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Transcript of See page 2 for the The Waterloo Watercolor Group ... ... The Waterloo Watercolor Group Newsletter...

  • tor! I now have a number of

    ideas for improving our meet-

    ings and we are beginning to

    form a committee to search for

    new opportunities to show and

    sell our work. So far we have

    3 board members and 2 other

    members on it. If you would

    like to join us in this effort or

    have any ideas of places we

    should investigate, please let

    me know

    ([email protected] or


    Later on, I will email each of

    you the full summary of the

    2015 survey results. The first

    page of the results can be

    found on page 8 of this news-

    letter. If you have any ques-

    tions or further suggestions,

    please let me know.

    I hope to see everyone at the

    free Nicholas Simmons

    demonstration on Sunday,

    March 1 at 3pm. And don’t

    forget to drop off your paint-

    ings for judging in the Spring

    Membership show from 11;15

    to 12:15 beforehand.

    As we March onwards into

    2015 (yes, I meant the pun),

    I would like to summarize

    the January survey results

    for you. First of all, thank

    you all who took the survey!

    It was very interesting read-

    ing and you gave the board

    a lot of great ideas for im-

    proving WWG.

    There were about 35 mem-

    bers who responded. I gave

    3 points to the top sugges-

    tion/activity for each ques-

    tion, 2 points for the second,

    and one point for the third.

    The point counts are in pa-

    rentheses after the ranking.

    Not everyone responded to

    all questions and some only

    had one or two responses.

    What we do best and

    should keep on doing:

    #1:Multi-day workshops

    with professional artists(70),

    #2: Shows(major juried)

    (39) and #3 Mini workshops

    (30). Other good things we

    do were Demonstrations,

    Newsletter, Great Members,

    Meetings/opportunities for

    camaraderie, Activities, Li-

    brary/Paper sales and Par-

    ties/Lunches. So, great job

    Workshop folks (Michele

    Missner, Chuck Wallace,

    and Tina Broderick), for-

    mer Show VP Helen Green,

    along with all the hard-

    working show chairs, and all

    who taught the mini work-

    shops this past year! Kudos,

    also, to the board and mem-

    bers who have generously

    donated their time to support

    WWG’s mission in other


    What we could improve up-

    on or start: #1 increase/

    improve activities & demon-

    strations. (49), #2: Improve

    General Meetings (28) and

    #3: Improve opportunities for

    selling/promoting our art (25).

    Other suggestions for im-

    provement included Improve


    Improve Shows, Support the

    Board and Party/social/

    member recruitment. I think

    we already are well on our

    way to addressing the first

    issue by having our former

    Show VP, Helen Green, at the

    position of Activities Direc-

    President’s Message, by Nancy Charbeneau

    The Waterloo Watercolor Group Newsletter March, 2015

    Wet Paint

    Important Dates

    Feb 10-28 entry forms,

    fees due to Debra James

    for Spring Show

    March 1 Bring Spring

    Show entries for Judging

    to Apache shores, 11:15

    March 5: Deadline for

    winners to submit jpegs

    to Eileen Pestorius

    March 13: entry forms,

    fees, and jpegs for Bass

    Show due to Helen Green

    March 20: Notification

    of accepted entries, Bass

    April 11-12: Deliver

    accepted paintings for

    Bass show to Helen

    May 4: Deliver, hang

    paintings for spring

    show, Corridor of Art,

    May TBA : Reception,

    Spring Show

    June 9: Bass show

    Strike-Pick up paintings

    @Austin Artspace, 11:30

    July 6: spring show


    [email protected]

    Have you paid your dues/

    renewed your membership for

    2015? Act now, or this will

    be your last newsletter

    :( :( :(

    See page 2 for the

    schedule of events

    for March 1.

