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Transcript of OpenStack + VMware: Everything You Need to Know (Kilo-edition)

  1. 1. 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. OpenStack + VMware: Everything You Need to Know (Kilo Edition) Dan Wendlandt - @dwendlandt
  2. 2. About Me Stanford University (BS) & Carnegie Mellon (MS) Focus on networking & security Left Carnegie Mellon PhD program to join Nicira. Nicira, pioneer company in software defined networking, creator of Open vSwitch project. Early engineer and first product manager. Acquired by VMware in 2012 OpenStack Project Former OpenStack Networking Project Team Lead (PTL) & core dev. Former OpenStack Technical Committee Member. VMware, leader in datacenter virtualization, OpenStack contributor. Product lead for OpenStack @ VMware Launched Product: VMware Integrated OpenStack
  3. 3. The Ages of OpenStack Austin (Austin) Bexar (San Antonio) Diablo (Santa Clara) Folsom (San Fran.) Essex (Boston) Grizzly (San Diego) Havana (Portland) Icehouse (Hong Kong) Kilo (Paris) Juno (Atlanta) Liberty (Vancouver) Age of Formation: Lets Grow the Community! Age of Something for Nothing: OpenStack gives me a cloud for free! Age of Pragmatism: How can OpenStack drive value in my organization? M (Tokyo) N (TBD) Expectations vs. Reality
  4. 4. What Has Driven the Shift to the Age of Pragmatists? 4 Free Do-it-Yourself Work with Vendor to De-risk Primary Focus on Free Primary Focus on Developer Innovation Hire new team Enable Current Team First-hand experience in a lab / production Tales from operator meetups, blogs, articles, analysts, etc. Awareness of What Running OpenStack Really Means No longer web-scale shops + SPs who building out new team of developers to maintain cloud. Have different expectations for support, etc. Enterprises are Growing Percentage of Evaluators
  5. 5. Age of the Pragmatist: Focus on Developer Innovation 5 Businesses increasingly see software as a key differentiator Automation enables their software developers to deliver software faster + more reliably. OpenStack is a framework for providing developers with cloud-style APIs and tools on top of your teams choice of virtual infrastructure technologies. Why? How?
  6. 6. Ops Question: What is the Best Technology to Power OpenStack? scalability? low total cost of ownership availability and reliability? What is the best technology choice for... effective operations and upgrade? ... infrastructure and app SLAs? troubleshooting and support? advanced features? security? 6
  7. 7. The Opportunity of OpenStack on VMware 7 industry leading technologies that deliver reliable and rich compute, network, storage and management Open and vendor-neutral APIs and tools that help your developers innovate
  8. 8. Use vendor-neutral OpenStack APIs, CLIs, and tools to provision + manage workloads Use a robust platform and familiar tools to operate and manage the cloud infrastructure. Cloud Developers Cloud Operators The Opportunity of OpenStack on VMware
  9. 9. OpenStack Foundation Whitepaper on the Benefits of OpenStack + VMware for Enterprises: The Opportunity of OpenStack on VMware
  10. 10. VMwares Opportunity: Making OpenStack Easy for Our Customers 10 Announced as beta @ VMworld 2014 VIO 1.0 went generally available in March 2015. FREE to vSphere Enterprise+ customers. Optional $200 / CPU / year for VIO support. VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO)
  11. 11. A Long-Standing Commitment to the OpenStack Community 2010 Open vSwitch Project created by Nicira 2011 OpenStack Project created by Rackspace and NASA VMware joins OpenStack Foundation as Gold member 2013 vSphere +Nova vSphere + Ceilometer Congress Policy add to OpenStack vSphere + Glance OpenStack Distros Partners announce plans to support vSphere and NSX 2014 OpenStack Networking Neutron project started, led by Nicira 2012 NSX+ Neutron vSphere +Cinder 11 2015 VMware Integrated OpenStack GA VMware Launches Fully Supported OpenStack Product
  12. 12. Kilo VMware OpenStack Community Involvement 12 Top 10 contributor since 2012 (95K lines-of-code in Kilo) Maintain VMware drivers, assist with community efforts. Gives cross-project capability of enforcing policy & compliance. Newly accepted OpenStack project. Serves as the foundation for almost all open source + vendor solutions for Neutron. OVN: new project launch early in 2015. VMware + Red Hat. bringing-native-virtual-networking-to-ovs/ Main OpenStack Projects Open vSwitch ( + OVN) Congress Policy Project
  13. 13. ? Web PortalCLI Tools Compute API Network API Storage API Image API OpenStack API SDKs ? ? NSXESX & vCenter vCenter Datastores 3rd-party / Virtual SAN IaaS API Services + Drivers Developer Tools Virtualization Technologies OpenStack Framework Application devops team Application Mgmt and Automation Hardware Technologies Cloud Infrastructure team Infrastructure Ops + Mgmt vRealize: Operations, Log Insight, Business 13 Running OpenStack with VMware Pivotal Cloud Foundry VIO
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL 14 Mind the Gap Between Proof-of-Concept + Production
  15. 15. Mind the Gap Between Proof-of-Concept + Production 15 Subbu Allamaraju Chief Cloud Architect @ Ebay ...and more infra integration DNS firewalls security reclamation billing chargeback capacity forecasting user support metrics monitoringhigh availability upgrades packaging patching config mgmt remediation bootstrap Infra onboarding an OpenStack installation does not make a cloud These activities are bound to consume a significant amount of time and effort.
