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  • Northbrook Notes June/July 2013

    Northbrook Presbyterian Church Newsletter

    “L iv

    e th

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    ri st

    On the Road Again

    Several years ago, a group of us, or maybe it was a committee since we are Presbyterians, was trying to come up with a catchy phrase to describe our hands-on mission activities. I think we came up with "Takin' It to the Streets" and "On the Road Again." Well, the latter was appropriate in early May when nine of us traveled to the rolling hills of southern Indiana to help in the rebuilding effort in the aftermath of the tornado that leveled Henryville, IN just more than a year ago.

    Our team included Bill and Vickie Back, Carolyn Beauvais and Bill Newman, Don and LeeAnn Hemberg, Peggie Schiller, Jeff Wilhelmi and me. We were assigned to work on the new home being constructed for Angela Rodewig whose house was literally blown away by the tornado. Don Hemberg brought and applied his terrific skills at both house-building and team-building. Bill Back tackled the labyrinthine wiring that a previous volunteer group had installed and made some "shocking" discoveries. Peggie Schiller charmed everyone in sight and became the "Ambassador" for the group.

    I was struck, though not surprised, by how nice each member of our team is. There were no divas, whiners, bullies, slackers or other malcontents. We carried ladders, doors and dripping paint brushes past each other in the narrow hallway of the house with great patience and tolerance. We pitched in to help carry a generator up the stairs, grabbed the other end of a long piece of molding, helped steady the door assembly one of our folks was carrying into a bedroom. Well, you get the point. We helped. We all used our different gifts. And it felt great.

    When we had the chance to share dinner, prayer and tears with Angie Rodewig and 2 of her 3 children, it was clear that we all had received a gift - the opportunity for fellowship and service. I can't wait for our next field trip.

    Carl von Ende

  • Our Newest Members

    Ryan Larson and Nathan Higley

    Ryan Larson is in the 8th grade and is 13 years old. He attends Berkshire Middle School in Birmingham Public Schools. He grew up in Michigan and likes to attend martial arts classes, play guitar and read in his free time. Ryan lives with his parents, Liz and Keith and his brother, Brendan (10) and cousin, Kyle (7). His favorite vacation was when his family went to Disney World for the first time.

    Nathan Higley is currently in 8th grade. He grew up mostly in Beverly Hills but also in Royal Oak. His hobbies are football, baseball, basketball and other athletics and also birding. Nathan doesn’t have much free time because of school and after school activities, but when he does, he likes to go outside and do stuff like birding or work out. Nathan’s family is his Dad (Erik), Mom (Camille), younger sister (Claire), younger brother (Owen) and Nathan. They also have a dog (Pippi) and snake (Red Eye). His favorite vacation was when he went to Mendocino and Yosemite in California because it was fun, interesting, pretty, and it’s where his birding started. Nathan is going on Northbrook’s Mission Trip this year for the first time.

    The Confirmation Dinner 2013

    Judy Owen and Tracey Watt created a delicious meal for the Confirmation Dinner Monday, May 13. Helping them were Lauren and Alex Guindi from last year’s class and Griffin Watt who stepped forward and volunteered when we needed more help. Thanks to this great kitchen crew for all their hard work.

    The two confirmands, Ryan Larson and Nathan Higley, presented the answers to a series of questions throughout the confirmation dinner. As part of their statement of faith presentations, pictures were presented on the big screen in Fellowship Hall showing them as they grew up participating in church activities over the years, participating in service projects during the

    confirmation year and pictures of their participation in martial arts for Ryan and birding and football for Nathan. These pictures certainly showed how Northbrook members, youth directors, teachers and friends have kept the baptismal covenant that was made by this congregation when these two boys were young and enrolled on the baptismal roll of Northbrook Presbyterian Church.

    A special thanks to Kari Gorman, Bob Filter and Janelle Moulding who came and shared their own faith journeys with the confirmands!

