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Finals of the MELA quiz conducted in the Quiz Fest of Hansraj in 2011.

Transcript of Mela finals


2. 1X has stated that Akira Kurosawas 1958 feature film The HiddenFortress (USA release 1962) was a strong influence, particularlyTahei and Matakishi, the two comic relief characters that serveas sidekicks to General Makabe. Y was partly inspired by therobots Huey, Dewey, and Louie from Douglas Trumbulls 1972film Silent Running. The name is said to derive from when X wasmaking one of his earlier films. Sound editor WalterMurch states that he is responsible for the utterance whichsparked the name for Y. Murch asked for something. Y, who wasin the room and had dozed off while working on the script forthe movie, momentarily woke when he heard the requestand, after asking for clarification, stated that it was a "greatname" before falling immediately back to sleep.In some Spanish-speaking countries, Y is frequently referred toas Arturito ("little Arthur"). 3. 2 X is an Indian news satire website that publishes fake news reports containing satire onpolitics and society of India. The website also publishes occasional serious articles related totelevision journalism in India. The website was launched on September 15, 2008. X is one ofthe few websites or blogs in India using the tools of sarcasm and humor to publish newssatire, as is widely done in the western countries, a trend pioneered by Y of USA. According tothe latest Alexa rankings, X lies second, although a distant second, to Y among all the newssatire websites in English. Y is an American news satire organization. It is an entertainment newspaper and a websitefeaturing satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news, in addition to anon-satirical entertainment section known as The A.V. Club. It claims a national printcirculation of 400,000 and says 61 percent of its web site readers are between 18 and 44 yearsold. Ys articles comment on current events, both real and fictional. It parodies suchtraditional newspaper features as editorials, man-on-the-street interviews, and stock quoteson a traditional newspaper layout with an AP-style editorial voice. Much of its humor dependson presenting everyday events as newsworthy and by playing on commonly used phrases, asin the headline, "Drugs Win Drug War." A second part of the newspaper is a non-satirical entertainment section called The A.V.Club that features interviews and reviews of various newly released media, as well as otherweekly features. The print edition also contains restaurant reviews and previews of upcominglive entertainment specific to cities where a print edition is published. The online incarnationof The A.V. Club has its own domain, includes its own regular features, A.V. Club blogs andreader forums, and presents itself as a separate entity from Y itself. 4. 3 Charles Martinet is an American actorand voice actor who has made cameos inER, NYPD Blue and Californians. However, he isimmortalized for his role as something else.While auditioning for this role, Martinet, atfirst, planned to talk with a deep, raspy voiceHe then thought to himself that it would betoo harsh for little children to hear, so hemade it more soft-hearted and friendly. Whichrole? 5. 4 6. ADORATION OF THE MAGI, SANDRO BOTICELLI 7. 5 Inspired by many critics complaints about theharsh British and cockney accents of thecharacters in his first feature lengthmovie, this director decided to counter thecriticisms by creating a character that notonly could not be understood by the audiencebut also couldnt be understood by thecharacters in the movie! Which movie andwhich character? 8. 6Intended as an antidote for the increasingly racially and politically chargedclimate of everyday life in the United States, the song also has ahopeful, optimistic tone with regard to the future, with reference to babiesbeing born into the world and having much to look forward to. The song wasinitially offered to Tony Bennett, who turned the song down. Thereafter, itwas offered to Y. The song was not initially a hit in the United States, where itsold fewer than 1,000 copies because the head of ABC Records did not likethe song and so did not promote it, but was a major success in the UnitedKingdom, reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart. In the U.S. the songhit #116 on the Bubbling Under Charts. It was also the biggest-selling single of1968 in the UK where it was among the last pop singles issued by HMVRecords before becoming an exclusive classical music label. A Willie Nelsonversion also was used for the "Dont Mess With Texas" anti-littering publicservice announcement campaign. The Y version was also used during asequence in Michael Moores film Bowling for Columbine, where itaccompanies scenes of violence in a montage about United Statesintervention in international affairs. 9. 7 10. Marquis de Sade 11. 8 12. 9 13. 10 14. Nathuram Godse 15. 11 16. 