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  • 2. flavours creative cuisine Special Jams Special Fruit Condiment for Foie Gras and CheeseSpecial Jams Special Jams - Foie Gras and CheeseFig Jam with Red Fruit Jam Blueberries with Pear withOporto Wine with Liqueur vinegar reduction vinegar reduction and Oporto Wine and Oporto Wine Excellent as a condiment to accompany cheeses, foie gras and other fine pts. It goes perfectly with soft & fresh, semi-mature, strong andStrawberry Peach Jam blue-veined cheeses. Serve with young Gouda,with Peppermint with Green Tea Brie, Camembert, Jarlsberg and mild SwissA dazzling alchemy of premium quality fruit jam, cheeses; It goes well with Cheddar, Pecorino100% natural and no sugar added, with the Romano and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Try it withexcellence of the most innovative and savory Cabrales, Manchego, Roquefort, Gorgonzola andingredients. Use it as a sophisticated fruit spread Stilton to add a gourmet twist to your distinctivein your daily meals, create delicious dessert food experience. Try it with premium duck orsauces and toppings. It goes perfectly with goat goose foie gras and with refined duck dishes,cheeses and strong blue cheeses. Perfect spreading it over the meat for a more vividcombination for a Stilton or a Gorgonzola. Try it taste.with foie gras and with duck dishes, spreadingit over the meat.
  • 3. flavours creative cuisine Spreads / Sauces / Mustard / MayonnaiseSpreads MustardOlive Spread Pepper Spread Mustard with PineappleA natural alchemy of 100% natural vegetables, A dazzling alchemy of colour and flavour. Freshextra-virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs. A flavour and strong. Excellent as a dipping sauce, perfectwith personality, excellent for appetizers and to mix with Cheddar or Beemster cheese and toCiabatta bread sandwiches. Use it together with spread over a juicy slice of Gammon or Cookedyour omelette and enjoy its taste with your Feta Ham.cheese or your refined spaghetti.Sauce MayonnaisePeppercorne sause Olive mayonnaiseA vinegar-enriched flavour, perfect to have A natural combination of mayonnaise with thewith a juicy grilled steak or to use as a dip best olives. Delicate, its perfect for gourmetsauce in an appetizers round table. sandwiches, enriched salads and grilled asparagus. Excellent alchemy with thick barbecue French fries.
  • 4. flavours creative cuisine Honey / Curds / Milk Jam / JellyHoney CurdsHoney Honey with Garlic Lemon Curd Orange CurdA pure and natural wildflower honey. With a Curds, 100% natural, with a smooth and creamysmooth and delicate texture simple or with texture. Use it as a sophisticated fruit spread indried garlic its perfect to add a little twist to your daily meals and create delicious dessertyour signature dishes and appetizers. Use it with sauces and toppings. Excellent with scones,thin toasted bread and create your own gourmet muffins, waffles, natural yogurts and ice creams.sauces, adding some mustard and AcetoBalsamico di Modena to the mix.Milk Jam Rose JellyMilk Jam - Cow Milk Rose JellyMilk jam, 100% natural, with a smooth and A creative combination with roses. Perfect to addcreamy texture. Made with 100% cow milk. a gourmet twist to your delicate culinary creations.Use it as a sophisticated spread in your daily Use it with your salty appetizers or as a posh detailmeals and create delicious dessert sauces and in your creamy desserts and soft cakes.toppings. Excellent with scones, muffins,waffles, natural yogurts and ice creams.
  • 5. JamsJamsPumpkin Apricot Strawberry Red FruitTropical Fruit Fig Orange TomatoNatures most perfect fruit jam, 100% natural and no sugar added, presented in an elegant, cosmopolitanand exquisite design. With a warm, fresh and sweet taste, use it as a sophisticated fruit spread in yourdaily meals, create delicious dessert sauces and toppings, use it on your gourmet sandwiches with pt.Excellent with cream or fresh cheese, its a must with the traditional Portuguese cream cheese Requeijoand the Italian Ricotta. Try it as a gourmet twist with your smoked cured meats.
  • 6. Relics of Tastes and Culinary ExcellenceCasa da Priscas ancestral products recipe is theculmination of an alchemy of expertise and flavourshanded down over several generations - the origin ofthe in-depth knowledge of fruit and vegetables, thelearning of the sense of taste and the refinement of thesensitivity all result in an exquisite taste experience.The possibility of discovering elegant palates by trans-mitting to those around you your ineffable instinct forsophistication.The taste adventure awaits you... [email protected]