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My slides for the Webinar presentation on using Linkedin.


  • 1.Get LinkedIn Dan Miller

2. 3. Dans Journey

  • Started March 2009 Due to Reorganization
    • Was not on any social media!
  • 1 Year later - on 4 social media networks and reading everyday how the face of business is being changed.History Book Stuff!
    • Social Media has become part of my brand fabric
  • May 2009 thought Id maxed out my current network at 100 contacts
    • Now 500+, 64 groups, Asking questions, polling audiences, making contacts
  • Learning something new everyday dont consider myself a power user
  • Philosophy The tools, applications, participation enhance your brand!
    • Pay it forward WIIFM? Give to get , Build your reputation
    • Turn static into dynamic gives you a soulits your brand to build
  • Companies checking, validating and finding on Social MediaBonusCheaper
    • Linkedin - $200 for 30 days, 1 month on Careerbuilder $1,500

4. Linkedin Demographics?

  • Over 60 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities.
  • The LinkedIn Professional: 41 years old; $109,703 household income; 64% male; 80% college grad / post grad.
  • 22% - Senior Executives most happily employed
  • 30% - Savvy Networkers Most read blogs
    • 55% employed, 19% consulting, 9% consulting but looking
  • 21% - Exploring Options Looking for jobs
  • 28% - Late Adopters not sure invited by a contact Average of 23 connections
    • Powerful business tool.research prospects, stay current, attract customers
  • Source Beth Snyder Bulilk November 2009

5. My Networking Philosopy

  • Focused Networking
    • Narrow audience, starting out, colleagues only, regional
  • Wide Spread Networking
    • National scope, improved search results, same disciplines
  • LIONS Linkedin Open Networkers
    • Global, recruiters, social media & branding gurus, etc
  • Im a B 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rdcontacts are key for me
    • Better searches, wider audience, participation gets seen
      • Company/people query Net is 6.8 Million people
    • Highly recommend inviting 1 or 2 super connectors
      • GOTO Linkedin becomes powerful!!!

6. Danos tips Not Shown

  • 100% Profile
    • Current/past positions, Education, Summary, Photo, Spec, Recommendations
    • Specialties very important for key work searches
  • Utilizing Headline and Network Updates
    • Tagline/Headline single most valuable piece of real estate on linkedin
    • May want to update every so often, 6 word branding statement
  • Network Update shows your active and in the game goes to 1 stdegree
    • Sky is the limit, looking, volunteer, studying, prepping, core area expertise
    • No more than once a day at least 3x a week (recruiters, employed)
  • Recommendations give and take not a big fan of reciprocal
    • Large variety and cross section of people youve worked with
    • Call them first check spelling!
    • Importance of giving asked for 20 and given nothing pretty selfish

7. Danos tips Not Shown

  • Home Screen 1 stdegree updates
    • Status, Rec, Profile. Group, Connection, App, Q&A
    • Every time change something notified vice versa skin in the game
    • Also Hide if someone gets annoying
    • 50 Recruiters/Talent Acquisition people linked up Billboard Im in
  • Whos viewed my profile neat algorithm
    • Set up visibility to you thru Settings GOT INFO INTERVIEW LAST WEEK!
  • Contacts- new Beta feature sort by tag or you can opt out
    • Could become powerful feature organize lots of contacts
  • Exporting contacts to Outlook/Excel worth doing backup tickler
  • Inviting Contacts Customize or die IDK shows you give a damn
    • Story and intro has to be powerful and to the point
  • Introductions Great way to use windmill marketing pay it forward
    • Unless you have a common group will need to get intro for 2 nd /3 rdcontacts

8. Danos tips Not Shown

  • Groups 100,000+ groups Share, participate, learn, network
    • Beauty besides like mindedness dont need 2 nd /3 rdcontact
    • Lead discussions, build reputation thank those that comment
    • Check activity when joining some are so large discussion get lost
    • Look for sub-groups Also bridge unemployed time by building a group
    • Search groups highly recommended gauge participation
      • JOINED HYPE Discussions turned off?!?
    • BE COGNIZANT The Larger the groups the more spam find your niche
    • When you change a group profile is updated
    • FOLLOWING TAB GAUGE YOUR ACTIVITY Following participated
    • Whats your reach????
  • Search Engines Your reach is as far as your 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rdcontacts
  • Job Search Break it down as finite as you wish
  • Company Search Very powerful tool Show Example of BBC
    • Former and new hires show pathways likely understand being out of work
    • Show Companies in your networkdirect tie back to jobs in your network!!!

9. Danos tips Not Shown

  • Applications Cuff links, polished shoes, accessories goes out to 1st
  • Answers
    • Participate and be seen ask questions
    • Search for things that you are interested in (open/closed)
    • Example My Q&A Rate best answers
  • Reading List by Amazon
    • Powerful Tool tell you network what you enjoy and write about it
    • Follow people that enjoyed the same book attempt to connect
  • Events Show activity Search by state, city, virtual, f-f,
  • Google presentation/Slideshare
    • Professional way to introduce yourself thru .ppt
    • Link people to your profile in social media my examples branding

10. Danos tips Not Shown

  • Polls Simple way to tell the network what you find important
    • Goto my polls Answer, Asked, Ended
    • What do your people in your network care about?
  • Company Buzz
    • Need a Twitter profile
    • Way for instant gratification during searches/detective work
    • Sharing content online
    • Post files, share and drive traffic to you - .jpg/word files/excel
    • My examples dream board and generational shifts for LDA
  • Others
    • Blog Link See Tom Raducha
    • Tripit let fellow people contacts know where you are going
    • 3 Websites to post on your profile Twitter, You Tube, Blog, Facebook
  • Lastly..
    • Utilize the help button on linkedin for ?s
    • Check out the blog at bottom for news

11. Danos key tips

  • Social Media is a long term strategy Its a lot like tending a farm
  • Utilize headline/network updates Be memorable and stay relevant
  • Groups Join, participate, ask move dialogue forward
  • Facilitate your discussions Follow up/dont disappear = visibility
  • Show appreciation acknowledging = future help, connections
  • Spell-Check!!!
  • Avoid Ninjas (ie. attacks)will not change ignorance harm yourself
  • Personalize invites.Customize or die
  • Add value to your network Matchmaker, send articles, comment
    • You dont