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  • 1. Swahili: Exercising Testing SkillsJaribio Finals

2. About me! Rajshri Mohan, II year, CSE. Technology addict. Code monkey. Hasnt watched TV properly for more than 3 years! Last time I went to theatre was when Padayappareleased. I was in UKG! Big lover of music. A. R. Rahman, Linkin Park andOneRepublic are favourites! Nature lover. Likes to enjoy it alone! 3. About the guy over there! Praveen D, II year, ECE. Mobile phone addict. Music Lover. Listens to Rap, Hiphop, Metal, Pop, etc.Weird mix! TRAI brought the SMS limit just for him! Watches movies like any thing. 4. 5. Format 6 Rounds Elimination starts after 4th round. After 4th and 5th rounds, last team on score board will beeliminated to leave 4 teams for the final 6th round. Questions are very limited. Make the most of them! Quiz Masters decision is the final on each round. 6. Rounds1. Infinite Bounce2. Sappa matter da!3. Lock and Load!4. Connect5. Tech it - all6. Infinite Bounce 7. Round 1 8. Infinite Bounce Standard Infy Bounce 10 for direct Question, 5 for passed Question 6 clockwise Qs & 6 anti-clockwise Qs 9. 1. Hitlers autobiography is titled MeinKampf. What does it mean? 10. Answer My Struggle (or) My Battle! 11. 2. Whats the specialty of the video? 12. Answer That was Daler Mehandis Tunak Tunak Tun. It was thefirst video made in India using the BlueScreenTechnology which allowed a character to besuperimposed on another background! Daler Mahendiscritics voiced that his songs became a hit only becauseof the beautiful girls he danced with, and to counter thathe made this video featuring only himself. And it becamean even bigger hit! 13. 3. Identify this location. 14. Answer Lombard Street in San Francisco!In his film Vertigo (1958), Alfred Hitchcock chose to make900, Lombard Street the home of John "Scottie" Ferguson.This street also features as the Windy Windy Windy WindyStreet in GTA: San Andreas. 15. 4. What is the significance of thiscatch? 16. Answer That was Kapil Dev running more than 20 yards to catchVivian Richards out off Madan Lal in the 1983 World CupFinals. It was a turning point in the match as Sir VivRichards was in blistering pace with 33 off 28 balls andIndia had only 183 on the scoreboard to defend. India bundled W.Indies off for 140 in the match to claimthe Prudential World Cup! 17. 5. Name the worlds fastest airbreathing manned aircraft. 18. Answer The Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird! Max Speed: 3529.6kmph! It is also the only aircraft ever designed to operatecontinuously on Afterburner! 19. 6. Official Mascot of..? 20. Answer The Maharaja, official mascotof Air India! 21. 7. What is the tip of a shoelace calledas? [The plastic or metal covering whichis used to prevent the lace fromsplitting] 22. AnswerAglet 23. 8. Who currently maintains the cricketgrounds in Sri Lanka? 24. Answer The Sri Lankan Military, due to lack of funds! 25. 9. Who holds the Guinness World Recordfor acting in the most number of films? 26. Answer Aachi Manorama! 27. 10. Who holds the record for being thethe Best Selling Teenage Artist? 28. Answer Britney Spears! She had sold more than 37 millioncopies of her albums before her 20th birthday! 29. 11. Who is the IndianCounterpart of Thor? 30. Answer Lord Indra. 31. 12. ID the theme. 32. Answer Swat Kats Theme 33. End of Round 1 34. Round 2 35. Sappa Matter da! Really sappa questions. DONT THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Only ONE direct question for each team. No passing! Every question counts, cause you get only one! 10 for Right Answer. -10 for Wrong Answer. None if leftunanswered! 36. 1. This is the largest flower in theworld. Give its name. 37. Answer Rafflesia. It smells like rotting flesh! 38. 2. How many moons does Marshave? 39. Answer 2! 40. 3.How much megapixels does aresolution of 2592x1944represent? 41. Answer 5 Megapixels!2592 x 1944 = 5,038,848 ~ 5x106 pixels = 5 MP 42. 4. What is the capital city ofMeghalaya? 43. Answer Shillong! 44. 5. Who is/was Clark Kent? 45. Answer Super Man :P 46. 6. How many states are there inIndia?28 or 29? 47. Answer 28! 48. End of Round 2 49. Round 3 50. Lock and Load 6 opportunities. Calling in ascending order with the lowest scored teamcalling first! 2 questions per category! 5 if you answer one. 20 if you answer both! Rest via explanation! 