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Free your mind into the world, Relax in an intimate setting, a refuge for mind and spirit Feel nature on you skin, and be pampered by the lightness, and the fragrances of precious cures... Alpstyle Hotel Albolina is synonym of care of the body and the spirit To pamper and spoil you, new and precious treatments dedicated to your well being in all their suggestive notes

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    A keepsake chest

    that when opened

    reveals precious

    treasures of the Dolomites,

    timeless gems of wellness

    Rediscover tranquility and restfulness

    while being carried away in harmony

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    Free your mind into the world

    Relax in an intimate setting

    a refuge for mind and spirit

    Feel nature on you skin

    and be pampered by the lightness

    and the fragrances of precious cures...

    Alpstyle Hotel Albolina

    is synonym of care

    of the body and the spirit

    To pamper and spoil you,

    new and precious treatments

    dedicated to your well being

    in all their suggestive notes

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    We have partnered with Piro-che Cosmetiques who takes

    inspiration from Chinese

    medicine in the belief that our

    health comes from balancing the energy of our body and the

    environment that surrounds us.

    Mankind is integral part of nature, Piroche Cosmetiques

    extracts the secrets and finds

    the answers to fight the

    appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    For our guests we have

    chosen a brand new line of cosmetics Phytostaminal

    Roslapina and Alpine Herbs.

    Ideal for the person in search of natural cosmetics with the

    finest and natural formulations.

    A line of 100% natural products, with the specific

    characteristic of local origin.

    The ingredients of Phytostaminal Roslapina and

    Alpine Herbs are:

    Alpine herbs and mountain water of the Trentino

    Alto Adige region.


    La filosofia Piroche Cosmtiques

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    - stimulate vitality of stem cells of the skin

    - help the rejuvenation of skin

    - activate the defense mechanism of the skin by reinforcing its barrier

    - help defend the skin against the harmful effect of climate changes

    Rituale viso

    Energy walking

    The synergy of the characteristics of Rosalpina and Alpine herbs, like St. John's wort, larice extract, mari-gold, mallow, chamomile, gentian and juniper, activate the skin's vitality, facilitate its rejuvenation and improve the functions of the defense barriers. From the first facial application of the Energy Walking treatments, the skin will appear completely relaxed with renewed vitality. With this new interpretation of facial treatment you can expect exceptional results.

    60 Minutes

    Price: 45 Euro

    With facial cleanse with Karite'butter

    90 Minutes Price: 65 Euro


    Best sensation ever

    Discover a sense of relaxation, lightness and new energy. Immerse yourself in the magical scent of wood and mountains combined in a unique treatment. This massage uses innovative natural products exclusively produced in the Trentino Alto Adige region. The cell's extracts of rhododendron protect your skin and enhance its strength.Cembra pine, mugo pine, arnica and St. John's wort release in this energetic massage, the flair of the alps.


    50 Minutes

    Price: 55 Euro

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    We have partnered with Vitalis Dr. Joseph, an enterprise that for 20 years

    has been operating in the heart of the Alps in the field of beauty, wellness

    and health by developing holistic treatments and natural products with the

    highest quality standards.

    Vitalis Dr. Joseph works with the most intelligent laboratory in the world,

    mother nature.

    The guiding principle behind Vitalis Dr. Joseph is to offer the highest

    quality and effectiveness. Vitalis Dr. Joseph uses only pure natural and

    certified raw materials.


    The Vitalis Dr. Joseph philosophy

    A seal of quality aimed to combine centuries of Alpine tradition and

    know-how in

    selecting local herbs of the re-gion, and the use of natural

    methods and products.

    The complete line of alpine

    wellness products is offered here at

    the Alpstyle Hotel Albolina

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    The synergy of active ingredients in harmony with ancient

    knowledge and the latest technologies are the guaranty for a

    visible success.

    Over 25 years of research and development in conjunction with

    universities, dermatologists and biologists have made VITALIS Dr.

    Joseph stand out as a pioneering enterprise for natural products

    Immerse yourself

    in the wonderful world

    of Alpine tradition

    and discover the pleasure

    of a first class

    Alpine treatment....

