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Transcript of Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD (605) 362 ... ROOSEVELT TIMES Roosevelt High School, Sioux...

  • ROOSEVELT TIMES Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD

    (605) 362-2860 Volume 25, Edition 3

    October, 2016

    Rider Remarks By Tim Hazlett, RHS Principal

    Greeting from all of us at RHS! During the summer and prior to the beginning of this

    school year I was really concerned about how this year would go at RHS. I mentioned some of

    the reasons for concern in last month's newsletter and challenged our community to commit to

    being a little different by emphasizing our togetherness as a community and taking on the, "We

    are Roosevelt! We are one!" theme. The results and possibly the simple shift in expectation and

    attitude have been exciting and obvious at RHS. We have had an outstanding start to our school

    year and the sense of community and pride is growing every day. It makes me proud to see so

    many people involved and engaged in what is happening at RHS.

    Developing a sense of pride and togetherness as a learning community is very important and exciting,

    but it is just one aspect of what we are trying to accomplish at RHS. Academic preparation and success for all

    of our students is the main thing that we are working towards. This past year, we increased our overall

    graduation rate while maintaining our desire to challenge students to achieve at high levels. We had eight

    students achieve a very high honor of being recognized nationally as National Merit Semifinalists! They are

    Chase Duffy, Hannah Fortin, Max Hawkins, CJ Irsfeld, Shikhar Kumar, Caroline Moriarty, Ryan Peters, and

    Mike Schneider, these students have worked incredibly hard and are incredible students. Congratulations to

    each of them. We are proud of you and you deserve the recognition that you have received.

    In the month of October, we are hosting parent-teacher conferences from 4:00 to 7:30 on the 17th

    and the 24th. We hope that you are able to attend and get to know our teachers and find out how your

    student(s) are doing. If you have any concerns, please make every attempt to attend conferences or

    communicate with us at any time vie e-mail or just give us a call. Another date to mark on your calendars is

    October 21st as we do not have school on that day.

    This year is off to a very good start and we hope to continue to improve and respond to student needs

    throughout the school year. It is our privilege to work with all of our students and help them succeed and

    prepare for their future after high school. We are always interested in hearing from you as parents and welcome

    your communication. There are good things going on every day at RHS. We are Roosevelt! We are one!

  • RHS PHONE NUMBERS Main office 362-2860 Fax 362-2883

    Activity Office 362-2866

    Counselors 362-2868 Fax 362-2867

    Attendance 362-2885 Music Dept. 362-2871

    Registrar 362-2877

    Special Ed 362-2875

    Student Store 362-2870


    362-2885 Parents: An absence must be reported either by note,

    email or phone call. When sending notes with your

    student for absences, be sure they are dated and

    signed. Students: Please bring your appointment notes

    to the attendance office first thing in the morning. You

    will be given a slip to check out of class.

    This is a reminder to all parents/guardians and

    students that you and your child are not

    allowed to bring in food from outside vendors

    for lunch. We participate in the Federal lunch

    program which stipulates that we may not have

    food in the lunch room from outside vendors.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    RHS Booster Club

    The Roosevelt High School Booster Club helps

    support over 30 activities and sports at Roosevelt

    High School. The Booster Club funding resources

    come from two major sources: the President’s Bowl

    and friends like you. Please help support the Booster

    Club through memberships and gifts.

    Booster Club meeting minutes, meeting schedules and

    activities can be found at

    We encourage all RHS supporters to attend Booster

    Club meetings and to volunteer when the need arises.

    If you have any questions about the RHS booster club

    you can contact any of the officers via their contact

    info located on the RHS Booster site.

    About 1.6 million juniors in more than 22,000 high

    schools entered the 2017 National Merit Scholarship

    Program by taking the 2015 Preliminary

    SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

    (PSAT/NMSQT®), which served as an initial screen

    of program entrants. The nationwide pool of

    Semifinalists, representing less than one percent of

    U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest scoring

    entrants in each state. Officials of National Merit

    Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced the

    names of approximately 16,000 Semifinalists in the

    62nd annual National Merit Scholarship Program on

    Wednesday. These academically talented high school

    seniors have an opportunity to continue in the

    competition for some 7,500 National Merit

    Scholarships worth about $33 million that will be

    offered next spring. Roosevelt is well represented this

    year with 8 Semifinalists, the most in Sioux Falls and

    the state. Please congratulate following students for a

    job well done: Chase Duffy, Hannah Fortin, Max

    Hawkins, CJ Irsfeld, Shikhar Kumar, Caroline

    Moriarty, Ryan Peters, and Mike Schneider. These

    students will continue the application process this year

    with hope of becoming Finalists and Merit Scholar


  • Dress Up Days:

    Throwback Thursday/History Channel: Historical figures, America Friday Night Lights: We Are Roosevelt! We are One! (Any student that has not received a shirt by Tuesday, Sept. 27, should stop by A207.) Friday, October 7, there will be a modified schedule. No school lunch will be served--students must purchase a pizza feed ticket for $5, or purchase a wristband. (Students on free/reduced lunch will need to stop by A210 to purchase a ticket for $1 during homecoming week.) Rider Fest will take place after school on Friday, October 7, from 3:30-5:30. It is a dance, block party, and carnival all rolled into one big celebration of being a Rider! There will be inflatables, cupcake walk, karaoke, family feud, bean bag tourney, golf chipping contest, 3 on 3, and more!! Booster club is hosting a tailgating party from 6- 7:30 PM at HWF. The Riders will take on the BV Lynx at 8 PM.

    Football End of season Banquet is Nov. 21

    at 6:30 pm in the RHS Commons.

    The 2016 Academic Awards Banquet is

    scheduled for Thursday, November 3rd in the RHS

    Auxiliary Gym. Any sophomore, junior, or senior

    who has earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher both

    semesters of the 2015 – 2016 school year will be

    invited to attend during his/her combined

    lunch/study hall period. Students will be

    recognized individually and get an extended lunch

    period in order to praise this achievement in their

    educational careers. Parents are encouraged to

    attend and celebrate with their children!

    Invitations will be delivered to deserving

    students during the week of October 17th through

    October 21st; they will include an RSVP form,

    which must be completed by Wednesday, October

    26th; parent tickets must also be purchased before

    the end of the day on the 26th.

    Please direct any questions, to Mrs. Fersdahl (362-

    2860 or

    Health 101: Important!

    Keep Your Children Healthy

    NOTICE: The State Department of Health is no longer providing free flu vaccine to schools, which means the Sioux Falls School District will not be holding flu shot clinics in the middle and high schools this year. Families should contact their health care provider for the flu vaccine.

    Seasonal colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses are unwelcome interruptions to our lives. Encourage your child to practice the following prevention tips:

  •  Avoid close contact with those who are sick. Don’t share food/drinks.

     Cover coughs and sneezes. Help keep germs from circulating-cover your nose with a tissue when sneezing and dispose tissues properly. When coughing, cover your mouth with your arm, not your hand.

     Wash your hands periodically with soap and water for 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer when you’re not near a sink.

     Avoid touching your face. Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose or mouth.

     Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, drink plenty of fluids, manage stress and eat nutritious foods.

     Get a flu vaccine, it’s not too late!

    The Roosevelt Theatre Department