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2. DisclaimerRenowned author Seth Godin approved my use of the term PURPLECOW (2/4/09): Its fine with me, just please make it clear that I haventendorsed your service. 3. 20121. INTRODUCTION The Purple Cow STORY 4. What is a Purple Cow? A unique product that stands out in the field. 1Moo!Gotuacos Purple Cow is a unique healthcare productthat stands out in the field of EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. 5. Vision2FINANCIALSECURITY throughPURPLE COWEmployee Benefits. LIKE Purple Cow Employee Benefits on Facebook 6. Mission3To PROTECT Employers &Employees...fromFINANCIAL INSECURITY. LIKE Purple Cow Employee Benefits on Facebook 7. Advocacy 4SUPPORTSME:SME they are theFUTUREHEROESof our economy! LIKE Purple Cow Employee Benefits on Facebook 8. Philosophy 5 DOINGBUSINESS with SME:MORE FUN in the PHILIPPINES! LIKE Purple Cow Employee Benefits on Facebook 9. 20122. VALUE PROPOSITIONThe Purple Cow USP 10. Purple Cow 2012Value Proposition 1 More VALUEPurple Cow gives you all 3 of todays majoremployee benefits in 1 package, designedto provide multiple layers of protection: Group Life: P50,000 P1,000,000 Group Accident: P50,000 P1,000,000 Group Health: P10,000 P200,000 You can get MORE benefits for ALL of your staff 11. Purple Cow 2012Value Proposition 2+ Less PRICEPurple Cow saves you 25% - 50% on the 2 most frequently selected Room &Board categories (Ward & Semi-Private)when you combine them with our Max.Benefit Limits: Ward 10-20-30T: starts at P4,991 / P6,378/yr* Semirates for new Virgin / new Non-Virgin accounts. See Costs section for all the rates)*(Starting 30-40-50T: starts at P6,821 / P8,646/yr*You can get LOWER rates for MAJORITY of your staff 12. Purple Cow 2012 Value Proposition 3= More HAPPINESS! Purple Cow shares the Good News witheach level of your SME organization: Employees: More financial security HR:Better recruitment & retention Finance: Greater financial viability CEO: Major pogi pointsYou can make EVERYONE happy 13. 20123. MACRO / MICRO The Purple Cow BIG & SMALL Pictures 14. Purple Cow 2012Macro & Micro 1The P6T Philippine Economy Tran./Cm ./Str., 503, 8% FIRBS, 841, 14%Elec/Gas/Wat., 413, 7%Manuf.Cm .SocSv., 181, 3%Wh/Re.Trd.Wh/Re.Trd., 1,069, 18% Min./Quar., 103, 2%Fin/RE/BzSvc. Constrctn., 94, 2% Tran./Cm ./Str.Elec/Gas/Wat. Agr/Fis/For., 76, 1%Cm .SocSv.Min./Quar.Constrctn.Agr/Fis/For.Manuf., 2,716, 45%(in Billions of Pesos) BusinessWorld Top 1000 Corp. in the Phil., 2009 ed. FIRBS = Financial Services, Real Estate & Business Services 15. Purple Cow 2012Macro & Micro2The P600B Financial Services Sector21 Insurance, 104, 17% Fin.Hold.Co., 95, 15% Banking PreNd.P/E/M, 12, 2% 21 L/NL. Ins.Inv.Co./Hous., 10, 2%Fin.Hold.Co. PreNd.P/E/MCredit.Card, 6, 1% Inv.Co./Hous.3 PreNd.Hlth, 6, 1% Credit.CardMutual.Fund, 3, 1% 3 PreNd.HlthFin./Lease, 2, 0%Mutual.Fd.Paw nshop, 1, 0% Fin./Lease Paw nshop Banking, 380, 61%(in Billions of Pesos) BusinessWorld Top 1000 Corp. in the Phil., 2009 ed.Insurance includes Medical INS.; Pre-Need Health = HMO 16. Purple Cow 2012Macro & Micro3 The Insurance vs. HMO Industries 88 Non-Lf.INS, 42, 38%15 PreNd.HMO, 12, 11% 35 Life.INS 88 Non-Lf.INS 15 HMO35 Life.INS, 57, 51% HMO Figures: AHMOPI, 2009(in Billions of Pesos)Life & Non-Life Insurance Figures: