Religion and State as Agents of Socialization and Enculturation

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Transcript of Religion and State as Agents of Socialization and Enculturation

  1. 1. Hi my name is Maganda and Im a Senior High School student taking up ABM just like you! Today, well discuss how religion and state can be participants or also known as agents of socialization and enculturation
  2. 2. Derived from the Latin word religare noun the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. synonyms: faith, belief, worship, creed a particular system of faith and worship a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. Lets define religion first!
  3. 3. noun a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government. synonyms: country, nation, land, sovereign state, nation state, kingdom, realm, power, republic, confederation, federation What is state?
  4. 4. are both considered as the ultimate sources of authority.
  5. 5. noun the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. synonyms: power, jurisdiction, command, control, charge, dominance, rule, sovereignty, supremacy Do you know that the word authority is derived from the Latin word Auctoritas which refers to the general level of prestige a person had in Roman society?
  6. 6. What are the roles of religion as a participant?
  7. 7. It exerts a great on the views of a person. It legitimizes accepted It provides to society. It can be a
  8. 8. Religion exerts a great influence on the views of a person.
  9. 9. Religion legitimizes accepted social practices.
  10. 10. Religion can be a source of social change.
  11. 11. Religion provides to society. The strength of the family unit is intertwined with the practice of religion. Churchgoers are more likely to be married, less likely to be divorced or single, and more likely to manifest high levels of satisfaction in marriage. The regular practice of religion helps poor persons move out of poverty. Regular church attendance, for example, is particularly instrumental in helping young people to escape the poverty of inner-city life. Religious belief and practice contribute substantially to the formation of personal moral criteria and sound moral judgment. Regular religious practice generally inoculates individuals against a host of social problems, including suicide, drug abuse, out-of-wedlock births, crime, and divorce. The regular practice of religion also encourages such beneficial effects on mental health as less depression (a modern epidemic), more self-esteem, and greater family and marital happiness. In repairing damage caused by alcoholism, drug addiction, and marital breakdown, religious belief and practice are a major source of strength and recovery. Regular practice of religion is good for personal physical health: It increases longevity, improves one's chances of recovery from illness, and lessens the incidence of many killer diseases. -Bill Clinton
  12. 12. You already know the role of religion as a participant. Do you want to know the states role as well?
  13. 13. Through laws: It reinforces and through the use of rewards and sanctions It upholds important concepts such as
  14. 14. The State reinforces and regulates appropriate behavior through the use of rewards and sanctions.
  15. 15. Noon.
  16. 16. Ngayon.
  17. 17. The State upholds important concepts such as rights and responsibilities.
  18. 18. While the state has an overwhelming influence over the lives of its citizens, society, on the other hand also defines certain aspects of the state. Laws are defined and influenced by the values and attitudes of citizens. Citizens work together to enforce laws and other regulations in society.
  19. 19. a phrase first used by Thomas Jefferson expressing an understanding of the intent and *function which reads: *The Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
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