What's flipping next?

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This webinar presentation looked at tools that can make flipped learning resources more interactive and engaging for learners

Transcript of What's flipping next?

  • 1.04/02/2014Whats Flipping next? Phil Hardcastle and Lyn Lall (RSC Advisors)

2. Session overview Understand what is meant by Flipped Learning Demonstration of tools for creating engaging flipped learning resources Examples of resources created with tools Share ideas and good practice with creation and use of flipped learning resources 3. y 4, 2014 | slide 3Flipped learning 4. y 4, 2014 | slide 4The Flipped Classroom 5. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Benefits of flipped delivery model Provides flexible access to learning resources 24/7 Gives teachers more 1:1 time helping students Builds stronger student/teacher relationships Offers a way for teachers to share information with other colleagues, substitute teachers, students, parents, and the community easily Supports differentiation Creates a collaborative learning environment in the classroom Models effective use of VLE5 6. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Previous flipped learning tools and examples Screencasting Screencastomatic, Jing Brainshark Presentme6 7. Title of presentation 00/00/20137TedEd http://ed.ted.com/ Create your own or flip an existing lesson Publish Context Track views and learner and responses Questions multiple choice and free text Additional resources for stretch and challenge Add discussion Share link with learners Give feedback to learners 8. Title of presentation 00/00/2013TedEd example8 9. 9VideoNot.es A free open source Google Chrome extension Select a video from Youtube, Vimeo, Khan Academy All the notes you type are automatically synchronized with the video. Later, just click on a line for the video to jump to the relevant part. Integrated with Google Drive Can save notes to Evernote, and share 10. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Search for VideoNot.es in Chrome web store10 11. Title of presentation 00/00/2013VideoNot.es A free open source Google Chrome extension11 12. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Teachem A tool to enhance video Add flashcards, questions and comments etc to your video to make it into a more rounded learning experience. Learners can take notes while watching the videos using the Teachem SmartNote system and email them to the teacher, or share them with each other Embed the flipped learning object in a VLE12 13. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Teachem example Click on the link provided in the chat pane. Password -jisc13 14. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Blendspace (formerly EdCanvas) Blend resources from all over the web to create interactive lessons Add images, weblinks, videos, text, quizzes, surveys Create classes and invite students to join and engage with your lessons Track learner use and track assessments and surveys Respond to user comments and feedback Google Chrome app available. Can also be embedded into Edmodo courses14 15. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Blendspace (formerly EdCanvas)15 16. Title of presentation 00/00/2013Whats next? Next In Brief 4th March Open badges Resources from this session on RSC EM MoodlePlease complete the evaluation form on exit16