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presentation on cloggersummit2007 in phnom penh

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2. What is a podcast? Broadcasting and Ipod = Podcasting But:You dont need an iPod! 3. Denition A podcast is an audio or video le, provided on subscription on a regular basis.You should have the rights on the content you provide. 4. Most famous podcaster http://images.businessweek.com/ss/05/12/bestleaders/image/curry.jpg Adam Curry 5. The beginning How to get music on a regular basis without using p2p-networks? Subscribe! How to subscribe? With RSS. Dave Winer included to RSS 6. The beginning Adam Curry wrote a software, which checked if there is a RSS-Feed with an MP3- File included and if so, download it. Today, iTunes ist the most famous Podcatcher 7. How to podcast What you need: A Computer (or a mp3-recorder, you can win one today) A microphone (mostly build in) An internet connection Provider like mypodcast.com 8. Your rst podcast Remember Beths rsts steps and Johns and Andys Content is king You may have some notes Press the record button 9. Where the hell is the record button? Use the free software audacity (audacity.com) Install it Press the record button 10. Where the hell is the record button? Use the free software audacity (audacity.com) Install it Press the record button 11. Editing? If you like, edit it. Insert your own intro. Whatever you like. Then export an MP3-File (its build in in audacity...) 12. mypodcast.com the place where your podcast lives upload your le ll out the elds publish done! 13. The other way libsyn.com (payed hosting) podshow.com (free) 14. Thats it! You are now a podcaster 15. Spread the word Register your podcast on: iTunes Podcastalley podcastpickle.com 16. Get connected Look for other podcasters Share your experience Try team podcasting 17. More information http://www.how-to-podcast-tutorial.com/ Email me: thomas.wanhoff@gmail.com If there is some interest, it would be a please for me to work as a volunteer in podcasting workshops.