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Transcript of VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.0

  • 2015 VMware Inc. All rights reserved.

    VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.0

    Erik Bussink,

    Solution Architect

    11th November 2015

  • VIO 2.0 Product Compatibility Matrix

  • VMware changes in OpenStack Kilo (2015.1.0)

    Support for Ephemeral disks


    Support for VSAN


    Support for OVA based images


    Support for SPBM based storage policies


    The capability to run multiple vmware clusters from a single nova-compute service via the vmware.cluster_name config option is deprecated in Kilo and may be removed in Liberty. See: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/163426/


  • VIO 2.0 New Features

    Ceilometer with Heat

    Service Management


    Separate Metadata with Management network

    Certificate Update

    Hyperic Integration

  • What is Ceilometer ?

    Ceilometer is telemetry service for openstack, it gathers usage data from various openstack services, and we use the data to provide input for heat to do auto-scaling decisions.

  • Service Management (Start/Stop/Restart)

  • LBaaS

    VIO 2.0 Support LBaaS v1

    No change in VIO installation

    LBaaS leverage Edge Appliance LB Feature




    Use compact edge(Memory:512M,Disk:512M,vCPU:1)


  • Separate Edge network & Management network

    VIO 2.0 support new network topology

    The Management, Compute and Edge clusters are not all connected to the

    same Virtual Distributed Switch (VDS)

    The Management, Compute and Edge clusters are not all L2 adjacent.

  • Generate CSR file

  • Hyperic Agent Installation & Management

    vRealize Hyperic provides performance management with complete, constant visibility into applications and infrastructure.

    The OpenStack Management pack collects data from OpenStack APIs, through a Hyperic agent for OpenStack Process data, and correlates OpenStack tenant and inventory information with vSphere and NSX Management Packs.MP link: https://solutionexchange.vmware.com/store/products/management-pack-for-openstack-1-5#.VcgeEBOqqkp

    For better user experience, a new feature is ready to install and manage Hyperic agents to openstack control plane VMs

  • Upgrade to VIO 2.0

  • Overview

    Customers who have deployed a OpenStack cloud using VIO 1.x product are running OpenStack Icehouse code.

    With the VIO 2.0 product we moved to use the OpenStack Kilo code.

    The Upgrade feature allows users running Icehouse deployment to upgrade to Kilo deployment.

    Also, in the process if they fail they can rollback to the Icehouse based deployment

  • Upgrade Procedure

  • Upgrade Procedure

  • Upgrade Procedure

  • UpgradeProcedure

  • Upgrade Procedure

  • UI Flow

  • UI Flow

  • UI Flow

  • UI Flow

  • UI Flow

  • UI Flow

  • Backup & Restore

  • Advantages over competitive products

    Fully integrated with VIO no other 3rd party software installation required

    Single CLI command to do backup and recovery

    OpenStack Awareness ensure OpenStack services restarted correctly after recovery

    Non disruptive OpenStack database backup services are fully functional during backup with consistency

  • Backup and Recovery

    Backup the OpenStack database

    Restore the OpenStack database

    Backup the management server

    Restore the management server

    Recover nodes from OpenStack control plane

  • Glance - Image ConversionExperimental Feature

  • Glance Image Conversion (Experimental)

    * - Available only if the image is OVA

    Users migrating from KVM based cloud have QEMU2 / RAW images.

    Running qemu-img on each of them and uploading them with the right disk & adapter types is time-consuming and error-prone.

    Glance now natively supports image conversion

    Only supported on Location based Image Uploads

    Conversion is a heavy process and hence need to queue them.

    Due to technical limitation on glance-api we cannot support conversion when uploading from local system.

    Image Creation Workflow

    You will see additional disk formats if you choose Image Locations in the Image Creation Form.

    A Task is queued for every conversion operation and you can monitor the status of conversion.

  • Glance Image Conversion (contd.)

    * - Available only if the image is OVA

    Supported Source Formats

    All formats supported by qemu-img utility

    i.e qcow2, raw, vhd, vdi

    Destination Format (Fixed in 2.0)


    vmware_disktype sparse

    Vmware_adaptertype lsiLogic (currently ide but will be changed before RC)


    We use /mnt/data/glance_tmp on controllers for temporary conversion purposes.

    There is a possibility of running out of disk space with large disks. Hence, this needs a bit of caution and hence will be experimental in 2.0.

    In future versions, the conversion may be offloaded to another worker VM.

  • Glance Image Conversion (contd.)

  • Questions?

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