What can SharePoint do? SharePoint 2013 -Workflow Manager 1.0 SharePoint 2013 workflow processing...

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Transcript of What can SharePoint do? SharePoint 2013 -Workflow Manager 1.0 SharePoint 2013 workflow processing...

  • What can SharePoint do?

  • Collaboration Document management Internal Social Network Forms Process Automation (Workflows) Business Intelligence Reporting Search Metadata Management …

    Super secret The next version will even make coffee!


  • What do You need SharePoint to do for You?

  • (No-Code) Power User Tools of the SharePoint Trade

    Asif Rehmani SharePoint MVP


    Download my presentations at: http://bit.ly/asifconference

  • About me - Asif Rehmani Trainer Founder and CEO VisualSP Chicago, USA


    @asifrehmani asif@visualsp.com www.VisualSP.com


    Trainer and Consultant

    SharePoint MVP, MCT

    Conference Speaker

  • Please help me understand who You are

    Power Users Administrators The infamous SharePoint Guy / Gal


  • Agenda

    1 minute intro on how our company helps the SharePoint end users

    The importance of going no-code

    Examples of various no-code tools related to: Workflows, Search, Mapping, Forms, Dashboarding

    Lessons learned

  • VisualSP Help System In-context SharePoint Help for end users!

    Help for end users when They need it most!

  • Come visit us at our booth

  • “Let’s not write code until we have to write code.”

    Power User’s motto:

  • Creating Solutions

    Recommended sequence when creating your solutions:

    1. Browser based only 2. Use no-code tools 3. Use code tools

    OR 3rd party products

  • Advantages of building no-code solutions

    Possibilities of what you can do are Enormous!

    Quick learning curve

    Easier ongoing management of solution

    Delegate responsibility easily

  • Let’s look at an example…

  • Search based solutions Give them what they want, where they need it!

  • Demo: Search Web Parts

  • Show pre-configured data on pages using Search web parts

    Live pre-defined search results on web pages

    Ability for users to refine the results as needed

  • Before we go forward, Question:

    Which version of SharePoint are you on?

    2010 20162013


  • Form based Solutions

  • The former ‘and current’ form solution from Microsoft

    The story of InfoPath

  • Library form

    InfoPath 2010 & 2013 Custom SharePoint list form

    Workflow form

  • Guidance on InfoPath

    Already working with InfoPath and have a Lot of working forms: Continue working with InfoPath

    Never used InfoPath and looking for a forms solution for SharePoint: Consider going with a vendor or ASP.NET forms

  • Access Web Apps Quick form based application

  • Create web applications using Access

    Build Access web apps and launch to SharePoint Online

  • Using Access 2013 to simplify web development

    Access 2013 – Used to create the interface of the app

    SharePoint 2013 / Office 365 – Used to host the front end of the app

    SQL Server 2012 – Used as the backend data storage technology for the app

  • New kid on the block: PowerApps

  • PowerApps in SharePoint Lists

  • Process Automation No-code workflows

  • 29

    Workflow tools

    §Browser §SharePoint Designer 2013 §Visio 2013 §Visual Studio 2012/2013 §3rd party applications

  • 30

    SharePoint 2013 - Workflow Manager 1.0

    SharePoint 2013 workflow processing moved to Workflow Manager (WM)

    Workflow no longer runs in the SharePoint content farm / servers

    SharePoint farm & Workflow Manager farm can be on same / different servers

  • The ‘New Stuff’ Stages • New base level concept of


    Visual Designer • Direct Visio incorporation • Stage-Level Diagrams

    New Task Actions • Quick and easy to create

    tasks and approval processes

    Web Services • Able to call into Rest/HTTP

    web services

    Loops! • Able now to loop indirectly

    with stages or directly with the new Loop actions

    Copy/Cut and Paste • Core copy/cut and paste

    abilities now introduced

  • 32

    2010 and 2013 style workflows SharePoint Designer



  • Demo: SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows

  • New way to do workflow: Flow

  • Flow in SharePoint Lists

  • Even more ideas for no-code solutions…

  • Location Mapping in SharePoint

  • Demo: Geolocation

  • Use Geolocation column for live mapping

    Show maps directly within lists and libraries

  • Dashboards

  • Dynamic Dashboards

    PowerView to visualize data

  • Manage your projects on top of SharePoint

  • Project Management Utilize Project Server to

    manage projects

  • Examples of no-code solutions

    Human Resource portals

    Self-service reporting, financial dashboards

    Expense reporting

    Review and approve document workflows

    New-hire orientation sites

    Ideation, feedback, & “suggestion boxes”

    Structured documents: contracts, RFPs, & invoices

  • Go for Quick Wins – Increases adoption and confidence!

    Identify real pain points and focus in on them

  • How do I practice my ideas and concepts?

    Watch free videos at: https://visualsp.com/video-categories/all-free-videos/

    Get a sandbox environment for practicing: Build your own dev VM

    Or Try the templates available at CloudShare – http://www.cloudshare.com

    Or Office 365 Trial 46

  • Call to Action

    Download my presentations at: http://bit.ly/asifconference

    Watch video tutorials at: VisualSP.com

    Thank You! @asifrehmani asif@visualsp.com www.visualsp.com