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1. Crete CRETEBy Nondas Kargakis 2. LOCATED IN BETWEEN : Europe Africa AsiaThe Island of Crete2 3. -4 MAJOR CITIES (HERAKLION, RETHIMNO, CHANIA, AGIOS NIKOLAOS) -POPULATION 600,000 -CRETE IS 260 KM (160 MILES) LONG AND 56 KM The Island of Crete AT ITS WIDEST POINT. (35 MILES)3 4. CRETE IS KNOWN FOR The beautiful beachesThe Island of Crete4 5. The historical sightsThe Island of Crete5 6. More things about CreteUnique traditions and great foodActivities for all the agesThousands of naturally beautiful places to visit and exploreThe Island of Crete6 7. The Island of Crete7