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  • 1. imeem.com music 2.0

2. + 6 pluses + 3. Wide range of music and audio Includes a wide range of music/audio( plus pictures and videos) for you tochoose from 4. Playlists It helps you compile your favourite songs in one player or even categorize songs inwhatever way or genre you want. 5. Job offers a very easy access in finding a job, you can find it just throughbrowsing in the site. 6. Whats New? imeem updates you of new uploads from different members and the latest of what is going around the site. With this, you will be updated to what's new and hot. 7. Uploading files imeem lets you upload files from your own pc. and add it to your list orplaylist. You can save music/audio at its maximum. 8. Blogs & Groups You can freely express yourself/ thoughts and even create groups withinthe site. You can comment and suggest things about the site. 9. More Pros Musicians zone Easy css/html codes for other sites or commutnities Upload as many songs as you can Sharing 10. - 6 minuses - 11. Copyright the site has been experiencing some quot;copyrightquot; problems. it is because any music/audio can be uploaded without any permission or consent from the music companies involved. 12. Web use only You cant save files/audio to your pc. it is just for web purposes 13. Quality Not all songs are complete or in good quality, you still have to find whereor who uploaded it better. 14. Slow *because of the wide number of members in the site, it has been experiencing difficulties or slowing of the pace. They need maintenance. 15. Forums are not active *so feedbacks about the site are few 16. No downloads You can download for i-tunes only. So you still have to download it to yourpc if you really want to get songs from imeem