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Transcript of Podcasting peercoachespart2

  • 1. How to Create a Podcast
    Peer Coaches Career Exploration

2. Podcasting Basics
The term podcast comes from ipod and broadcasting.
3. 4 Easy Steps to Creating a Podcast
Use background music
Record the voice track
Edit or use effects
Save as an MP3 file format
4. Tips for Creating a Better Podcast
Appropriate length (10-20 minutes tops!)
More than one voice
Be mindful where you are recording (background noise can be a podcast killer!)
Plan and organize your topic
5. Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.
Audacity 1.2.6 is the main release.
Where can you use Audacity?
In the Media Lab in Lied Library
Install software version 1.2.6 on your computer
6. Audacity Screen
7. Get Background Music
To import an audio file (MP3, WAV, AIFF) that you already have on your computer, go to Project > Import Audio.
8. Record the Voice Track
Use a microphone or import recorded voice track.
Option: Play other tracks while recording new one.Go to Edit Preferences.
9. Start Recording!
10. Sound Test
11. Adjust the Microphone if Audio is too Low
12. Add Music or Other Audio
13. Edit or Use Effects
Cut pieces out
Fade the music in and out
Note:You must select part or all of the track before you can apply edits and effects.
14. Save as an MP3
When you are all done with your recording, save it as an MP3 so that it will play on iPods and MP3 players
Go to File > Export as MP3
Note: If youve installed Audacity on your computer, youll need to add the Lame MP3 encoder.Follow the instructions at Lame Installation.
15. Edit ID3 Tags
These are tags that give title and genre information.
16. Post Podcast on the Peer Coaches Blog
Upload your MP3 file to the Peer Coaches Blog.
Create a link to your MP3 file. Your link will look similar to this: http://blogs.library.unlv.edu/peer_coaches/mypodcast.mp3.
Write a title and a brief description of your podcast above or below the link so listeners will know what your podcast is about.
17. Upload File
18. File Options
19. Edit Blog Entry and Publish
20. Youre done!
21. Assignment
22. Peer Coaches Podcast: Career Exploration

  • Due August 5

23. Post on the Peer Coaches Blog 24. Length: 10 to 15 minutes