All About Me Power Point Presentation Power Point 1.

By: Donte’ E. Pope All About Me Power Point Presentation Power Point 1

Transcript of All About Me Power Point Presentation Power Point 1.

By: Donte’ E. Pope

All About MePower Point Presentation

Power Point 1

Tell me about yourself

My name is Donte’ Eric Pope from Baltimore, Md. and I love luxury, exotic, classic cars. I’m 35 years old with four kids, Anaya (14), Aarika (10), Amoni (3), and my 1 and only son Amare’ (2). I work at CSX transportation as a railroad engineer for 13 years and Len Stoler Audi/Porsche as a Audi brand specialist. Also, I’m attending CCBC part time to receive a Small Business Management Certificate, so that I can open my own auto broker’s business. In my spare time I like to drive old school cars, travel, and spend time with my kids. I believe the only thing more expensive than education is ignorance, so I plan on to continue learning everything there is about automotive. I will be a master at my craft.

Power Point 2

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Two years Five years

Power Point 3

Received Small business Management Certificate.

Licensed car wholesaler.

Living in luxury condominium.

Helping my kids through school.

Making over $100k/ year

Owner of professional auto broker’s firm.

Driving a Lamborghini.Vacation home in

California.Helping low income

people Producing Auto showsMaking over $450k/


What would you do if you won the lottery?

Power Point 4

Buy a Brand New Rolls Royce

Buy a Brand New Audi RS 5


What is the most important thing you learned in school?

Power Point 5

Important QuotesThe biggest obstacles in our lives are the

barriers in our minds.Don’t despise small beginnings!Be yourself because an original is worth more

than a copy.Need time? Take control of the time you

already have and plan it well.A goal without a plan is a wish!


Are you a team player? Give an example of a time you were able to contribute to a team.

Power Point 6

Me and my daughter Amoni was able to contribute as fans when the Baltimore Ravens won Super


I would choose the power to be invisible. If I was invisible, I would have the keys and

answers to anything I needed or wanted. It wouldn’t cost me anything to get the things of

the world.

Power Point 7

If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?