  • Directions and Schedule for Sunday, March 1

    by Eileen Pestorius And Deb James

    Bring Paintings for Judging

    Our 37th spring show paintings are due

    between 11;15 and 12:15 at Apache

    shores Sunday to be juried by Nicholas

    Simmons. Kindly have your information

    taped to the upper left rear of the paint-

    ings, as noted in the prospectus which

    was in our newsletter. Nicholas will look

    at up to 3 of your paintings, decide which

    one will be in the show, choose prizewin-

    ners, and also include other paintings to

    hang in May at the Corridor of Art. We

    will hang about 55 paintings.

    After Judging:

    At 2:30, kindly remove ALL your paint-

    ings from the hall so that we can have the

    demo from 3 to 5. At that point, the

    workshop people will take over.

    Prize Winners

    All prize winners must send Eileen

    Pestorius a jpg of their work(we’ll tell

    you the happy news) so we can print bro-

    chures for the show opening in May. We

    hope everyone participates and will an-

    nounce the Corridor of Art hanging and

    reception times closer to the dates.


    Address: Apache Shores Community

    Hall, 14919 General Williamson Drive,

    Austin, TX, 78734

    General Williamson Drive is one and a

    half miles west of Mansfield Dam on RR

    620. There is a traffic light at the inter-

    section of General Williamson and 620.

    there is a fire station on one corner and a

    middle school on another corner of the

    intersection. You can only turn south on

    to General Williamson Drive. Go one-

    half mile down the road and turn right

    into the paved parking lot surrounded by

    community buildings and a poos. There

    are two Apache Shores community en-

    trance signs on either side of the parking

    lot entrance. The barn-shaped building

    at the far end of the parking lot is the

    Community Hall, where our meetings

    and workshops are held.

    Wet Paint Page 2

    Contact Carol at:

    [email protected]

    Do you need Watercolor Paper for the Simmons

    Workshop? -By Carol McCollum, Librarian

    Would anyone needing paper for the Nicho-

    las Simmons workshop please call Carol Mc

    Collum to place your order—512-345-1536?

    Available paper:

    Arches 140 lb. cold press, natural or bright

    white, $4.25/sheet

    Arches 300 lb. cold press, natural only,


    Fabriano 140 cold press, natural only, $3.25/


    I will bring the orders to the demo on Sun-


    In addition to the paper, the Library has a

    number of art instruction books and DVDs.

    See the website for the complete list. If you

    arrange with me ahead of time, I can deliver

    these to the meeting Sunday as well.

  • Wet Paint Page 3

    Show News, by Tanya Christie

    Spring Member Show: Entry forms for our

    spring member show, titled “Bursting with

    Color “ are due February 10-28 to Debra

    James. Please see prospectus at the end of

    this publication. Nicholas Simmons is our

    judge at Apache Shores on March 1. Many

    thanks to Debra James and Eileen Pestorius

    for co-chairing this show.

    Bass Show: Entries are due March 13. Send

    jpegs to [email protected] Entries

    must be 1/2 sheet or larger in size. See pro-

    spectus at end of this newsletter for details.

    Thank you Helen Green and Donna Overly

    for chairing this show.

    —Tanya Tanya Christie

    [email protected]

    Questions about member-

    ship? Contact Pat Molina at:

    [email protected]

    Membership News, by Pat Molina

    Thank you all who renewed this month. New

    member Carol Keller joins us, along with

    Jacqui Boyd, who is returning.

    If you haven-t renewed your membership in

    our group for 2015, now is the time. Starting

    next month, we will update our mailing list for

    2015. Don’t get dropped from the list and

    miss out on our newsletters, shows, work-

    shops, and activities.

    Please consider using PayPal to pay for mem-

    bership; and, as always, checks are accepted.

    The membership application may be found at

    the end of this newsletter or on the WWG web

    page. Just click on the “join Us” red button

    and download/print the application. For those

    who have signed up again, thank you. Water-

    loo is a wonderful bunch of folks who love to

    paint and share in fellowship.

    Here’s a quote I found from Eric Wiegardt that

    I’ve been thinking about: focus on what

    makes a good composition and the design

    tools needed to attract the eye,