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The Mountain Biking Style you engaged in determines your choice of mountain bike.

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  • 1.flat bars for great control MOUNTAIN BIKESthe rugged bike fat knobbytires forcomfort andtraction

2. great for the freeridersFOR OFF-ROAD USE theAND TRAILS mountain ridedirt jumping 3. The MountainBiking Styledeterminesyour choiceof bike.This is theCross-Country (XC)course used at the 2009 UCIworld championships. 4. Riding from point-to-point or in a loop over: a mix of rough forest paths singletrack or doubletrack smooth fireroads or even paved paths connecting other trails 5. Technical complexityof the trails: easy or moderateChoice of BikeWeight:Around 9-13 kilosSuspension:front and sometimes rear0-125 millimetres of suspension 6. All-mountain (AM) Race Trails nearly impossible even to experienced riders are more often dubbed "all-mountain", "freeride", or "downhill". Choice of Bike: Components: Stronger than XC models Weight: suitable for climbing and descending on a variety of terrain Suspension: front and rear 125-180 millimetres of suspension 7. Racing-Oriented Downhill Riding Choice of Bike: Components: large disc brakes and heavier frame tubing Weight: around 16-20 kilos Suspension: front and rear 8. Freeride / Big Hit / Huckingrequires more skill and aggressive techniques than XC riding trails jumping performing stunts racing downhill riding over elevated trails made ofinterconnecting bridges and logsChoice of Bike:Weight:13-18 kilosSuspension:front and rear150-250 millimeters of suspension 9. Going Airborne byDirt Jumping (DJ)The rider takes off from thelanding, which is a shaped moundsof dirt or soil and aims to land backon it. generally smallerComponents:simpler with fewer components tobreak or cause the rider injuryshould it crash.Choice of BikeWeight:built from sturdier materials, suchas, steel to handle repeated heavyimpacts of crashes and bails.Suspension:more manoeuvrable hardtails forbackflipsTypical hardtails:only front suspension0-100 millimetres of suspension 10. Created with thanks to:Microsoft Office : Steve Bennett Brink from Cape Town, South Africa RonDivine at en.wikipedia Daniel Plunkett. Cornishfactor : Pdemille : Lite : Jan Zimmermann 11. Now you know. Go make the right choice. Jom Johan Trading and Services No 43A, Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A Taman Prima Saujana Sek 1 43000 Kajang, Selangor Tel: 03-87369398 Email: jomjohan@zoho.comShared on