Insurance Commission, 2009 Insurance Industry (123 Co./P99B) > HMO Industry (15 Co./P12B) 17. Purple Cow 2012Macro & Micro 4The Medical INS. vs. HMO Markets5/123 Med. INS, 2, 8%15 HMO5/123 Med.INS 15 PreNd.HMO, 12, 92%HMO Figures: AHMOPI, 2009(in Billions of Pesos) Medical Insurance Figures: Delphi, 2009Medical INS. market (5 of 123 Co./P2B) < HMO market (15 Co./P12B) 18. Purple Cow 2012 Macro & Micro 5 The QUESTION:Q: What should you get? the BIGGER product (HMO)from the smaller industry? (HMO) (HMO is 90% of the healthcare market, but the HMO industry is 1/10th the size of the Insurance Industry); or the smaller product (medical insurance)from the BIGGER industry? (insurance) Can you get the best of both worlds?(Medical Insurance is 10% of the healthcare market, but the INS. industry is 10x the size of the HMO Industry). 19. Purple Cow 2012 Macro & Micro6The ANSWER:A: You should get the BIGGER product (HMO) Buffet of Benefits Nationwide Network No-Cash-Out No Inner Limits from the BIGGER industry! (insurance) More Stability More Underwriting More Regulation More ExperienceAn HMO plan from an INS. CO. can give you the best of both worlds! 20. Purple Cow 2012 Macro & Micro 7The Healthcare Red Ocean LGGROUP LG1002,958HEALTH M200+ee(.4%) MEDIUM MEDIUM 2,923 (.4%) GROUPP15-100M; HEALTH100-199 eeSMALL SMALL61,762 (7.6%) P3-15M; 10-99 eeMICRO MICROP1B in premiums, and has been in the Top 5 since 1965; GRAs partners, Larry Gotuaco & Albert del Rosario, arelegends in the industry; the Next Generation of Meg Isleta,Andy Gotuaco & Tom Gotuaco carry on the Tradition; GRAs Tom Gotuaco is the Creator of PURPLE COW: theonly EB plan today that treats SME like a large company. GRA offers the perfect admin backroom for Purple Cow 32. 2012 5. BENEFITSYour SECRET to Financial Security 33. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 13 Major Employee Benefits (per IC) LIFE ACCIDENT HEALTHLIFE (worldwide)HEALTH (nationwide)1. LIFE INSURANCE 3. MEDICAL HMO* Terminal Illness Rider* 8,205 affil. MD, 383 hospitals, 428 clinics* Total & Perm. Disability Income4. Opt. DENTAL HMOACCIDENT (worldwide)* Basic 10: 790 dentists, 659 clinics2. PERSONAL ACCIDENT5. Opt. Annual Physical Exam a. Accidental Death* Basic 5: mobile or clinic* Murder b. Accidental Disablement6. Health & Wellness Program* up to 2x/yr; tailored to utilization report* Assault 34. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 2Benefit SummaryLIFE ACCIDENT HEALTH1. Life = 5x MBL 13. Access to Big 5 Hospitals & Healthway2. Terminal Illness = up to 50% of 5x MBL14. 100% Pre-Existing Conditions coverage3. Total & Perm. Disability Income = 5x MBL15. 100% Congenital Conditions coverage4. Accidental Death = 5x MBL 16. 100% Special Procedures coverage5. Murder = 5x MBL 17. Benefits on top of Philhealth6. Accidental Disablement = __% of 5x MBL18. Pooled Employee utilization7. Assault = __% of 5x MBL 19. Separate Dependent utilization8. Medical = HMO buffet of benefits20. Opt. Dental = HMO buffet of benefits9. Combined inpatient & outpatient limits21. Opt. APE = choice of mobile or clinic10. Max. Benefit Limits per disability per year 22. Health & Wellness Program (up to 2x/yr)11. HMO patient for no-cash-out23. Same benefits for Dependents12. Private patient for reimbursement (HMO rate) 24. Access through Social Media 35. