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  • 1. Present ContinuousPresent Continuous

2. Present Continuous We use the Present Continuous tense to talk about the action that : it is happening now 3. 2.- Jump 3.- Drink 4.- Run 5.- Eat 6.- Walk 7.- Sleep 8.- Write Activity 1: Write the number of the verb in the correct picture 4. Present Continuous I am You are He is She is playing It is We are You are They are 5. Activity 2: Look the pictures and put an X in the correct action 6. Grammar Structure of Present Continous 7. Activity 3: Look the picture and write the actions that they are doing For example: 8. QUESTIONS 9. 1.-Ask for the activity in the moment 10. What ....doing? 1.- What is she doing? She is singing 2.- What is he doing? He is playing the guitar 3.- What is the dog doing? It is running. 11. Answer about the actions that they are doing What are they doing? What is he doing? .. What is she doing? .. What are you doing? .. 12. 2.- Yes/ No answer Is he swimming? Yes, he is. No, he is not. Is he writing? Yes, he is. No,he is not. 13. Speaking Activity Work with your partner and complete the following dialogue. A: Hi, What are you doing? B: Hi, I am and you? A: I am . 14. Activity 4:Look at the picture and answer orally the questions according to the action that they are doing 15. The End