop #31400 inistration

    Troop #40900

    11 10:00 AM Bible Study 6:00 PM Spanish Class 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

    12 9:30-11:30 AM Weight Watchers 6:30 PM GS Leaders Meeting


    14 7-9:30 AM Weight Watchers 11:30 AM Young at Heart Spring Fling (lunch at noon)

    at McDonalds wnies #40913 sion

    18 10:00 AM Bible Study 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

    19 9:30-11:30 AM Weight Watchers 1PM CPW Team

    20 21 7-9:30 AM Weight Watchers

    at McDonalds cae Circle Drive

    Troop #40900

    25 10:00 AM Bible Study 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

    26 9:30-11:30 AM Weight Watchers


    28 7-9:30 AM Weight Watchers

    Please email any updates and articles to the secretary at: [email protected] or call me at 937 748-0272.

  • Financial Info


    February Year-to-date Receipts 2012 $12,203 $26,238 Expenditures 2012 - $14,265 -$27,316 Balance in Reg. Operating Fund $2,062 -$1,078

    Thank you for your gifts and continued support!

    Mortgage Reduction

    February Year-to-date Receipts 2012 $1,331 $2,644 Expenditures 2012 - ($2,100) -$4,199 Difference -$769 -$1,555 February Year-to-date Other Receipts: Per Capita $432.81 $895.71

    Dear Friends, Caroline and Eric, David and Kelcy, and I would like to thank all of you for the many kindnesses extended to us because of David's death. It has been overwhelming for us. Thank you to all who prepared and served the delicious food at the Memorial service, for those who set up the church and then readied it for the church service the next day, for the cards, the flowers, food brought to the house, donations to his Memorials, phone calls and texts just to see how we're doing, the hugs and tears, etc. etc. - the list is endless!! You have definitely surrounded us with God's love and have been Angels in our midst. We truly can't thank you enough! Love, Betty King

  • April Services

    Office Hours

    The Pastors day off is Monday and the office is closed. Pastor Ken is here most mornings Tuesdays through Fridays. Frequently in the afternoons, he makes visits.

    Our secretary is generally in the office Tuesday through Friday from 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. Phone: (937) 748-0272 & (937) 748-4734 Fax: (937) 748-4734

    If you would like to have your concern lifted to the Lord through the Prayer Chain, contact Ken Howard (748-0272), or Debbie Shear ([email protected]/748-2809). Please pray for: Jon Gardner as he awaits a kidney donor. Bob Robinson at Pinnacle Point Care Facility. All of our military men & women and their families. Mary Ann Lashley as she starts chemo treatments. Myrtle Edens who has undergone many tests lately and hasnt been feeling well. Bill Madison who had a pacemaker implanted recently.

    Church Staff Rev. Ken Howard Pastor Alysia Fuchs Youth Director Janet Wayne Church Secretary Kim Denney Music/Choir Director Susan Pfeiffer Pianist/Organist Mary White Treasurer Debbie Shear Financial Secretary Cams Cleaning Svc. Custodian Covenants Email Addresses [email protected] [email protected]

    Special Dates April 1 Palm Sunday April 1-7 Holy Week April 5 Maundy Thursday April 6 Good Friday April 8 Easter Sunday April 25 Administrative Professionals Day

    April 1 - Who Wants to See Jesus? (John 12:12-26) April 5 - We Revisit the Last Night of Jesus Life (from John 13:1-35) We will celebrate Holy Communion at this 7PM service. April 8 - When Empty is Better Than Full (Mark 16:1-8) We will celebrate Holy Communion at both services. April 15 - Let the Truth Be Known (1 John 1:1-2:2) April 22 Can a Rotten Apple Be Freshened Up? (Acts 3:1-20a) April 29 - Led By the Good Shepherd (Psalm 23 and John 10:7-16)

  • Last month I indicated my desire for one good snowstorm. Hasnt happened, has it? OK, so now that the temperature is hitting the 70s, lets forget about snow and move onto spring! Weve changed our clocks so we have an extra hour of daylight. I know, thats not really true we just exchanged an hour in the morning for an hour at night! Bring on the nice, spring weather! I think we can all support that! The lengthening of the days tells us our Easter celebration cant be too far away. Holy Week begins April 1 (no foolin) and concludes on Easter Day (April 8). Check out a summary of Holy Week events in another portion of the Courier. One of those events will be our annual Maundy Thursday service of worship. What in the world does maundy mean? The word maundy comes from the Latin word mandatum, which means mandate, or command. When we turn to John 13 we read of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. They didnt want this to happen (my guess is their pride got in the way!) since only the lowliest of slaves washed peoples feet. But Jesus made it pretty clear that unless he washed them they would not be clean. Of course, hes not really talking about the disciples feet (or our feet)! Jesus is talking about the need for all of us to be washed of our sins. Anyway, after washing the disciples feet, Jesus says, A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you (John 13:34). Jesus washing of the disciples feet, and ultimately his death on the cross for the cleansing of our sins, reveals the depth of Jesus love for all of us. In the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the New Testament, the phrase new commandment is novum mandatum. Now please understand, I dont know Latin, I simply copied this from the dictionary! All of this is a long way to describe what Maundy Thursday means. Its the night we gather to remember not just Jesus Last Supper, but also to remember the depth of his love for all of us. Taking the role of a slave and washing the disciples feet and the later giving of his life on the cross reveals his incredible love for us. He invites us to pattern our lives after his and love one another, even as I have loved you. Thats the new mandate! Thats the new commandment! Thats why we call the Thursday before Easter Maundy Thursday. Ken

  • Worship Guide Deadline By 9:00 a.m. on the Tuesday before the Sunday you would like it to appear in the worship guide. Courier Newsletter Deadline April 18, 9:00 a.m. for the May edition. You may leave articles on the office desk or e-mail them to [email protected] Mens Fellowship Men meet weekly at McDonalds every Tuesday morning from 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. Contact John Ritzinger (748-1437) if you have any questions. If youve never joined us, we would greatly welcome you! Administration Ministry Administration will meet on April 10 at 6:30 p.m. Contact David Payne for questions. (513-836-3464) Personnel Ministry The next meeting will be on an as needed basis. Contact George Mourouzis, (748-3049) for questions.

    Adult Ministries The next meeting will be scheduled on an as needed basis. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Hegwood at (937) 885-1031. Session Session will meet on April 17 at 6:30 p.m. Prayer Partners We have a vital prayer ministry here at Covenant. We have an electronic prayer chain for those who would prefer to be notified of needs as they arise via email. To get connected in prayer through the internet, email Debbie Shear ([email protected]). Outreach Ministry meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Contact Susan Stewart for questions. (937-746-3343) Youth Ministry meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Contact Erica Hicks for questions. (937-748-6352)

    Covenant Presbyterian Church 415 N. Main St.

    Springboro, OH 45066

    address correction requested

    Ken Howard Pastor Worship Services: 9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship Service Childrens Church - Toddlers and children through 6th grade have age appropriate learning opportunities. Nursery - provided for ages 2 and under. Covenant Presbyterian Church is called by God

    to construct and cultivate a community of God's people who celebrate and communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ.