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2. K2.COM AGENDA SharePoint Workflow Today SharePoint 2013 Workflow Architecture Workflow Manager Design Tools with SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2013 Designer SharePoint 2013 & Visio 2013 SharePoint 2013 & Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint 2013 Workflow Demonstration Q & A 3. K2.COM SHAREPOINT WORKFLOW TODAY Workflow moved to Workflow Manager (formerly Azure Workflow Services) Does not run in SharePoint anymore WM is built on WF 4 WF 4 is part of Microsoft .NET 4.5 4. K2.COM SHAREPOINT 2013 WORKFLOW AT A GLANCE 2 Distinct workflow platforms: 2010 and 2013 Complete redesigned workflow infrastructure with Workflow Manager 1.0 (WM) Design Tool Enhancements Call Web Services Fully Declarative, no more code Visual Designer (with SP Designer) 5. K2.COM WORKFLOW AND SHAREPOINT 2013 Installs OTB Requires Workflow Manager 6. K2.COM SHAREPOINT 2013 WORKFLOW DEPLOYMENT LOCATIONS On-Premise Deployment: WM can be installed on the WFE or separate server Must be connected to the SharePoint 2013 farm Cannot be on a Domain Controller SharePoint Online / Office 365 (Off-Premise) Deployment: No Deployment necessary, already installed No configuration necessary 7. K2.COM KEY ARCHITECTURE CHANGES IN 2013 Powered by Windows Workflow Foundation 4 (WF) SharePoint 2013 workflow is now executed in the Workflow Manager Client 1.0 server Communicates with SharePoint using Azure service bus using common protocols (I.E HTTP) Based on .NET framework 4.5 Enhanced connectivity to enable cloud-based execution of workflows. SharePoint Events are routed to WM and returned via REST API 8. K2.COM SHAREPOINT WORKFLOW TODAY SharePoint 2013 Workflow Architecture 9. K2.COM WORKFLOW MANAGER New host which introduces new capabilities for authoring, hosting and managing workflows. Also hosts the execution processes for workflow instances. WHAT IS WORKFLOW MANAGER? Key Points: High Density & Multi-tenancy Elastic Scale Activity / Workflow Artifact Management Tracking and Monitoring Instance Management Fully Declarative Authoring (no code) REST and Service Bus Messaging capable Interop into SP 2010 Processes 10. K2.COM INTEROP BRIDGE Allows for calling of 2010 workflows (List/Site) from SharePoint 2013 (Via new Coordination Actions) Is put in place for backwards compatibility between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 workflow engines WM will delegate workflows or portions of workflows to the 2010 Interop engine and provide Synch/Asynch mode available 11. K2.COM SHAREPOINT WORKFLOWS TYPES Same as provided in 2010, which include: Reusable & Global Reusable Associated with a Content Type and not a specific list Available anywhere within a Site Collection Recommended best practice approach for SharePoint Workflow construction Site Workflows Not associated to a List or Content Type As a result, not all Actions are available Can only be started manually or via code List Workflows Associated only to a specific List Context is the List & Columns Not portable 12. K2.COM OUT OF THE BOX WORKFLOWS No native 2013 workflows come out of the box. However all 2010 can be activated. Examples of SharePoint 2010 Workflow templates available to be activated: Disposition Approval Workflow Publishing Approval workflow Three state workflow 13. K2.COM SHAREPOINT 2013 WORKFLOW DESIGNERS 14. K2.COM SPD 2013 & SHAREPOINT 2013 15. K2.COM IMPROVEMENTS IN SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2013 Introducing Stages. Workflow doesnt have to be serial Provides for a state machine like experience Declarative workflows can now have loop like functionality. Loop x # of times. Loop while condition is true Workflows can now call REST/SOAP Services Improved Email editor Now supports rich formatting Designer supports Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Select-all Improved Visual Designer. Visio is now embedded. Can switch between visual and text-style. Can build 2010 or 2013 workflows 16. K2.COM SHAREPOINT 2013 WORKFLOW BUILDING BLOCKS Stage Action Step Action Condition - Stage - Step - Loop - Action - Condition - Gates 17. K2.COM STAGES AND GATES Stage Gate 18. K2.COM NEW TASK ACTIONS Assign a task - This action is to assign a task to a single user that outputs a variable and a TaskId. You can use the people picker to select the person or group to whom you are assigning the task. Start a Task Process This action allows you to assign multiple tasks to multiple users and then use the results in a task process. 19. K2.COM CALL HTTP WEB SERVICE Accesses SharePoint 2013 via CSOM Expects JSON format HTTP Methods: Get Delete Merge Put Post 20. K2.COM VISIO 2013 & SHAREPOINT 2013 21. K2.COM VISIO 2013 & SHAREPOINT 2013 Must be Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 Carries through traditional method of building workflows Contains a dedicated SharePoint workflow stencil set Matches SPD with Stages and Gates Can still go back and forth between Visio and SPD Custom actions now can appear in the stencil pane Still unable to add workflow properties to shapes. 