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2. We wanted Opale to be an Ambassador of thePrincipality of Monaco, its values and its vision.Growing up in Monaco, we have always beeninfluenced by this strive for Excellence, the res-pect for the nature and the passion for techno-logical innovation that define the Principality.With Marc Fauchart, founder of the Opale Labo-ratories Monaco in the 80s, we met more thana chemist of genius, we found someone thatshared our vision and whose dream over thepast 3 decades was to create a range of cosme-tic products that best represented the valuesof the Principality. A glamorous ambassador ofMonaco.Together we have put to work this inspiration,this vision that beauty, excellence and innova-tion could be combined together with the helpof natures deepest secrets. Opale LaboratoiresMonaco was born.Following 15 years of formulations within theOpale laboratories, the belief that the real beau-ty is natural and that nature holds the secretsto an eternal beauty we have created a revolu-tionary range of cosmetic products.cosmtiques Opale Monaco.We are personally convinced that the future ofcosmetics resides in the infinite secrets of na-ture. This is where all our efforts, our creativityand our technological expertise are tirelesslyapplied. For a natural beauty and more impor-tantly an eternal one.With Opale we have achieved our mission: Na-ture and luxury can finally meet andtogether provide you with the most extraordi-nary secrets that plants, fruits andocean have to offer. Through our products, wehope to communicate our vision,make sure that the passing of time doesntimpact your well being anymoreand let Opale take care of you.Naturally yours,Jean Pierre et Gregory DewerpeWe wantedOpale to be anAmbassador of thePrincipality ofMonaco 3. During his promenades through the splendidand world famous Exotic Garden of Monaco andthe fragrance-filled paths of the Princess GraceRose Garden, cosmetologist Marc Fauchart hada dream. Creating a line of cosmetic productswhich would bea perfect balance of nature, luxury and techno-logy as the Principality itself.30 years of experience with the most prestigiousinternational cosmetic brands helped him turnthis dream into a vision. In the late 80s, MarcFauchart surrounded himself with the best spe-cialists andresearchers from the Principality and developed aunique laboratory in the heart of Monaco.Marc had a plan: explore the millennia-oldsecrets hidden within the splendour and richnessof the local vegetal life to develop a range ofsophisticated natural cosmetics to help fight skinageing.Fifteen years of research and development ledto the creation of a unique collection of cosmeticproducts that redefined nature and luxury. Hisvision became reality: Opale Monaco.Designed to promote the lifestyle of Monacothroughout the world and to celebrate womenwho strive for excellence and authenticity, theOpale collection consists entirely of natural andorganic ingredients. Citrus fruits, rosewood,bourbongeranium, raspberry, pomegranate, rose hip.The Opale Monaco laboratories have extractedthecountless benefits, delicate textures andenchanting fragrances of these marvellousresources.History 4. The Pursuit of ExcellenceNatural and innovative ingredients, state ofthe art cosmetic technology, revolutionaryformulations. Opale essential oils contain thebest that nature has to offer combined witha unique expertise based on our laboratorysrigour and ethical standards.Respect for WomenOur promise is to fulfill the expectations ofdiscerning women with regards to thequality, effectiveness and origin of theircosmetics. By doing so, women no longerhave to choose between pleasure andperformance. Our collection is based on aselection of exclusive natural ingredientsthat have been rigorously tested andvalidated.The Prestige of MonacoThe origin of Opale lies in Monaco. From thePrincipality core values to its design anddevelopment, Opale is the ultimate made inMonaco Brand. Opale not only represents thetrue excellence conveyed by the Principality,but it transmits its core values such as gla-mour, luxury and technology and inspires itselffrom its uniqueness, its exclusivity as well asits deep care for the environment.Natural LuxuryWe are committed to providing women with anew form of luxury that is focused on a returnto the essence of our existence: Nature. That iswhy we create cosmetics made exclusivelyfrom natural and organic ingredients, withoutany synthetic additives, silicone, mineral oil orparabens.A meaningful nameOpale, from the Sanskrit word Uppala,means precious stone. A symbol of purity andprotection in many legends and cultures. Theopal stone reflects light from the inside. Opaleproducts mirror the image of this stone byrevealing the beauty of every woman andenhancing her natural glow by exploring newfrontiers.Values 5. LaboratoryProven and shared expertiseCreated in Monaco in 1997, the Opalelaboratories initially applied their cosmeticexpertise to work for prestigious, brandssuch