12 The X line is an informal term used in baseball for thethreshold of incompetent hitting. Even though Xslifetime batting average is .215, the X Line is said tooccur at .200, and when a position players battingaverage falls below that level, the player is said to bebelow the X Line. It is often thought of as the offensivethreshold below which a players presence in MajorLeague Baseball cannot be justified despite hisdefensive abilities. Pitchers are not held to thisstandard, since their specialized work and infrequentbatting requires less hitting competence. How has thisgraph been made popular today? 17. The Mendoza Diagonal 18. 13These are rated on something called the Hynek Scale. Going inascending order:SightingObservation and associated physical effects_______ _______ _____ ______ _________ _______Included later-AbductionJoint bilateral contactDeath or even physical injuryHybridization or matingFill in the blanks to get the title of a movie 19. 14 The X device was an unshielded, pulsed nuclearreactor originally situated at the Los AlamosNational Laboratory (LANL), New Mexico, U.S. Itwas one of a number of criticality devices withinTechnical Area 18 (TA-18). Specifically, it was usedto produce bursts of neutrons and gammarays for irradiating test samples, and inspireddevelopment of Godiva-like reactors. It receivedits name from Otto Frisch, who called it Xbecause it was naked and unshielded. 20. Godiva Device 21. 15 22. Constantin Brncui 23. SVC 24. +20/-15 25. +15/-10 26. +10/-5 27. +5/-0 28. ANSWER All real life characters played by Johnny Depp. 29. F.G. Abberline- From Hell 30. John Wilmot- The Libertine 31. Ed Wood Jr.- Ed Wood 32. George Jung- Blow 33. J.M. Barrie- Finding Neverland 34. Hunter S. Thompson- Fear andLoathing in Las Vegas 35. Donnie Brasco- Donnie Brasco 36. John Dillinger- Public Enemies 37. SHUT UP AND INFINITE BOUNCE. 38. 1 39. 2 Film and television Year TitleRoleNotes1982Fire and Sword Tristan1986WahnfriedNietzsche1995Catherine the GreatMirovich1996Inspector Rex Episode "The Doll Murderer"Herr WolfTV1998The Final Game Kant1998Love Scenes From Planet EarthCharly TVDeath, Deceit and Destiny Aboard the Orient2000 BrianExpress2000Ordinary Decent Criminal Peter2000Falling RocksLouisTV2003Herr Lehmann Doctor2007Die Zrcher Verlobung - Drehbuch zur Liebe Frank Bffel ArbogastTV2007Die Verzauberung Dr. Helmut BahrTV2008Das Geheimnis im WaldHans KortmannTV2008Todsnde Sebastian FliesTV2008Das jngste GerichtPeters TV2009 40. 3In some of his letters to his sister, X says about thecity Tomsk, "Tomsk is a very dull town. To judgefrom the drunkards whose acquaintance I havemade, and from the intellectual people who havecome to the hotel to pay their respects to me, theinhabitants are very dull, too. These letters from Xto his sister were to become notorious.In retaliation, the inhabitants of Tomsk erected amocking statue of X.X? 41. Anton Chekhov 42. 4 43. Courtship In Sleepy Hollow, or Ichabod Craneand Katrina Van Tassel 44. 5 X said this about Y:Landscape is nothing but an Z, and aninstantaneous one, hence this label that wasgiven us, by the way because of me. I had sent athing done in Le Havre, from my window, sun inthe mist and a few masts of boats sticking up inthe foreground....They asked me for a title forthe catalogue, it couldnt really be taken for aview of Le Havre, and I said: Put Z. 45. X-Claude MonetY- Impression, Sunrise Z-Impressionism 46. 6 The couple used a time-delay camera to take nudephotographs of themselves for the albums cover. Thefront showed them frontally nude, while the rearshowed them from behind. The cover provoked anoutrage, prompting distributors to sell the album in aplain brown wrapper. Copies of the album wereimpounded as obscene in several jurisdictions(including 30,000 copies in New Jersey). X commentedthat the uproar seemed to have less to do with theexplicit nudity, and more to do with the fact that thepair were rather unattractive (and the photounflattering; X described it later as a picture of "twoslightly overweight ex-junkies"). 47. 7 Litsea reticulata is a common Australian tree,growing from near Milton, New South Walesto the Bunya Mountains, Queensland.Common names include X, Y and BrownBeech. The habitat of the Brown Beech israinforest of most types, except the dry orlittoral rainforests. A very significantentertainment connect. What? 48. BOLLYWOOD! 49. 8 Xs art became familiar to millions through his many televisionappearances. His first television performance as a star performer onthe Max Liebman Show of Shows won him an Emmy Award. Heappeared on the BBC as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol in 1973. Hewas a favorite guest of Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglasand Dinah Shore, and he also had his own one-man show entitled"Meet X". He teamed with Red Skelton in three concerts ofpantomimes.X also showed his versatility in motion pictures such asFirst Class, in which he played 17 roles, Shanks, where he combinedhis silent art, playing a deaf and mute puppeteer, and his speakingtalent, as