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SharePoint Workflow Discussion. Agenda. Workflow basics/terminology Examples Tips/Lessons Learned Q&A. Workflow Objects. Workflow Template: desc the forms and assembly, developed in VS Association: connect list/CT to template Workflow Instance: an instance of the association Tasks. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of SharePoint Workflow Discussion

  • Workflow basics/terminologyExamplesTips/Lessons LearnedQ&A

  • Workflow Template: desc the forms and assembly, developed in VSAssociation: connect list/CT to templateWorkflow Instance: an instance of the associationTasks

  • AssociateInitiateModifyComplete

  • Association: default values for initiationInitiation: manual startTask Edit: change task statusModification: modification in processInfoPath vs. ASPX

  • Model the workflowCreate and bind the formsCodeDeployDebug

  • VS: WSP BuilderSharePoint DesignerK2MetaStormascentn AgilePointetc

  • Back-end processesSetting item permissionsSyncing listsPerson-to-personSimple: single approvals, notificationsMedium: User access requests, extranet creation, Invoice processComplex: Expense reimbursement, Matter intake process

  • Correlation Token: GUID that the WF engine can use to map events and actions to object.Workflows run as System account.SPD vs. VSCustom actions for reuseUpgrade long running WF

  • Testing complexityStart small, build oftenBuild for the real-worldBusiness analysisAsk why (more than once)Understand what client needs, not what they ask for

  • Q&A