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Transcript of Roosevelt High School Newsletter October Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD (605) 362-2860...

  • ROOSEVELT TIMES Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD

    (605) 362-2860 Volume 27, Edition 3

    October, 2019

    Rider Remarks By Tim Hazlett, RHS Principal

    It seems like we just got started, but we have already had a month of school, parent

    teacher conferences, homecoming and fall activities! We enter October with optimism and

    energy that is a result of a very good start to the year and the incredible students, staff and

    community members who all contribute at Roosevelt. This year in addition to our motto of "We

    Are Roosevelt! We are One!", we are also stressing to everyone in the RHS learning community

    that we believe in them. We truly believe in all our students and because of that belief, we will

    work extremely hard to help them learn every day. I see the power of not only believing in others but

    verbalizing that sentiment daily with students and staff. Telling someone you believe in them or are proud of

    them is a very powerful thing. Hearing the message, people feel better and have a sense of responsibility to be

    worthy of belief and pride. Additionally, the person saying it is reminded of the mission they are on to help all

    our students achieve and make a positive difference in our students’ lives.

    We are focusing on several areas of continued growth and development as a staff at Roosevelt as well.

    The main areas we are focusing on this year are graduation cohort rates, cultural responsiveness, teacher

    collaboration, school wide intervention, transition/transfer students, and instructional excellence and strategies.

    There are several other areas that we are working on continual improvement, but those are the main ones. We

    work in teams and meet throughout the year to continue to improve in all areas of our school every year. It is

    hard to put into words and hard to understand all that goes into not only managing a school like RHS, but also

    setting and reaching goals for student achievement while maintain a culture that is supportive and caring for all.

    I sincerely thank all our staff and especially our teachers for being one and believing in all students at RHS.

    Thank you for trusting us with your children and please feel free to communicate whenever you need to.

    Also, we would like you to be aware of 12th Grade Testing that will be completed at Roosevelt on

    October 23rd in the morning. Last year, the SFSD began administering the NCRC – National Career Readiness

    Certification Exam. This exam helps students see their level of career readiness in three different areas. All

    seniors will be taking the test on Wednesday October 23rd at 8:15 AM. Because of room constraints, 11th grade

    students will not be required to attend school that day until 11:25 AM. 9th and 10th grade students will report as

    usual on that day and participate in organized academic and culturally focused activities. If your 9th, 10th, or 11th

    grade students attends CTE 1st or 2nd block, they will be allowed to attend CTE that morning and the bus routes

    will be active as well.


  • Vaping: Facts and Concerns By Dr. Brian Maher, Superintendent

    Fads and fashions always have a way of adding new words to the English language. But

    there is a new word showing up in headlines that doctors are calling a public health crisis.

    Vaping, or the use of e-cigarette devices to inhale a flavored liquid, has quickly become

    popular with teens and pre-teens. Originally marketed as a safer alternative to smoking traditional

    tobacco, new reports of severe respiratory illnesses, and even death, are prompting organizations

    like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics to

    issue warnings.

    While the work of the Sioux Falls School District primarily focuses on delivering an academic

    education, we are deeply committed to helping our students and their families develop safe and healthy habits

    that allow them to live long, productive lives. That’s why the District acted quickly to put together a townhall

    meeting last month. Our health partners at Avera provided the medical research and information while our

    school staff provided the reality of use of vaping products by Sioux Falls teens. It was a powerful and

    educational event. We encourage you to view it on KLRN-TV: Your Sioux Falls Classroom Connection or by

    accessing it through the Sioux Falls School District’s social media channels, including YouTube.

    The use of tobacco products is illegal for teens, but we all know that does not stop them. There are

    discipline consequences if students are caught with these products on school property. While that does deter

    some young users, fear of discipline certainly doesn’t stop all of them. What matters most in prevention

    efforts? Researchers tell us it is a clear, no-use message delivered by parents, teachers, and other caring adults.

    Your public schools will continue delivering a clear no-use message with posters, discussions between

    school nurses, counselors and teens, and through the health curriculum. We encourage parents, community

    leaders, and anyone willing to join us in these efforts.

    While we are learning more each day about the health risks of e-cigarettes and vaping, there is still so

    much more we do not know. Please discuss the facts about this alarming trend with your student. Use

    information from reputable sources and rely on your family’s medical provider if you or your teen needs help to

    quit the habit. Together we can prevent a child we all care about from becoming one of the statistics.

    October 7th: Inservice – No School

    October 23rd: End of 1st Quarter

    RHS PHONE NUMBERS Main office 362-2860 Fax 362-2883

    Activity Office 362-2866

    Counselors 362-2868 Fax 362-2867

    Attendance 362-2885 Music Dept. 362-2871

    Registrar 362-2877

    Special Ed 362-2875

    Student Store 362-2870


    362-2885 Parents: An absence must be reported either by note,

    email or phone call. When sending notes with your

    student for absences, be sure they are dated and

    signed. Students: Please bring your appointment notes

    to the attendance office first thing in the morning. You

    will be given a slip to check out of class.

  • RHS Library…. Librarian – Michelle Clayberg Educational Assistants – Beth Rohde and Marya Leach Library Hours – 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM

    Over 5,000 books were checked out from the RHS Library in September, proving that many Roosevelt High School students are reading. Not only do classroom teachers emphasize reading, but also the library provides wonderful books aimed at encouraging students to get hooked on books.

    Every teen is a potential reader. We know our kids are busy with sports, clubs, homework, jobs, and many other activities, and we know it is tough for teens to find time for recreational reading. But, if teens choose not to read, they can lose their reading skills. Research has shown that teens who read for the fun of it, are more likely to develop strong reading skills.

    Listed below are many of the most popular books in the RHS Library. Encourage your teen to stop in and check one out. Happy reading!

    Alone – Cyn Balog The Border – Heather Demetrios Campfire – Shawn Sarles The Cellar – Natasha Preston The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas Hooper – Geoff Herbach Long Way Down – Jason Reynolds Naruto (a Manga series) – Masashi Kishimoto One of Us Is Lying – Karen McManus Red Queen (book 1) – Victoria Aveyard The Refugee – Alan Gratz The Rig – Joe Ducie Spliced – John McGoran The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han Tyler Johnson Was Here – Jay Coles

    Looking for a club to join? Do you like people? Helping others? Boosting your resume? Want to get some experience in a field you are interested in? Leave your mark this year through SALSA.

    The Serve and Learn Student Association (SALSA) connects high school students with volunteering through monthly meetings, service projects, and weekly emails. Students can join at any point. There is no fee or required hours of service. Want to have fun, meet new people and give back to your community? Then SALSA is the place for you! Come and check us out at these upcoming meetings:

    • Tuesday, October 1 at 3:20pm in the

    Orchestra Room – Guest Speaker:

    Washington Pavilion

    • Tuesday, November 5 at 3:20pm in the Orchestra Room – Guest Speaker: TBD

    Join SALSA online at: There are no fees and no required time commitment. We have snacks, fun, friends, and make a difference in the Sioux Empire. Students who are members of our club have the opportunity to sign-up on the matrix for our SALSA Wide Events: SPOOKY SCIENCE Location: 301 S. Main Ave, Sioux Falls Date: Saturday, October 19th Time: 12:45–2:30 pm or 2:30–4:10 pm



    9th Chloe Dondlinger

    Linus Ng

    10th Morgan Whiting

    Kamal Albousafi

    11th Grace Johnson

    Logan Ellwein

    12th Grace Schofield

    Aidan Christensen