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    Alpicarepure beauty, health and tradition


    The Alpicare product line are made of natural and organic ingredients ex-tracted from the al-pine region. The high quality products in-fuse the body and skin with pure and natural beauty

    Our products are born from simple mono-substances. They envelop the quintessence of the alps. They combine the active ingredients of chestnut and mint, apple and rosa canina, hay and juniper

    The Alpicare line com-bines past and present time: centuries of Al-pine tradition, ancient knowledge with the most innovative tech-nologies. The line marries a unique ap-proach to holistic treatments genuine products, and medi-

    cine from popular tradition.


    The quintessence of the Alps' active ingredients...

    Try the essence of the Alps' active ingredients, personalized mas-sage techniques and the traditional practice of cupping therapy.

    The Alpicare treatments follow specific paths to promote intense

    detoxifying action, renewal and relaxation

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    The active ingredients of:

    Alpine-Healthcare Treatments

    Massage 50 Minutes Cost: 48,00 Euro

    Compress 50 Minutes . Cost: 50,00 Euro

    Massage +Compress 80 Minutes . Cost: 80,00 Euro

    Juniper & Hay

    Relaxing and regenerating

    Offers relaxation and en-

    ergy to the body. Try the

    intense pleasure of the

    alpine massage to regain

    new strength.

    Wild Thyme

    &Cembra Pine

    Activating and Detoxifying

    The deep relaxation in-

    duced by this massage,

    confers new freshness to

    the skin and new energy

    to the nerves

    Mountain Arnica

    &St. John's wort

    Regenerating and reactivating

    An alpine massage that is

    balm to the souland a gift

    of vitality to tired mu-

    scles and joints



    Beauty e enjoy

    Marigold and Chamomile

    is the ideal treatment for

    tired skins. Enjoy the

    pleasure of this Alpine

    beauty massage which is

    calming and rejuvenating

    at the same time

    Apple &Rosa


    Beauty e enjoy

    Apple &Rosa canina a

    special gift for more ma-

    ture skins. This alpine

    beauty massage confers

    new elasticity and fresh

    glow to the skin

    Grape Seed


    Beauty e regeneration

    Oil of Grape Seed

    &Buckthorns is a vitamin

    cocktail to cure the skin.

    The skin is soft with the

    antioxidant properties of

    these delicate oils.

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    the magical touch of wellness

    Resonanz Back

    Vitalis massage

    A unique program for the dorsal zone.

    Thanks to this specif treatment with the

    use of domes and cups the spinal cord

    realigns to the correct posture! Tension

    versus relaxation.

    60 Minutes

    45 Euro

    Aroma pure

    Earth, water, fire

    100% pure essential oils will pamper your

    senses. A deluxe massage that will carry

    you on a journey to your inner self to find

    true harmony. The synergy of theses pure

    and precious essential oils make this mas-

    sage a wonderful gift.

    Partial 25 min: 25,00 Euro

    Complete50 Min: 48,00 Euro


    Vitalis Massage

    with herb satchels

    Revitalizing for muscles and joints, reju-

    venating for the skin. Perfect for a beauti-

    ful skin and for daily wellness. A beauty

    ritual that gives the body vitality and

    energy. Ideal after sports activities....

    50 Minutes

    52 Euro

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    Exfoliating Hay treatment

    The Alpicare hay peel, enriched with the purest pink salt crys-

    tals, deeply cleanses the skin and promotes rejuvenation by con-

    ferring a clean fresh look and a healthy glow. The use of

    exfoliating Phytoextracts intensifies the peeling effectiveness by allowing the skin to perfectly absorb the active ingredients.

    25 Minutes

    28 Euro

    In combination with massage:

    55 Minutes

    55 Euro


    Mental and physical purification

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    To feel more beautiful

    Face, neck and dcollet massage 20 Minutes 15 Euro

    Breast toning treatment 25 Minutes 30 Euro

    Chocolate compress 55 Minutes 55 Euro

    Anti-age honey facial 20 Minutes 15 Euro

    Honey detoxifying treatment 30 Minutes 25 Euro

    Anti-cellulite draining wrap 45 Minutes 30 Euros

    Energizing wrap 45 Minutes 28 Euros

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    Dedicate time to yourself

    Total hair removal (legs+bikini+under arm+eyebrow+upper lip) 40 Euro

    Partial Hair removal (half leg+bikini+underarm) 30 Euro

    Hair removal menu

    Bikini 10