22. K2.COM WORKFLOW DESIGN IN VISUAL STUDIO 2012 23. K2.COM Action Description Assign a Task Assigns a single workflow task to a user or group. Start a Task Process Initiates execution of a task process. Go to This Stage Specifies the next stage in a workflow to which flow control should be handed. Call HTTP Web Service Functions as a method call to a (REST) endpoint Start List Workflow Starts a list scoped workflow (2010) Start a site workflow Starts a site scoped workflow (2010) Build Dynamic value Creates a new variable of type DynamicValue. Get Property from Dynamic Value Retrieves a property value from a specified variable of type DynamicValue. New Actions in SPD 24. K2.COM Action Description Count Items in DynamicValue Returns the number of rows in a variable of type DynamicValue. Trim String Removes all leading and trailing white-space characters from the current string. Find Substring in String Returns 1-based index of the first occurrence of one or more characters, or the first occurrence of a string, within a string. Replace Substring in String Returns a new string in which all occurrences of a specified character or string are replaced with another specified character or string. Translate Document Functions as a wrapper around the HTTP activity that calls the synchronous translation API. You must configure a Machine Translation Service Application for the SharePoint site on which you run the workflow. New Actions in SPD 25. K2.COM Action Description Set Workflow Status Updates workflow status as specified in message string. Create a Project from Current Item [Microsoft Project] Creates a Project Server project based on the current item. Set the current project stage status to this value [MS Project] Sets the two status fields within the current stage of the project. Set the status field in the idea list item to this value [MS Project] Updates the status field of the original SharePoint list item. Wait for Project Event [MS Project] Pauses the current instance of the workflow to await a specified Project event Set this field in the project to this value [MSProject] Sets the value for the enterprise custom field for a specified project. New Actions in SPD 26. K2.COM COMPARING DESIGNERS SharePoint Designer Visual Studio 2012 Create Declarative Workflow Yes Yes Reusability Create Reusable Workflows Create Templates Build into SharePoint App No Yes Use Custom Code No YES Custom Actions Consumer of Actions Yes, using custom project Visio Integration Yes No Debugging No Yes 27. K2.COM Actions Stop Workflow All Document Set Actions All Records Management Actions All Permissions Actions Lookup Manger of user function Collect Data From User Start Approval Process Start Custom Task Process Start Feedback Process Copy List Item WHATS MISSING IN SHAREPOINT 2013 WORKFLOW?? Conditions If Current Item Field Equals Value Check List item permissions levels Check List Item Permissions Features and Functions Association Columns Content type association Globally reusable workflow type Workflow visualization option Require Manage List/Web Permission' feature for list/site workflow InfoPath is not supported for SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows. 28. PRINCETON SHAREPOINT USER GROUP Different SharePoint discussions each month on various topics. Announced on Meets 4th Wednesday of every month 6pm 8pm Infragistics Office 2 Commerce Drive, Cranbury, NJ G 29. K2.COM WHATS NEW/CHANGED CONCERNS AND LIMITATIONS SHAREPOINT 2013 CHANGES Two SharePoint workflow platforms Workflow Manager V1.0 SharePoint 2010 Workflow platform A visual workflow development experience that uses a Visio 2013 Pro add-in A new action that enables no-code web service calls from within a workflow New coordination actions that let you start a workflow built on the SharePoint 2010 Workflow platform from a workflow built on the SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform New workflow building blocks such as Stage and Loop Two workflow platforms, both needed due to features that are no longer available in 2013 Workflow Workflow forms creation limited to ASP.NET, no support for InfoPath 2013 Workflow Visualization with Visio no longer available for 2013 style workflows Support for External Lists (BCS), Records Management and Document Sets no longer available in 2013 workflows No improvements made to Management and Reporting, this will remain a challenge in SharePoint 2013 30. K2.COM Microsoft had the opportunity to do significant improvements to their Windows workflow process management however, process management remains a challenge in 2013.1 there are no stated enhancements to the forms engine, InfoPath,