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Transcript of VMware Integrated OpenStack - meetup Amsterdam VIO 18 june 2015.pdfآ  Inside VMware Integrated...

  • © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved.

    VMware Integrated OpenStack Tech Overview

    Jan-Willem Lammers

    Martijn Baecke

    Marco Baaijen

  • Agenda

    1 Inside VMware Integrated OpenStack

    2 Installation

    3 Demo

    4 Monitoring & Troubleshooting

    5 Standard OpenStack for Developers

  • ?

    Web Portal CLI Tools

    Compute API Network API Storage API Image API

    OpenStack API SDKs

    ? ?

    NSX vSphere vSphere Datastores: VVOLS / Virtual SAN & 3rd party

    IaaS API Services + Drivers

    Developer Tools

    Virtualization Technologies

    OpenStack Framework

    Application devops team Application Mgmt

    and Automation

    Hardware Technologies

    Cloud Infrastructure


    Infrastructure Ops + Mgmt

    vRealize Operations

    vRealize Automation


    What Does It Take to Run an OpenStack Cloud?

    Pivotal Cloud Foundry

    Log Insight

    IT Business Mgmt

    VMware Integrated OpenStack

  • Inside VMware Integrated OpenStack

    VMware SDDC Infrastructure

    vCenter Server NSX Controller

    ESXi VSAN vSphere Datastores Virtual Distributed


    vCenter Server

    vCenter Operations

    Log Insight

    Nova (Compute)

    vCenter Driver

    Cinder (Block Storage)

    VMDK Driver

    Glance (Image Catalog)

    VMDK Driver

    Neutron (Networking)

    NSX Driver

    OpenStack Services

    Horizon (Web Portal)

    VMware Optimized

    OpenStack Install



    VMware Integrated OpenStack


    OpenStack APIs / SDKs

    Heat (App Templates)

  • Deployment Architecture

    vCenter Server

    Management Cluster Compute Cluster 1 Compute Cluster 2

    VMware Integrated OpenStack Manager

    OpenStack Deployment

    Nova Neutron Cinder

    Glance Keystone Load Balancer

    Tenant VMs Tenant VMs


  • VIO Architecture – Logical Topology-Management Internal

  • VIO Architecture – Logical Topology-All Internal

  • VIO Architecture – Physical Topology Internal

  • Installing VMware Integrated OpenStack

    VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO)

    vSphere Web Client VIO Manager


  • Demo: Installing VMware Integrated OpenStack

  • Day 2 Operations •  Deploy workloads

    •  Etc etc

  • Storage Tiering •  Create vSphere storage policies •  Create Cinder volume types

    •  Create extra spec –  Volume Type è Storage Policy

    •  Create Volume with type specified




    SAN / NAS Virtual SAN NFS Server

    Cinder VMDK Driver

    Gold Policy Silver Policy Bronze Policy

    Gold Vol Type Silver Vol Type Bronze Vol Type

  • Troubleshooting & Monitoring •  vRealize Operations Management Pack for OpenStack

    –  Visibility into entire stack –  Health, Risk and Efficiency for OpenStack objects

    –  Problem detection and remediation for OpenStack infrastructure and tenants –  Out-of-the-box reports for performance, capacity and alert frequency

    –  Object relationship graphs

    –  Tenant dashboards


  • Troubleshooting & Monitoring •  vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for OpenStack

    –  All OpenStack + vSphere logs in one place –  OpenStack specific dashboards

    –  Build your own dashboards (no coding required!) –  Intelligent log message grouping

    –  Highly customizable search


  • Troubleshooting & Monitoring •  vRealize Business for OpenStack

    –  Monitor & report cost of OpenStack resources –  Predict cost trending based on usage

    –  Compare cost with other clouds


  • Standard OpenStack for Developers •  Same APIs as any other OpenStack distribution

    •  DefCore validated


    •  http://www.openstack.org/marketplace/distros/distribution/vmware/vmware-integrated-openstack •  http://www.openstack.org/brand/interop/

  • Where to Learn More


    Hands-on-Lab •  SPL-SDC-1420: VIO with vSphere and NSX •  Online at: http://www.vmware.com/go/openstacklab

    Have Questions? •  Visit our online community: http://


    Download VIO + Learn More http://www.vmware.com/products/openstack

    OpenStack Training •  Free 3-hour online training course on OpenStack,

    geared for people with a VMware background: •  http://www.vmware.com/go/openstacktraining

    Blog / Twitter •  Read http://blogs.vmware.com/openstack/ •  Follow @VMware_OS

  • Thank You

  • Adobe Case Study

  • Want to know more avout this case? •  https://youtu.be/R7WTA1iezKw

    •  http://www.openstack.org/assets/pdf-downloads/adobe-dm-case-study.pdf