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Why I choose this project:

I have assigned by Mr. Khurram Saddique to do research and complete the project. My project is to do research on gourmet drinks.

Introduction of Gourmet:Gourmet is a French word that means wine taster. A person who understands and appreciates good food and drinks Gourmet bakers have completely changed the bakeries scene in Lahore. Before the launch of this chain in the city, we had Shezan and United bakers among the top bakeri names. Now for the customers, Gourmet means neat and bright stores selling fresh and crispy stuff across the city. Whether you are in an upscale area or in some part of old Lahore, you can be sure to find a gourmet outlet near you. With the passage of time, Gourmet has continued to expand its product range. Mineral water, soft drinks, ice cream and milk are the examples.


Research Design:Define Opportunity / Problem Gourmet drinks provide on all super stores Estimated the value of information Gourmet do not force me for this work its my personal research that It is helpful me in future. Select Data Collection Method In primary data collection method I use survey method Select Measurement Techniques I use measurement techniques such as Yes, No, Poor, Low, Average High, Like, Dont Like, Highly Like, etc. Design the Questions Prepare the questionnaire Select Sample Method I select 100 peoples in Lahore for sample. Select Analytical Approach I use Microsoft Word, excel, Power Point Evaluate the Ethics of research It is free from bias and not favor of organization Specify the time & Financial Cost I complete this project in one month and cost is Rs.1000 Research Proposal 2

This Proposal assigned by my honor able and respected Sir Khurram Saddique

QuestionnaireSubject: Marketing ResearchInstructor: Mr.Khurram Siddique Prepared By: Mubashir Basheer Purpose: Gourmet drinks provide on all Super stores Respondent Name: ______________________________Profession: ____________ Age: ________ Gender: male / female1. Do you ever use gourmet drinks? A) Yes B) No

2. Which flavor you like most? A) Cola B) Mirinda c) Apple D) Lemon

3. Taste of Gourmet drinks? A) Dont like B) Like C) Highly like

4. How do you rank the quality of gourmet drink? A) Poor B) Low C) Average D) High

5. In which size you like Gourmet drinks? A) 250ml B) 500ml C) 1 ltr. D) 1.5 ltr. E) 2 ltr.

6. Gourmet charging fairly for its drinks? A) CheapB) Fair C) Expensive

7. Promotional campaign of Gourmet drinks? A) Poor B) Good C) very good D) Excellent

8. Do you want any improvement in its drink? A) Yes B) No

9. Should Gourmet drink make available in all super stores?(Other than Gourmet out let)

A) Yes

B) NoC) Khokhas D) Bakeries

10.In which place you want available Gourmet drinks? A) Retailer B) Restaurants E) All of these F) Nil


Do you ever use gourmet drink?

No1 2

OptionsYes NoPercentage

Percentage100% 0%

150% 100% Percentage 50% 0% Yes No

All the respondents of the questionnaire have used the gourmet drinks that show the 100% result in graph.


Which flavor you like most?

No1 2 3 440% 30% 20% 10% 0% C ola

OptionsCola Miranda Apple Lemon

Percentage34% 33% 18% 15%





Most of the respondents liked the gourmet cola 34% , liked gourmet Mirinda 33% , apple 18% and only 15% liked gourmet Lemon.


Taste of gourmet drinks?

No1 2 3

OptionsDont like Like Very like

Percentage9% 81% 10%S

Percentage 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Dont like Like Very like


Mostly people/ respondents liked the gourmet taste. 10% people are gourmet drinks highly like the taste, 81% like and only 9% people dislike the gourmet drinks.


How do you rank the quality of gourmet drink?No1 2 3 4

OptionsPoor Low Average HighResponse

Response2% 9% 81% 8%

100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Poor Low Average High Response

8% respondents ranked the drink at high quality, 81% ranked the drink average quality, 9% people ranked the quality at low level, and 2% people ranked the quality at poor level. These percentage shows that (9+2)11% people had not used the gourmet drinks. This indicates that we should increase our quality.


In which size you like gourmet drink?No1 2 3 4 5

Options250ml 500ml 1 litre 1.5 litre 2 litre

Response18% 18% 13% 47% 4%

Response 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 250ml 500ml 1 litre. 1.5 litre 2 litre Response

18% respondents liked the gourmet drinks size in 250ml, 18% like 500ml, 13% like 1 liter, demand of 1.5 liter size is most like 47% and 4% like 2 liter.


Gourmet charging fairly for its drinks ?No1 2 3

OptionsCheap Fair Expensive

Response13% 73% 14%

Response 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Cheap Fair Expensive Response

People think that gourmet charge fairly for gourmet drinks that shows 73%, 13% respondents think gourmet drinks charge cheap &14% respondents said gourmet drinks are expensive.


Promotion campaign of gourmet drink ?

No1 2 3 4

OptionsPoor Good Very good ExcellentResponse

Response11% 59% 19% 11%

70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%G oo od or Po go ce lle nt d


ry Ve

Most of the respondents think that promotional campaign is good and satisfactory. As shown in table some people said promotional campaign is poor10


Do you want any improvement in it?

No 1 2

Options Yes No

Response 79% 21%

Response 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Yes No Response

Mostly respondents think that there is lot of need to improvement in its drinks.


No1 2

OptionsYes No

Response73% 27%

Should gourmet drink

make available le in all super stores?

Response 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Yes No Response


73% respondents reply shows that gourmet avail on all super stores other than gourmet out let. Only 27% people gourmet avail only gourmet stores.

In which place you want to available gourmet drinks?No1 2 3 4 5 6

OptionsRetailer Restaurants Khokhas Bakeries All of these Nil

Response6% 3% 1% 18% 45% 27%

Response Mostly Respondents think that gourmet drinks available on all places (retailer , restaurant , Khokhas, bakeries) etc. 50% 40% 30% Response 20% 10% 0%R et ai le R r es ta ur an ts Kh ok ha s Ba ke rie Al s lo ft he se13



Mostly Respondents think that gourmet drinks available on all places (retailer, restaurant, Khokhas, bakeries) etc.


Most of the respondents demanded gourmet drinks should be available on all stores other than gourmet out let. But gourmet should increase its drinks quality packing and different sizes. So that its drinks get more fame and increase its sales.


Comments:In my research I learned a lot and built a lot of confidence. I conclude that gourmet should avail this opportunity to make gourmet drinks available on all stores. Gourmet drink is cheap and affordable for most of the people. But most of the people can not purchase it due to its access ability. So gourmet should provide gourmet drinks on all super stores and restaurants.