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P is for Purple Cow

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  • 1. This book was written and illustrated by the Woodsters 2012-2013. The words on the pages that follow capture what it means to be a Woodster and how we live each day. Please enjoy our book and remember to be a Purple Cow! Aidan Amado!! ! ! ! ! ! Cole Volhejn Samantha Arnitz! ! ! ! ! ! Cameron White Madison Carroll! ! ! ! ! ! Connor Wrobbel Katie Cole! ! ! ! ! ! ! Mitchell Zanon Christopher DOrazio-Heffner Tyler Fuenfstueck Abigail Grejda Ethan Krieger Cody Lee Annah Lejnieks Kayla Maxwell Jacey Muto Brandon Roberts Chris Ruscio DJ Stoianovich Abby Tucker Patrick Unger

2. A is for Awesome-est Be the Awesome-est means be the best you can be at everything you do. Like when you have a hard test you dont give up, you be the best you can be at it. So be the Awesome-est you can be. 3. B is for Be the Change Be the change you wish to see means to lead. To lead others in the right direction, think about the change you want other people to see and think about the influence and effect you have on others. To create change you need to show it yourself, that way it will spread to others. 4. C is for Condent Be confident means, that you don't give up and you keep on trying. You have to believe that you can do it, and you have to fight through even if it is really hard. Never give up. You have to believe that you can do it and dont be afraid to try something new. 5. D is for Drive Drive means to go into something believing in yourself feeling confident even in hard things. You never want to give up. You may feel lazy and weak some days but you still have to go into it strong and hard. Its better to believe than not, because believing can affect your results. Have a drive every day! 6. E is for Energy Energy is bouncing off the walls. If you dont have any energy, you wont be able to get up and do anything. If you do have energy you can do ANYTHING! You can get energy by eating healthy. Then you will not have a grouchy day at school. 7. F is for Fall down, 7 times, Stand up 8. Fall down 7 times, stand up 8, means if you fail you have to stand back up and try it over again. For example, if you play a sport and if you miss a goal, you try to get it the next time. Or in school if you're struggling with solving a problem, keep trying. 8. G is for Grit Grit means to have a fight. Always have a fire in your belly. Never give up. A time when you need to have a grit is when you have really hard work to do, you need that fight with you. 9. H is for Hard is Fun Hard is fun... Say you are playing a board game, if its easy dont just keep playing get something harder so it will challenge you. You will get a little bit better every second. If you have an easy math problem like 1+3, do a harder one like 100,000,000,000,000+946,368,541,534,964. Easy is boring, HARD IS FUN. 10. I is for I cant is a bad word. I cant is a bad word means to never give up and to keep going. Never say I cant, instead say, I can! 11. J is for Jump in with Two Feet Dont just dip your toe in the water, jump in with two feet! Take a risk everyday to try something new, even if youre unsure. Who knows, if you jump in with two feet, you might find something youre good at and passionate about. 12. K is for Keep Trying Keep trying means never give up even if you dont get it. If you ever fail just keep trying; ask questions, do your best, and keep going and youll succeed! 13. L is for Leader Being a leader means standing up for what you believe in even if you're the only one standing. It also means dont follow someone who is being bossy to you, but lead yourself. To be a leader, lead people in the right direction, not in the wrong. Dont be pushy about it, be fair to other people. 14. M is for Make Today a Masterpiece Make today a masterpiece means to make every day the best it can be. It also means to be your best every day at every time. Also, when youre making the day a masterpiece you have to come across some challenges. You can make today a masterpiece by doing the best you can. 15. N is for Never Ending Never ending means to never stop trying 110% when you're doing your work. It also means to never stop trying. Never ending means when youre done youve just begun. Never ending means you can always add more. 16. O is for Open Mind Keep an open mind means that you should always try something new. If you dont think you will like it, give it a shot. You might actually begin to like that activity. It also means you should never give up and always do you best. 17. P is for Purple Cow Purple cow means to do your best and stand out. Purple cow means to be remarkable. Be yourself, make someone stop and appreciate you and your work. 18. Q is for Questions If you ask QUESTIONS it makes a difficult task easier. Have you ever had to do something and could not ask QUESTIONS? How much harder was it to do something without asking? Never be afraid to ask. 19. R is for Remarkable To be remarkable is to stand out and be yourself. 20. S is for Stand Out Stand out means to always have a moment to be in the spotlight and show that youre awesome. Dont stay in the background, seek the spotlight! 21. T is for Take a Risk Take a risk means to do something you're uncomfortable doing. Take a risk means to jump in with 2 feet and don't be scared. Take a risk means to be proud when you do something youre afraid of. Take a risk by doing something others are afraid of doing. Take a risk today, tomorrow, and forever. 22. U is for Understand UNDERSTAND means think hard and you will understand. Ask questions if you dont understand. If you really try, you can do it! 23. V is for Valuable Valuable means you are important to people that know you. Without you, the group would be missing an important part of the family. So be valuable every day! 24. W is for Work Together Work together means that you treat others fairly and share each others thoughts. When we work together, big things happen! When you work together, you are a true Purple Cow! 25. X is for eXcitement Excitement means to get excited when you do something good. Celebrate your success and the success of others. 26. Y is for You are You and that is Awesome! You are you and thats awesome means you are awesome just the way you are. So dont change who you are to make others like you. Just be yourself, they will like you just the way you are. 27. Z is for Zipping Around Zipping around the classroom means to do your best and help all of your classmates. They will believe in you and rely on you more. You will have more pride in yourself and will have more pride in what you do. 28. To the 2012-2013 Woodsters, You have grown tremendously throughout the school year. You have demonstrateduncommoncare for others. You have learned tobe creative, innovative and playfulwhen it comes to learning. You have learned toreecton learning,ask questionsandtake risks.Above all, you have learned to strive to beREMARKABLE. You are trulyPurple Cowsin our eyes. You are theAwesome-est! It has been a pleasure learning along side of you this school year. Mrs. J and I appreciate how you rose to every occasion and pushed yourself. You have pushed us to become moreuncommon, creative, innovative, playful, curious, reectiveandremarkableas teachers. As you leave us today as a Woodster Alum, we are better teachers for having had you in our class. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mr. Wood and Mrs. Jwaskiewicz