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2. Reimbursement(Inpatient or Outpatient)5 You will only need to file for reimbursementif you seek treatment as a Private Patientand pay up front, versus seek treatment asan HMO Patient and not pay at all, because:5 1) you want to be treated by a non-accredited doctor; and/or5 2) you want to be treated in a non-accredited hospital/clinic.5 To get reimbursed, fill out the proper claimform, complete all the requirements, andsubmit all the documents.5 For pick-up of your claims documents inManila, please call Lala (888-0001 ext. 835).5 Outside Manila, please send via LBC to:GRA (attention: Purple Cow)15/F Chatham House, Salcedo Village, Makati City5 The standard wait period for reimbursementof claims is fifteen (15) working days. 3. Outpatient Claim ChecklistSubmit accomplished Out-Patient Claim Form To be accomplished & signed by the Employee AND the attending physician To be submitted to HRORIGINAL of the following should be submitted: Official Receipt(s); Prescription for the diagnostic test(s); Medical Certificate in the absence of Out-PatientClaim Form but insured still has to accomplish theOut-Patient Claim Form 4. Inpatient Claim Checklist5 Submit accomplished HospitalizationClaim Form Part 1 - by the insured Part 2 - by the authorized HR officer Part 3 - by the ATTENDING physician5 ORIGINAL of the following should also besubmitted: Official Receipt(s) bearing BIR Permit NumberHospital bills,Professional Fee(s)Medicines bought outside the hospital but wereconsumed during confinement Statement of Account (SOA)Itemized list of expense, Charge Slips Police Report, when necessary