Total Beauty Spa Service .English speaking not a Problem Total Beauty Spa We accept VAT Forms VAT

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Transcript of Total Beauty Spa Service .English speaking not a Problem Total Beauty Spa We accept VAT Forms VAT

  • Best Sellers!We only offer our best selling

    treatments that our customershave chosen on a regular basisthroughout the past few years.

    THE SPAthat will inspire you

    We have created a Spathat is a warm and nurturing sanctuary.

    We provideand offer you specialized

    professional care together with arelaxing environment.

    So leave behindthe chaos and stress of everyday life

    and let us take care of you.

    Best Value!We provide top quality treatmentsand best professional service, with

    best value for money pricing.

    Service Times

    Monday& Tuesday

    10:00 to 19:00

    Thursday &Friday

    10:00 to 19:00

    Saturday09:00 to 16:00


    Sundays &German Holidays

    AppointmentsPlease arrive

    10 minutes beforeappointment me.

    BookingsOur Spa is Popular.

    Best to book in AdvanceAvoid disappointment.


    & Walk-InsP most roven successful

    and very popular.Always best to call first

    to check availability.

    Cancellaons24 hour noce Required

    Same-DayCancellaons& No-Shows

    Are StrictlyMonitored

    You will be liable topay 50% of the Cost

    of treatment(s)scheduled.

    Includes payments tobe made using a

    Gi Coupon.

    Total Beauty Spa

    Beauty & WellnessProfessional Waxing

    Men and Women

    Brish/Irish Day SpaEnglish speaking not a Problem

    Total Beauty Spa

    We accept VAT FormsVAT only deducted at me of Sale

    'The Red House'(Opposite Pizza Hut)

    Kaiser Strasse 39, Einsiedlerhof67661 Kaiserslautern

    Tel: 0631 414 85




  • Waxing






    Eyebrows(Includes Customized Styling)

    Lip, Chin, or Sides of FaceEach

    Our Price 10.00

    VAT Form 8.40

    Face Wax(Lip, Chin & Sides of Face)

    Half Arms or Legs, Underarms, Bikini ZoneEach

    Our Price 20.00

    VAT Form 16.81

    Full ArmsOur Price 25.00

    VAT Form 21.01

    Full LegsOur Price 30.00

    VAT Form 25.21

    Brazilian / HollywoodAll Hair Removed

    Front, Underneath, Labia, and Buttock Area.No price reduction if any of the wax areas

    listed are not required.(Design Strip included if required)

    Our Price 40.00

    VAT Form 33.61

    EyebrowsOur Price 10.00

    VAT Form 8.40

    Half Arms or Half LegsOur Price 25.00

    VAT Form 21.01

    Full ArmsOur Price 30.00

    VAT Form 25.21

    Full LegsOur Price 35.00

    VAT Form 29.41

    Chest or BackOur Price 40.00

    VAT Form 33.61

    Male HollywoodAll Hair is Removed.

    Front, Underneath, and Buttock Area.2 Therapists are used for this procedure.

    Our Price 55.00

    VAT Form 46.22

    Please NotePrices for both Men & Women are 'Fixed'regardless of the volume of hair removed.

    ProfessionalWaxing Services

    EnjoySilky Smooth Skinand Professional


    Our Therapists areall Experts, and veryexperienced in art of

    Hair Removal

    Best waxing serviceswithin the U.S.

    Military Communityin Europe.

    Many of our clientsvisit from Belgium,Italy, and most U.S.

    locations fromwithin Germany.


    How long will wax last?you comeWe recommend

    an for appointment aboutevery 4 weeks.

    The discomfort would be of what it originally was at the time of second

    .visit, improving each time

    Does waxing hurt?It hurts more first time,

    your nerves are on edge, and don't know what to

    Iexpect. t is a quick,, andtemporary sting

    .stops hurting right awayNext time much easier!

    If you follow our rules, and come on our

    recommended schedule, you should be a

    'HAPPY CAMPER'.that is what we want

    A close to pain-freewax as possible!


    MicrodermabrasionPerfect treatment for

    'Total Skin Resurfacing'In-depth treatment forlines and wrinkles, skin

    blemishes, acne scarring,stretch marks, and

    pigmentaon problems.Gives immediate liingeffect on red muscles,smulates blood supply

    to skin's surface topromote new collagenand elasn formaon.

    Oxygen TherapyRejuvenaon for

    'Ageing Skin'As we age, oxygen levelsin the skin cells decrease,

    resulng in a loss ofelascity and formaon

    of lines and wrinkles.Replenishes lost oxygen.Results are immediatebut 'Oxygen Therapy'

    connues to work aertreatment, smulang

    cell regeneraon.

    Our Best Selling Treatment!

    Microdermabrasion& Oxygen Therapy

    A Combinaon Facial Treatment

    The favorite facial for many Celebries:Madonna, Kate Moss, Jude Law, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Dido,

    Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, to name but a few.