    Ryan and Nathan have been active in so many programs and service projects in the church. Some include Mid-highs, spring clean up day, KIDS’ Connection, Northbrook Church Camp, Springhill for retreats, making a meal for SOS, Vacation Bible School, Where in the World, Christmas caroling at nursing homes and for shut-ins, playing the guitar in worship, delivering food boxes, helping to organize the Christmas Angel Tree gifts, LOGOS, putting zucchini in bags for Forgotten Harvest to feed people who couldn’t afford food, delivering food boxes, working at the food bank, washing dishes, helping with coffee hour, setting up the labyrinth, preparing lunch for the new members’ class, making chili for the Chili Cook-off, walking at Light the Night in memory of Ryan Miller and attending church. That’s quite a list! Ryan says that he does these things because some are fun, and because he wants to do them. He learns things and is able to show his faith by the things he does, not just the things he says. Nate says he doesn’t do these things because he has to. It’s not doing it just because it’s a good thing to do, but because it comes from your heart!

    Please welcome them as Northbrook’s newest members.

  • Congratulations Are In Order

    Congratulations to Brooke Sandercock who is completing sixth grade and Nathan Sylvia who is completing eighth grade as they received The Youth in Service Appreciation Award.

    Only 17 middle schoolers received this award this year. Sponsored by Birmingham Youth Assistance and the Birmingham Optimists Club, these two middle school youth were nominated by their principals for their efforts to make their community a better place.

    As Lori Sandercock said in a message to the church: “I just wanted to thank you (Ken and Sherrill) for nurturing our kids and providing them with community service opportunities. Brooke would never have been nominated by her principal if it had not been for the great youth program at Northbrook!”

    Summer Worship Begins June 2

    Taking advantage of our beautiful property and lovely Michigan summers, our summer worship alternates between an outdoor patio and inside, air-conditioned Sanctuary at 9:31 am every Sunday. (In rain or excessive heat, we will, of course, be indoors.)

    June 2 – Sanctuary And God Said What? – Why Parables?

    June 9 – Patio Who’s Your Neighbor? – The Good Samaritan

    June 16 – Sanctuary Whose Fool Are You? - The Rich Fool

    June 23 – Patio Dinner Party – The Great Banquet

    June 30 – Sanctuary Building Crisis – The Two Builders

    Join us Sunday, June 23 during a special reception to

    be held in Barb’s honor immediately following worship

    in Fellowship Hall.

    Barb has been our Church Administrative Secretary

    for 22 Years! We will all miss her!!!


    To my Northbrook friends,

    After much soul searching and prayer, I have decided that I will be retiring at the end of June. I am very excited to begin this new phase of my life, but I will miss all of you tremendously.

    We have been through a lot together in the past 22 years. You have supported me through all the ups and downs in my life, and I am very thankful for that. I hope I have been helpful to you and your families when you have needed support.

    It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Administrative Secretary at Northbrook all of these years. I am very thankful to have had that opportunity. There will always be a special place in my heart for all of you.

    Blessings, Barb

    Congratulations Barb Paulson on your Retirement!!!

  • June and July Presbytery of Detroit Hands-on Mission Opportunities

    There are many ways to get involved and to show you care.

    There will be a Presbytery-wide Gleaners Food Drive for the month of July. You may place your donations of non-perishable food items in the large boxes that will be in Fellowship Hall. Guidelines for types of donations will be displayed on the mission bulletin board and/or on the boxes.

    Nine Presbytery of Detroit/Synod of the Covenant Mobile Health Festivals at churches around the Presbytery. Volunteers are needed at all locations of the festivals. Non-medical volunteers will manage the information tables, assist the Mobile Health Unit staff as needed and escort guests through the screening stations. Volunteers are asked to participate in a training conference call and arrive one hour before the start of their event. The festivals will be held on July 16 and July 27-August 1. A full listing of times and locations will be on the mission bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. Individuals with medical backgrounds may also volunteer.

    Are you participating in the Great Tomato Give-away to help fight hunger in metro Detroit? This sum