i Smart for iDevices Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod

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iSmart for iDevices Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod By Tamara Ottum, MxCC Librarian Updated by Sandra Couture, MxCC Ed Tech Specialist

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i Smart for iDevices Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod. By Tamara Ottum, MxCC Librarian U pdated by Sandra Couture, MxCC Ed Tech Specialist. Before We Start 1. Turn on your Wi-Fi 2. Log into MxCC Wi-Fi. Steps to Turn MxCC Wi-Fi On. Follow these series of clicks: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of i Smart for iDevices Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod

iSmart for iDevices Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod

iSmart for iDevicesApple iPad/iPhone/iPodBy Tamara Ottum, MxCC LibrarianUpdated by Sandra Couture, MxCC Ed Tech Specialist

Before We Start

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi2. Log into MxCC Wi-FiSteps to Turn MxCC Wi-Fi On

Follow these series of clicks:Settings app > Wi-Fi > Toggle Wi-Fi on > Select Mxcc-PublicLogin into MxCC WifiOnce you select MxCC-Public Wi-Fi network, you will be taken to a MxCC Wireless Services Login screen.Enter you NetID Login. For ex. 00123456 (no @mxcc.commnet.edu)Password: NetID PasswordClick Connect

The BasicsWhat are apps?Short for applications - software that runs on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device.

Typically apps is used to refer to applications designed for mobile devices and usually for a specific function.

Mobile Web Site vs. App

Free AppsOften free apps include ads.Some are lite or demo versions. You must upgrade to the paid version for certain features.Some require payment for content (ex: Newsstand) or a paid subscription for access (ex: Netflix or Hulu Plus).Paid AppsPay once, use as many times as you want and upgrade without additional charge.Sometimes there is premium content within the app that you will have to pay for (often called an in-app purchase).You can Gift This App to other users devices.

Paid AppsTip! The price you pay does not determine quality.Price is determined by the developer or programmer. Sometimes you can get free trial version to test out before purchasing the full app.*Be sure to read customer reviews and ratings.

Apple ID

If you already have an iCloud, iBookstore, or iTunes login, the same credentials work.

Apple IDUsers with different Apple IDs can buy apps separately on the same device. Once installed, all the apps will be available to use, whichever account is currently logged into the devices App Store. However, to update an app, youll need the username and password for the account through which it was downloaded and/or purchased.

Apps downloaded with your Apple ID are like your AAA road-side assistance. It follows the person, not the vehicle.iTunes


Tip! To move apps to device:Sync, or open the App Store and look in Purchased.If you have Automatic Downloads activated, the apps will automatically appear.

App Store

Installing Apps

Tip!Before downloading, review the app details. Just like your computer, install only apps that you need and make sure that you download them from trusted sources. Installing Apps

Tip!Set restrictions on your device for purchasing apps.

Some mobile apps, due to their size, can only be downloaded and updated via Wi-Fi.Updating AppsWhen apps need to be updated on your device, a red circle with a number will appear on the top right corner of the App Store icon. Click the icon and select Updates.

Updating AppsTip! Make sure you update your mobile devices iOS and apps on a regular basis.

Cyber attackers can more easily exploit your devices if you are running outdated operating software and apps.

Organizing appsTo create a folder:Select and hold an app icon.Drag the icon onto another.Name your folder.

Deleting appsRemove from screen: Hold down app icon until they wiggle, and click the black x.Deleting from device: Settings > General > Usage > tap app name and click Delete App.

Deleting appsTip!Your Apple ID account keeps a permanent record of apps you have downloaded, so you can re-download deleted apps from the Store at no extra cost.Troubleshooting AppsRestart the device.Check for updates.Remove the app and reinstall.Google the problem.

Apple.com Support


25Recommended SitesMashable: http://mashable.com/apps-software/

MacWorld: http://www.macworld.com/category/ios-apps/

New York Times: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/m/mobile_applications/index.html

CNET iOS Apps Downloads http://download.cnet.com/ios/

MxCC iSmart with iDevices Wikihttp://www.mxccidevices.pbworks.comSpecific Apps

Special Thank YouTamara Ottum, MxCC LibrarianFor allowing me to incorporate some of her slides from our co-presentation to MILE on Apple Apps into the iSmart for iDevices presentation.