51. Choose your weaponWildlife Media PoliticsMusic SportsMoviesComics 52. Music What record does Elton Johns Candle in the Wind hold? Give the connection: Roots, Nemesis Avenue &SuperHeavy 53. MusicAnswers: It is the best selling single of all time. A. R. Rahman! He was/is a part of all these musicbands. 54. Comics Who/What are Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man,Tracer Bullet? Google Doodle for? 55. Comics Alter-egos of Calvin. (of Calvin and Hobbes!) Google Doodle for 82nd BDay of Anant Pai, creator of theAmar Chitra Kathas. 56. Wildlife What is this whale doing? Which is the only bird capable of hovering in air andalso flying backwards? 57. Wildlife Breaching! The Hummingbird! 58. Politics ID. [Both are separate pictures with no connection] 59. Politics Meira Kumar The White House 60. Media ID Who is the Time Person of the Year for 2011? 61. Media Oprah Winfrey The Protester 62. Movies Name the recent Indian movie nominated for the Oscars. Steven Spielberg signed A. R. Rahman for the upcomingmovie he produces. Which? 63. Movies Dam999 Welcome to People 64. Sports Who is the youngest driver to win a Formula 1championship? X, an English football club, was started as Dial Squarein 1886. It became the first southern member of theFootball League in 1893. It also holds the record ofremaining unbeaten for the longest run in LeagueMatches. Which club? 65. Sports Sebastian Vettel Arsenal 66. End of Round 3 67. Round 4 68. Connect! One question for each team. 20 points if you get it straight. 10 if you ask for a clue. Clue: Well name the pics. Nothing more! No passing. 69. Pick your path! 70. 1. 71. Answer All are highest run scorers in an inning in World Cupmatches 1999-Sourav Ganguly 2003-Craig Wishart 2007-Imran Nazir 2011-Virender Sehwag 72. 2. 73. Answer The Various versions of UBUNTU OS Warty Warthog - 4.10Hoary Hedgehog - 5.04Breezy Badger - 5.10Dapper Drake - 6.06Edgy Eft - 6.10Feisty Fawn - 7.04Gutsy Gibbon - 7.10Hardy Heron - 8.04Intrepid Ibex - 8.10Jaunty Jackalope - 9.04 74. 3. 75. Answer All types of paper..! Cotton Bond Fabric Tablet 76. 4. 77. Answer The four kings of the deck of cards! Julius Caesar Charlemagne David Alexander 78. 5. 79. Answer All were inventions byBenjamin Franklin! 80. 6.All are GM cars is NOT what weare expecting! 81. Answer 82. 7. 83. Answer The Teenage MutantNinja Turtles! Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo Donatello 84. End of Round 4Eliminate a team 85. Round 5 86. Tech-it-all! 5 questions. Infy Bounce. Question passes if not answered. 10 on direct. 5 on passed. 87. 1. Connect 88. Answer Android All are actual real-life representations ofAndroid OS codenames. 89. 2. ID. 90. Answer Steve Jobs and Bill Gates! 91. 3. If Apple is for iPod, who is forZune? 92. Answer Microsoft 93. 4. We all know QWERTY keyboardlayout. There are also AZERTY,QWERTZ, etc. But what keyboardlayout holds the record for beingthe fastest? 94. Answer The Dvorak! World record is 212 words per minute! Average onQWERTY is a mere 60 words per minute! 95. 5. The International MobileEquipment Identity or IMEI is aunique number to identify mobilephones. It is usually foundprinted inside the batterycompartment of the phone. Itcan also be displayed on thescreen of the phone by entering*#06# into the keypad on mostphones. How many digits does ithave? 96. Answer 15 97. End of Round 5Eliminate a team! 98. Round 6 99. Final Showdown Infy bounce 8 questions 10 on direct. 5 on passing. Battle it out! 100. 1. Which is the largest lake in theworld? 101. Answer The Caspian Sea! 102. 2. What is common to Arizona,Utah, Oklahoma & Californiaother than being the states ofUS? 103. Answer They were ships sunk during the Pearl Harbour attack! 104. 3. Who was the first occupant ofthe Rashtrapathi Bhavan? 105. Answer Lord Irwin! 106. 4. Who was the Wizard of MenloPark ? 107. Answer Thomas Alva Edison! (He was dubbed so by aNewspaper Reporter!) 108. 5. What happened in 1971 inAtacama desert? 109. Answer It rained after 400 years! 110. 6. What is the Roman Numeralfor Zero? 111. Answer None! They didnt know a zero! 112. 7. Born as Farrokh Bulsara inGujarat, hes famous for hisBohemian Rhapsody, We Arethe Champions, etc. Who? 113. Answer Freddie Mercury (of Queen). 114. 8. Who, on March 3, 2005,became the first person tocircumnavigate the earth in anon-stop solo flight? 115. Answer Steve Fossett, in a Virgin-Atlantic Global Flyer! 116. Signing off Rajshri Mohan