    Beauty Treatment to the Stars

    45 minute

    Our Price 40.00

    VAT Form 33.61

    Eyelash / EyebrowTinting

    Tint is applied gently toeach hair to ensure

    consistent, completecoverage, that lasts

    approximately 2-3 weeks.

    We don't use common'pouring' technique that

    causes stress.Our gentle methodensures "No Tears"

    Duration is Variable

    Eyebrow OrEyelash Tinting

    Our Price 10.00

    VAT Form 8.40

    Radiant EyeTreatment

    Focus on the DelicateEye Area.

    Relieves tired eyes, andreduces puffiness anddryness. Helps ease

    dark circles, energizesthe eyes to give radiance.

    Facial ExtractionsPrecision Blemish Work.Therapist examines your

    skin to ensure the correctline of action.

    Radiant EyeTreatment Or

    Facial Extractions

    Our Price 10.00

    VAT Form 8.40

  • Spa


    IncludesRadiant Eye Treatment

    + PlusThe Exfoliaon of both

    your Hands & Feet+ Plus

    Hand & Foot Massage

    Using natural and organicproducts created just for

    you and your skinsspecific needs.

    Deep cleanse of the facefollowed by a peeling,a mild cream peel with

    no irritation. Liftingmasque also applied.

    Dead skin cells areremoved, and the skinis tightened and looks

    more radiant.

    75 minute

    Our Price 65.00

    VAT Form 54.62


    With a lile extraindulgence.

    Pleasurable andextremely relaxing toreceive, invigorang

    and energizing.

    Feet are bathed in warmEucalyptus aroma andexfoliated vigorously.

    The legs are massagedwith hot stones to

    smulate circulaon andprepares feet for therelaxing and healing

    therapy of Reflexology.

    A relaxing foot massage,followed by pressure

    being applied to reflexpoints on the feet to

    release blockages, andto enable a free flow of

    energy to the body.

    45 minute

    Our Price 45.00

    VAT Form 37.82

    ReflexologyBrings soothing stressrelief and relaxation to

    the body, mind and spirit.

    BenefitsImproves circulation,

    lymph flow, cleanses thebody of impurities,

    revitalizes energy thatencourages the body tonaturally restore its own

    healthy balance.Stress related disorders,Hormonal imbalances,Menopause, Back Pain,

    Sleep Disorders, Arthritis,Migraines & Headaches,Digestive & Circulatory



    Designed to target areasprone to stress & tension

    during pregnancy

    Specialized Body massagethat relieves tension inthe body, reducing thewater retention, anddetoxifying the body.

    Please ensure that6 months of pregnancy

    has elapsed beforebooking this massage.

    45 minute

    Our Price 45.00

    VAT Form 37.82

    Mother to Be

    When Pregnant ...reatments on offerT

    are limited to-

    Personalized FacialPre-Natal Massage

    Eye TreatmentBrow & Lash Tint


    Mother to Be

    Back, Neck,& Shoulder


    Ideally suited for thebusiness client whospends most of the

    day sitting at a desk.

    Deep Massage strokeshelp to access those

    areas of the back, neckand shoulders not being

    utilized daily.

    The perfect Treatmentfor relieving Work-

    Related Stress

    45 minute

    Our Price 45.00

    VAT Form 37.82

    Full BodyMassage

    Relaxing 'Or'Deep Tissue

    'Head-to-Toe' full bodymassage that relaxes,rejuvenates, relieving

    stress and tension fromthe body and mind.

    PersonalizedInform us of particularareas of the body that

    require attention.We will allocate time tofocus on specific areas.

    45 minute

    Our Price 45.00

    VAT Form 37.82


    IncludesHand & Foot Massage

    Energizes & strengthensa red complexion.

    Leaves your skinrefreshed, vibrant,

    and glowing.We cleanse, exfoliate,and hydrate the face.

    Moisturizing the skin bymassage. Firm, smooth,nourish, and regenerate,

    energizing the skin.

    45 minute

    Our Price 45.00

    VAT Form 37.82

    BambooExfoliating Facial

    IncludesHand & Foot Massage

    A luxury alternative toMicrodermabrasion.

    Anti-Ageing Facialcomprising of small

    bamboo particles withenriched natural product.

    Removes dead skin cells,penetrates pores,

    detoxifies the skin,stimulates collagen/elastin production,reduces fine lines

    and wrinkles.Skin will look radiant,smooth and youthful.

    45 minute

    Our Price 45.00

    VAT Form 37.82

  • Hot StoneMassage

    'Head-to-Toe' Massage

    A powerful techniqueincorporating the use of'Hot Stones' creating an

    enhanced sense ofbalance, relaxation, and

    relief to tired andpainful muscles.

    The muscles liquefyunder the heat of

    the stones.Mind and body connect

    as you