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits31. Life Insurance (worldwide)ASIANLIFE EXCLUSIONS1. Life5x MBL 1. Suicide within the 1st year of coverage 2.5x2. Terminal Illness Rider(up to 50%) MBL3. Total & Perm Disability Income5x MBL+Principals 18yo-65yo; Dependents 30dy-22yo / 18yo-65yo Example:If MBL = 20T, Life or TPDI = 100,000; TIR = 50,000;1. Life benefit = 5x MBL, for death by anyIf MBL = 40T, Life or TPDI = 200,000; TIR = 100,000;cause;If MBL = 60T, Life or TPDI = 300,000; TIR = 150,000;2. TIR benefit = up to 50% of 5x MBL, as an If MBL = 80T, Life or TPDI = 400,000; TIR = 200,000;If MBL = 100T, Life or TPDI = 500,000; TIR = 250,000.advance on the Life benefit, if terminally ill(< 12mos. to live); 50% balance upon death;3. TPDI Benefit = 5x MBL, in lieu of the Lifebenefit, whether sickness or accident. Life benefits are payable on top of Accident & Medical HMO benefits 36. Purple Cow 2012Benefits4 2a. Accident Insurance (worldwide)ASIANLIFE1. Accidental Death5x MBL 3. Disablement _% 5x MBL2. Murder5x MBL 4. Assault _% 5x MBL+Principals 18yo-65yo; Dependents 30dy-22yo / 18yo-65yo +Principals 18yo-65yo; Dependents 30dy-22yo / 18yo-65yo1. Accidental Death = 5x MBL, for death 3. Disablement = __% of 5x MBL, accordingfrom any type of accident;to a long schedule of indemnities;2. Murder = 5x MBL, in lieu of the Accidental 4. Assault = __% of 5x MBL, in lieu of theDeath benefit, for death not due to accidentDisablement benefit, for disability not duebut murder (provoked or not). to accident but assault (provoked or not).Example:Example:If MBL = 20T, Accidental Death or Murder = 100,000; If MBL = 20T, Disability or Assault = __% of 100,000;If MBL = 40T, Accidental Death or Murder = 200,000; If MBL = 40T, Disability or Assault = __% of 200,000;If MBL = 60T, Accidental Death or Murder = 300,000; If MBL = 60T, Disability or Assault = __% of 300,000;If MBL = 80T, Accidental Death or Murder = 400,000; If MBL = 80T, Disability or Assault = __% of 400,000;If MBL = 100T, Accidental Death or Murder = 500,000.If MBL = 100T, Disability or Assault = __% of 500,000.Accident benefits are payable on top of Life & Medical HMO benefits 37. Purple Cow 2012Benefits5 2b. Accident InsuranceLONG SCHEDULE OF INDEMNITIES1. Life (same as Accidental Death) 100% 14. Middle finger 6%2. Both hands or feet or sight of both eyes100% 15. Ring finger 5%3. One hand and one foot 100% 16. Little finger 4%4. Either hand or foot and sight of one eye100% 17. Metacarpals 1st/2nd - 3rd/4th/5th3% - 2%5. Injuries resulting in being perm. bedridden 100% 18. Leg at or above knee 60%6. Any other injury causing Total Perm. Disab. 100% 19. Leg below knee 50%7. Arm at or above elbow70% 20. One foot 50%8. Arm between elbow and wrist50% 21. All toes on one foot 25%9. One hand 50% 22. Big toe 5%10. Four fingers and thumb of one hand50% 23. Any toe other than big toe (each) 1%11. Four fingers35% 24. Sight of one eye 50%12. Thumb 15% 25. Hearing - both ears50%13. Index finger10% 26. Hearing - one ear25%+Multiple losses from 1 accident will be limited to the highest loss, not to exceed 100%. If a member suffered the loss of 1 hand/foot/eye prior to coverage, the benefit for a subsequent loss of the same will be . Losses refer to total and permanent loss of use or complete severanc