as Helena Rubinstein, Lancme, Vichyand Guerlain as well as Biotherm andLancaster, two of the leading cosmeticscompanies of Monaco.Birth of the first natural luxury cosmeticsDriven by a deep desire to create his ownbrand reflecting the glamorous and environ-mentally responsible image of Monaco, MarcFauchart quickly deployed, within his ownlaboratories, an RD department specificallydevoted to creating products at the cross-roads of luxury and nature.Over the years, this team of experts deve-loped a variety of innovative and exclusivecosmetic formulas that now make up thepremiere Opale collection.A constantly evolving collectionSerums, skin care treatments, body milks, gels,mists, body nectars, creams. The Opale labo-ratories have developed a collection of uniqueproducts that provide a variety of benefits andpleasures. Each Opale product is made exclusi-vely from natural ingredients with proven bene-fits such as alfalfa extract, essential oils or floralwaters. Inspired by the wealth of possibilities thatarise from combining their expertise with naturalresources, Opales experts are constantly workingto create new products that will enrich the collec-tion over time.Some of our revolutionary formulas,elaborated behind the closed doors of ourLaboratories, have allowed the creation of groundbreaking products such as Eclat dOpale, whichfight instantly the wrinkles and ageing marks ofthe skin. Opale Laboratoires Monaco will soon beunveiling a fully natural line of whitening skincareproducts. 6. Cleansing Milk - 250 ml dispenser pump bottleCleansing milk for the face and eyes.Gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin.Eliminates impurities and all types of makeup, includingwaterproof.Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.Contains active ingredients that prepare the skin and boostthe effectiveness of the subsequently applied products.Damask rose water soothes, refreshes and tones the skin,leaving it radiantly luminous.After the first application, the skin feels suppler, softer andmoisturized.Toning Mist - 250 ml spray bottleA rejuvenating bath for the skin with refreshing,revitalizing, firming and moisturizing benefits.Anti-wrinkle care with natural raspberry antioxidants, thisdelicate mist stimulates cellular renewal and prevents theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Ideal for firming, illuminating and plumping up the skin,while restoring its youthful radiance.Cleansing 7. Relaxing Oil - 200 ml PET dispenser pump bottleMassage oil, rapidly penetrates the skin, thanks to added sesame, jojoba andmacadamia oil, contains essential oils of bergamot orange with soothing pro-perties that help fight against depression and irritability.Verbena calms and eliminates stress.Lavender stimulates skin regeneration and promotes cellular renewal.Petitgrain helps regulate sebum secretion and restore balance to the skin.Mandarin orange boasts powerful soothing and relaxing properties.Sea Lavender extract, derived from a marine plant, is a complete anti-agingactive ingredient with skin barrier-restoring action. It also stimulates the for-mation of Hyaluronic acid and the production of collagen, and has anti-freeradical and anti-inflammatory properties.Toning Oil - 200 ml PET dispenser pump bottleRapidly absorbing massage oil, contains essential oil of ginger, a powerfulanti-inflammatory agent for the joints and muscles.Essential oil of Ravintsara (camphor) regulates circulation disorders.Sea Lavender extract, derived from a marine plant, is a complete anti-agingactive ingredient with skin barrier-restoring action. It also stimulates the for-mation of Hyaluronic acid and the production of collagen, and has anti-freeradical and anti-inflammatory properties.Coriander provides healing and invigorating action and geranium is a vasodi-lator that helps activate blood circulation.OILPearl of Opale - 200 ml PET dispenser pump bottleA youth and radiance nectar, this anti-aging dry oilprotects and intensely regenerates the face. Essentialoils of Rosewood and Bourbon Geranium firm tissue andilluminate the complexion. Known for its antioxidantproperties, Pomegranate extract soothes and heals theskin.Carrot extract acts like a barrier against free radicals,giving the face a beautiful golden glow immediately afterapplication.Caresse dOpale - 200 ml PET dispenser pump bottleDraining and toning anti-cellulite oil. Ivy extract helps break down fats andRed Vine promotes drainage while effectively fighting against dimpled skin.Skin-healing and anti-stretch mark action thanks to Macadamia and RoseHip oils, with deep-down skin regenerating properties.Toning effect and lighter-feeling legs with essential oils of lime and blackpepper that stimulate microcirculation. Skin feels satiny smooth, the figurelooks slimmer. 8. Exfoliating Body Scrub - 250 ml jarBody scrub, contains grape seeds.the polyphenols, found in grape seeds, are rich inanti-oxydants and allow to act against freeradicals, responsible for the ageing process.Coral extract, r