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Wentworth Point From Eco Living Presented By Environmental Consultant – Annabel Humphreys

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  • 1.From Eco Living Presented By Environmental Consultant Annabel Humphreys

2. Sustainability is an important concept to consider throughout the redevelopment of the Sydney suburb, Wentworth Point because it is important that a popular inner city community can sustain itself and continue into the future. Sustainable energy is also a very significant feature because it is renewable and does not harm the environment. My company uses minimalist materials to design their centres All buildings are sustainable, and contain features such as; large windows, water tanks and solar panels Resources used are environmentally friendly and produce no pollution 3. We have incorporated sustainable design principles into the redevelopment of Wentworth Point by using minimalist material in our buildings and ecofriendly resources. All our building also use large windows, rain water tanks and solar panels; all of which help keep the environment safe and do not produce pollution. 4. I have used solar panels, rain water tanks and environmentally friendly materials to design the Discovery Centre at Wentworth Point. These are all major features of the design, and help make it a sustainable structure for the area. Solar panels 5. Solar panels improve sustainability because they will use the sun to create energy for the area. This saves money on power bills, which will allow the centre to spend more on other sustainable areas, and it also doesnt cause any harm to the environment, or any pollution. This makes it a very sustainable idea for the Discovery Centre. EF materials websit e 6. The materials use to build the Discovery Centre will be environmentally friendly and will not harm the environment or produce pollution. It is sustainable because it will last a long time and be very efficient for the company and the public. Water Tanks website 7. Water tanks provide fresh rain water for the local community, whenever it rains. This means that we will not have to use tap water which saves money on water bills and helps the environment. It is sustainable because rain does not run out, and as long as we have the rain we will have fresh water for the communities people, toilets and gardens. websit e