  16. 16. Operations Example: Monitor, Troubleshoot, Remediate 16 vRealize Operations: Monitor / Troubleshoot OpenStack Control Plane Map from OpenStack Servers, Volumes, and Networks down to virt + hardware layer. vRealize Log Insight: Centralized log collection + analysis. Pre-built and extensible dashboards tailored to OpenStack and other VMware products. Customer Story on vRealize Log Insight:
  17. 17. VMware NSX: Secure your applications with network virtualization CONFIDENTIAL 17 Virtual Networking demos are cool.. Production-grade Virtual Networking is COOLER And dont forget about making sure the system is resilient to node failures, doesnt cause VM network downtime during upgrade, is easy to troubleshoot. 400+ NSX customers
  18. 18. Operations Example: Security Patching CONFIDENTIAL 18 Allows VM break out to hypervisor, reach other VMs and perhaps other hypervisors. A VERY scary bug in KVM / Xen (not VMware) You cant patch fast enough but are you immediately going to take down every VM in your cloud? These days, even GCE avoids patch reboots. vSphere Maintenance Mode & Update Manager Automated, non-disruptive hypervisor patching.
  19. 19. VMware Virtual SAN: Powerful Cinder & Nova Storage 19 Performance Policy: Go all flash or flexibly mix spinning disk & flash, on a per-workload basis. Random Read: 7.4M IOPs OLTP Mix: 2.2M IOPs 64-node vSAN Cluster. /double-vsan-performance/ Simplicity & Ops: Enabled with a few clicks in vCenter, no separate storage sub-system to manage.
  20. 20. What is VMware Integrated OpenStack? CONFIDENTIAL 20 Existing vSphere environment VMware-optimized reference arch, with integrated tools for install, upgrade, etc VMware Integrated OpenStack OpenStack code with VMware drivers Fully Validated Architecture vRealize Operations vRealize Business Log Insight OpenStack-aware Cloud Management vRealize Automation Single Support Contact
  21. 21. Demo: VMware Integrated OpenStack (Time Permitting) The OpenStack APIs developers want Best-of-breed compute, network, storage Elegant, rapid, and simplified operations
  22. 22. OpenStack Interoperability 22 industry leading technologies that deliver reliable and rich compute, network, storage and management Open and vendor-neutral APIs and tools that help your developers innovate
  23. 23. Monday, May 18th What you need to know about OpenStack and VMware (Kilo Edition) 3:40 4:20pm, Room 116/117 Leveraging vSphere Virtual Distributed Switches and NSX vSphere for Neutron 4:40 5:20pm, Room 116/117 Panel: The Future of Neutron Plugin and Driver Innovation 4:40 5:20pm, Room 118/119/120 Learn more about VMware + OpenStack at the following sessions: Tuesday, May 19th OpenStack on VMware in the Real World: Customer Success Stories 11:15 11:55am, Room 210 VMware Integrated OpenStack: Turn your existing VMware Environment into Production-Grade Openstack in Under an Hour (Seriously!) 12:05 12:45am, Room 210 Unlocking the opportunities of a combined OpenStack and VMware technological ecosystems 2:00 2:40 pm, Room 210 Customer Stories OpenStack + VMware: Enabling The Evolution of Enterprise Application at Adobe Monday, May 18th, 2:50 3:30pm, Room 202/203/204 OpenStack on VMware in the Real World: Customer Success Stories Tuesday, May 19th 11:15 11:55am, Room 210 The Enterprise-Grade Foundation For Your OpenStack Cloud Hands on Lab OpenStack Networking Hands-on Lab Monday, May 18th 11:15 12:45pm, Room 111/112 Congress Hands-on Lab Wednesday, May 20th 4:30 6:00pm, Room 111/112 Wednesday, May 20th Helping Telcos go Green and save OpEx via Policy 2:40 3:20pm, Room 110 Thursday, May 21st Neutron Past, Present & Future of Cloud Networking 11:00 11:40pm, Room 118/119/120 Supporting virtualized Telco functions with OpenStack 11:00 11:40pm, Room 110
  24. 24. OpenStack +