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  • 1. Danielle Arias Kindergarten The Five Senses

2. What are the five senses and how do we use them? How could we describe a day at the beach? What would you do there? 3. What is Sight and how do we use it? The eyes allow us to see things in three dimensions and in color. What can you see in the picture below? 4. What sense are you using now? Your ears use sounds waves to hear things that are happening around us. Three bones in the ear the Incus, Malleus, and the Stapes vibrate when a sound wave hits them and they tell our brain Hey we hear something!What are your favorite sounds? Why is hearing important? 5. What is your favorite food and why? We get our sense of taste because of taste buds on the tongue.Saliva helps to break down the food we eat. It also helps us to taste our food. 6. Which plant is soft? How could you tell? Your skin has touch receptors that allow you to feel things with your hands, feet, and skin all over your body.These receptors allow you to touch things and feel different textures and temperatures. Can you give me an example? 7. What is the last sense we have to talk about? What do we use for this sense? The Nose is how we get our sense of smell. The tiny particles that carry sent from, lets say a flower, travel into our nose and land on sent receptors. These receptors then tell our brain, That smells good! Why is the sense of smell important? 8. http://www.brainpopjr.com/health/bodies/senses/preview.weml 9. How can we describe our day at the beach now? What would you see, hear, taste, touch, smell? We may not have a beach near school, but lets go on a Sense Walk and put these senses to work! 10. Resources http://www.brainpopjr.com/health/bodies/senses/preview.weml BrainPOPjr.com website. Retrieved from World Wide Web April 17, 2011.This presentation covers California Content Health Standard 1.6. It would be introduced as a Science topic before introducing the basics of the Scientific Method which is California Content Science Standard 4. a-e.